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Guys, can I create an attachment field in the contact form?

Yep, I’ll probably have to use Contact Form 7 in this case. Thank you

Yes, in this case you’ll need the contact form 7 plugin

where to be css custom-style??


what do you exactly mean? in this file the custom options are generated: theme-custom-styling.php

Hello Guys, this theme is a divine thing. Congratulations on you.

Perhaps you could lend me a hand here:

1 – Overlay logo: Is there anyway to change the position of this logo to center?

2 – If I use the light theme, I’ll have my header menu font in white. But if I use a white background image, what can I do?

Please, check it here: Best Regards

In answered your previous comment ;)

Could you please, help me? As I try to instal the theme I got a message that ” style.css” is missing.


you probably installed th wrong file. Unzip this file, and you will get a folder called “Xone-1.1-Wp” in this folder you’ll find the file to install called

Hi. Purchased the theme and I’m super happy with it! Superb work.

One question regarding the Google Maps Fullwidth template: How can I make it show Satellite View by default? Thanks!

Unfortunately this is not possible by option. It would need some customizations.


This theme is perfect. Really easy to configure !! I’ve got a little bug in my portfolio : When i try to add some spacing between the thumbnail (portfolio/spacing), i’ve got a little gap between them. There are not align anymore… But if i select “0” everything is ok. I don’t understand :(

Thanks, Fred


thank you very much. I would need to see a live preview. You can send me an email for better support at spabrice()

Thanks for your answer! Today everything works (I touch nothing…). I don’t know why but I’ve got my thumbnail align.

Glad you made it work.

Hi, creating site for client which acquired this theme as well.

Just to notify you, that you have the following bug: When you are managing website – you are logged in – and under Users – Your profile you disable Toolbar when viewing the site, above main menu stays transparent gap which was before tollbar.

So when you are looged in and visiting site, if you dont use toolbar, there is a transparent gap.

This is it. Just to let you know.


thanks for pointing that out.

Hi, no problem. I have one more question tho. If i set homepage portolio and masonry grid, cubes are not aligned horizontally. Here is link… Can you give me a solution? Padding is set to 0 both ways.


I imported the demo theme and demo sliders, but it looks like this: why is it not full size and how do I fix it?



did you change anything on the slider settings? it should be fullwidth by default. Please send me an email for better support at spabrice()


I’ve got a question about fonts. How can I add vont with polish special characters?


I answered your email, didn’t I?

Hi guys this is a great theme i love it sadly using the pageload is upto ten seconds depending on variables? for mobiles this is not good. have you got a lazy load option or have you tried it with a lazy load plugin? thanks very much

good work



you can use a lazy load plugin, but this can cause some display issues on ‘start’. (masonry, slider, etc.)


Are there any examples (demos) of this theme as a ’’Multiple Page’’ website ? I only see demos as a ’’One Page website’’.



thanks for your interest. yes, demos are just one pager because the theme has been optimized for a one page theme. But it’s possible to do multi page. For example the Page ‘Blog’ + ‘Elements’ are seperated page. In the theme options you can easily choose if you want to have the page as seperated or included in the one pager.


I have a pre-buying question. You wrote that Xone can be used as a one and multi-page theme. Does it mean that I can create several one-page within the site? (homepage + different pages including features of the one-page like parallax, video parallax…). Or is it just a one-page site to which I can add some default pages without those cool features?

Thank you,


Also, are you planning to add a twitter feed to the theme?


thanks for your interest.

you can not do multiple/several one pages on 1 site/installation. But it’s possible to do multi page. For example the Page ‘Blog’ + ‘Elements’ are seperated page. In the theme options you can easily choose if you want to have the page as seperated or included in the one pager.

You can include the same options/features/elemnts to multipage sites.

Twitter feed currently is only possible as a widget which you can use in the blog sidebar.

Hi again, can you make fix for masonry grid borders, so they are horizontali properly aligned? Right now if border is set to 2 px and 2 thumbnails are in effect instead of one large, there becomes 4 px border and thumbnail is 2 px over the horizontal grid…



do you have a live preview for the issue. All works fine on my testing. Please send me an email for better support at spabrice()

Sent you email. thanks

Hi, i just have noticed that there is an update to v1.2, but how can i update? Just install the new version or what’s the correct method?



via Wordpress: deactivate and delete the old theme and install the new one.

via FTP: Just replace the theme folder.

on both methods none of your content,options,settings will be lost.

Hi. I’m having an issue with blog posts showing a “hello” at the very end of the post that I can’t delete. I don’t see it in either the Visual or Text windows in the post editor. Thanks for your time.


please send me a mail to spabrice()

I’ll send you the fix.

Can I have access to the layout code for the demo 5 layouts? I’d really love to replicate some of the structures and work backwards. I’m more used to the visual layouts as opposed to the code construction so it would help immensely.


I can send you the demo-xml of the demo 5 if you want. Send me an email to spabrice() Please note that this will create double content (2 pages with the same names, etc.).

I love your theme! I’ve never done a Wordpress site before. I’m familiar with CSS and HTML, but I’ve never attempted PHP. Will this theme require knowledge of PHP/will this be a manageable theme for me?

Thank you!


thanks for your interest. You don’t need any php skills (or other) to manage this theme. Wordpress is a content management system with a user friendly admin panel. The theme also comes with a nice theme options panel where you can do your settings with ease.

Awesome! Thank you :)

Hey there,

First of all, I love your theme! My question is: The homepage slider, is that de Revolution Slider? I need to customize the ‘landing page’ with some animations, made with the revolution slider.

Thank you!


Yes, it’s the revolution slider.


I didn’t receive any email from you.

i sent again. Can you check spam folder. Possible there.

Thank you very much for your help. Best solutions.


I am using this template and find it quite difficult to update my site on line. Is it a problem with the template Or me going crazy nothing i do updates I even remove files and still my site is there as if I’m not getting the right css. I update dark.css and or style.css in template.

Is this a caching problem I’ve been at this now for 4 days Im tired and about to just switch. templates help me out here if you can.



I don’t think that this is theme related. It probably is some caching settings of your server or wordpress settings. Please check this with your hosting support. You can also send me your wordpress admin details and I will have a quick look. spabrice()