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Very nice! Good luck with sales! :)

Thanks you very much

Clean and Cool!GLWS mate :)


Sweet, been waiting for this one. GLWS :)

Purchased, looking forward to working with it!

Thanks for purchasing it. Hope you enjoy.

Nice Bullet navigation option! GLWS!

Thanks ;)

Awesome theme ;) Good luck

Thank you

Excellent work my friend!!!! ;)


Best single page wp I’ve seen on here so far!

Thank you very much

Nice one page work! :)


Cool theme ! GLWS :)

Thank you

Looks fantastic, wish you a lot of sales.
Kind Regards,


really great theme! 2 questions:

1. can the mobile menu style be made the default menu style?

2. can a visual builder like wpbakery be used with this theme?


this would need some minor css customization. I can help you with that.

awesome! one more question. is the theme woo commerce compatible?

woo commerce is a plugin which probably will work with every theme but the xone has NO additional styling for this plugin which means that it doesn’t will have the same look & feel as the theme.

I see there is only an “X” at the bottom of every portfolio image when viewing, would you consider adding an “X” to the top of the portfolio image as well in case clients don’t scroll to the bottom of the image?

Hope you understand what I’m asking, thanks.


the “x” can be placed to the top with a small css edit. I can help you with that.

Very nice theme!

Pre-purchase question: is there any chance to have few additional pages in this theme, that would be like gallery theme (looking as Without Title example on your page) and images can be uploaded with multiple uploads and images open in lightbox?

(hope u understand what I mean) Thanks

The new version is available. you can choose if your portfolio item should open in lightbox mode or standard mode.

I’ve noticed! Do you have any sample of that kind of portfolio so I can test it?

Can I have multiple uploads at once into such portfolio/gallery? So I can select let’s say 30 images on my computer and upload it all at once?


click the second portfolio:

Yes, you can upload multiple images at once.

Another awesome work here! Glws


is there anything or a place related to client list? thx


you could use the column shortcode to display your client logos. I will do a fifth demo on the next days with this feature.

Great theme but can not lauch the demo with my iPad and iPhone. Browser down after few second of preload…(Chrome & Safari)

It’s working fine on my end(iPhone + iPad)

Try the direct link:

Is there an option for a light box view instead of the entire portfolio pushing down? I would like something simpler to follow for clients.



thanks for your interest. currently there is no lightbox option for portfolio. Maybe for a next update.

I need help with the “X” at the bottom, too. Can you help me with that? Thank you! :)

Please send me an email to spabrice()

hi how can i reorganize the order of the elements on the homepage? thx fabrice


you just need to delete the page from the main menu. Appearance > Menus. There you can also reorganize the sections.

yes i’ve seen that…but the “elements” page contains not just one stuff but a bunch of them. WHat if i need just a portion? Code editing then right?

I don’t really understand. The elements which are in the page ‘elements’ are shortcodes which can be deleted or can be used in any other page.

You can also send me an email wiht further detailed (screenshot or live preview) to my email spabrice()