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Hi SpabRice,

Another question how do i update the template to 1.2?



via wordpress: deactivate and delete the old theme, and install the new one.

via FTP: just replace the theme folder.

Can this have a 5 column layout? I want to have a row of five images that look like your portfolio layout but that link to internal pages.


yes the column shortcode support five columns.

Hi SpabRice,

Thanks for your previous answers, I just have another regarding the thumbnails on the front of the site.

How do i change them i know i can replace your files but I want to upload my own files with my unique file names.

Hope u understand I’m speaking about the files one would click on to get to a project page.

Thanks in advance Maxxone


just change the featured image of the portfolio page. Please take also a look at the documentation to learn more about featured images.

Great stuff Spab,

I did some snooping around and found that out. I think the funny part is, you see the images on front and a bit mislead with the size printed on the thumbnails when you try to make the association. Hopefully this would help some one else.

My friend, I appreciate your prompt replies, your services and dedication to this beats all. Sometimes that’s all that counts in making a great product better, a super user experience, Awesome.


PS Just had a though reminder, can I switch the position of the right mobile menu to left. If so how?

2nd I am testing the template on my Nexus 7 and it Shows up as it would of an iPhone in Portrait mode Why? is that intended? How can i adjust out to use the landscape of Nexus


the mobie view is limited to 300px wide.

Hi-I just bought your theme and I love it! :)

I have a question: I chose to go with the 2nd Demo option. However, I like how in the 5th demo I can click on the blog tab, and it scrolls within the main page to give me a preview of a few blog posts.

I already made sure that under “BLOG” the “Go to SECTION” is chosen, but now when I select BLOG form the top menu, it doesn’t do anything.

How can I fix this? Thank you!


I answered your email.

I’m having trouble adding a parallax video from Vimeo (My videos are too big to upload). I know there’s a way to do this, but I can’t figure it out. Help!


the theme does not support background video from vimeo or youtube. Only selfhosted videos.

OK, thank you! I appreciate the answer :)

Is this theme compatible with woo commerce? If not what about any other ecommerce plugins?


nor the theme has not been optimized for a commerce plugin.

thanks. It looks very nice, but I need ecommerce.

Hello, I’ve bought, and I’m using this theme.

And despite I have 2 posts in a portfolio category (that show OK in the home screen), when I access the /portfolio_category/category-slug/ it doesn’t show any project :(

What could it be? Thanks in advance.

I answered your email.

Hi, I just upgraded to v1.3 and now my header is all misaligned. I’ve sent you an e-mail. Best regards,

I answered your email.

SpabRice, how is the blog post previews on a section of the single page achieved? I see it is in demo 5, however, looking to set up on another demo install. Thanks.


you need to create a second blog page where you add the “latest news” shortcode and a button which links to the default blog page. Add this page to the menu with ‘go to’ option ‘section’.

For better support please send me an email.

Really cool design Spab… would love to see Twitter feed and video backgrounds… bookmarked.

You got the video… nice!...


thanks for your interest. yes, you should see video background in all demos. Twitter feed is a widget which can be used on the blod sidebar.

Hello, tout d’abord merci pour ce thème qui est très réussi.

Je rencontre juste un petit soucis pour modifier les identifaints “branding, web et motion” dans portfolio > portfolio catégories. Quand je les modifie directement dans le thème, le site ne s’ouvre plus et reste bloqué sur la page de chargement. Sont-ils utilisés de manière dynamique, et dans ce cas, pourquoi est-ce que je rencontre ce soucis, où sont-ils en dur dans un des fichiers ? Merci.


mettez le theme a jour (1.3) le probleme a été resolu dans cette version.

Note: Je prefere l’anglais pour les commentaires, comme ca tous les visiteurs peuvent lire la solution. Pour email, c’est ok en francais.

Merci bien. Je rencontre également un problème d’affichage du slider en responsive (tablette, mobile..), j’aurais aimé savoir svp qu’elle taille d’image avez-vous utilisez sur votre thème pour la version Xone démo 2, et quelle poids ? Par avance, merci.

Note: Difficile pour moi d’expliquer tout cela en anglais. Sorry.

Switched to email

How could I set the “home portfolio section” to load only posts from one of the portfolio_categories? and also: How could activate comments in portfolio projects?


The first part is solved… but I remaing with the doubt of How could I activate comments in portfolio projects?


please send me an email for better support at spabrice()

How would you turn off Google Fonts and use another service like TypeKit or Cloud.Typography? (Accidentally posted to your HTML version, please respond to this one)

I answered above.

Hi, super nice looking theme!

Im just wondering a few things, is it possible to use images and custom color as background on a section?

What would be the best way to link to a external site for an example a facebook profile/social profile from a portfolio post, can I change so the share buttons act like a custom link to a specific site instead of a share button for every portfolio post or should I use buttons like on the post “VIRGULT”?



yes you can use custom images and color for your sections. Changing the share buttons to a custom link is not possible. This would need major customizations.

Hi Spab, first off – great theme, looks beautiful.

Im just having a few issues with colouring – id like to change the colour of the menu items (home etc.) to white yet when i change things within the style.css menu-dark section it has no effect, eventhough ive changed them to a white hex code.

Another issue i seem to have is that i cant insert “team” shortcodes, it just asks me to refresh the page and doesnt add anything.

any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

The same goes for the footer, ive set it to black within the css and it hasnt changed :/.


Changing the menu to white + custom background color is now possible through the theme options > header.

Please send me an email to spabrice() for the team shortcode issue.

I recommendto put all css customizations into the custom css field in the theme options. This will overwrite all css files.

Ive got the team shortcode working now (however images dont show, could be something ive done wrong) but i still cant get the header text to be white, within header i have the header background set to custom, the menu color as “light” and menu color (on hover) to purple.

Yet the menu text still seems to be grey #262626 and i cant for the life of me figure out how to change it.

Please send me an email for better support at spabrice() Do you have a live preview?

Shame this theme doesn’t have something like visual composer. Absolutely hate shortcodes. I currently have a client this theme would be perfect for. :(

Is it possible to directly link someone to a portfolio item? For example, I am using the template with the portfolio on the homepage, at the top; is there a link I can give people that will directly open the homepage and open up the portfolio item?

Yes, just provide the permalink. To get it go to your wordpress admin and go to the portfolio item and click “View Post”


great work!

Can I ask you a couple of questions? Is the template compatible with the Polylang plug-in? Which size and extension must have the video to be uploaded?



the theme has not been tested with this plugin. files are available. Videos must be provided in 3 files (mp4,webm,oga). Size is up to you. The bigger, the more loading time it needs.

how about wpml? Is possible to test this plugin?

Hi everything works fine under xone theme, but when I used his xone child, menu buttos are missing. Why? Thanks


you need to reset the menu (assign it to the primary menu) and resave it.

I love this theme! Thanks!

I just have one small problem and a question. Problem is that the contact form does not seem to work. I changed the shortcode to my email and a new subject, but its not sending. Or at least not arriving to my email. I checked the spam filter. Here’s the code:

type=textfield name="Navn" slug=name required=yes]field type=textfield name="Epost" slug=email required=yes[/contactgroup]

The other question is: When someone click the portofolio, can I have it show details under the post, not over like it does now? Its difficult to understand for my users when its on top.

Themeforest did something to the code. Trying with ( instead of ;)

(contactgroup fields=name,email,message, subject=”Message from my site” submit=”Send”field type=textfield name=”Epost” slug=email required=yes[/contactgroup)”


unfortunately I don’t get you issue with the portfolio very well. Could you send me an email for better support at spabrice()