Discussion on Xpro - Onepage Multipurpose Bootstrap HTML

Discussion on Xpro - Onepage Multipurpose Bootstrap HTML

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I need help!!! I can not install the theme due to this error: Unable to decompress the package. The theme does not have style sheet style.css.

And also this error: The template is not available. Themes need an index.php template file. Child Themes need a template header in the style.css stylesheet.


I can’t find where to change the skin of the web Thanks!

Hi clatu1989,

It’s mentioned in the help file. Still you have issue< Please PM me. Thanks

how can you embed a video background from youtube

Is there a version for Wordpress? If not, what sites do you recommend for hosting the HTML version of the theme if I plan on adding a blog to the personal layout?

Are the testimonials in the about section and blog in the agency version available for the personal version?


Unfortunately this template has no WP version. If you plan to add blog any hosting plan which support php files will be best for you. Mostly hosting company have in build WP installed in there server, so you don’t have any problem.

Thanks Andy Theme Elite

How do I turn off mobile? So, when I am on my iPhone I don’t see the mobile version and see the full desktop version of the site. I don’t have time to fix mobile css issue :/

I am also waiting for the reply regarding turning off mobile version of the website and to only show full-desktop version on all devices.

If I am not going to get any support on this template, then I am going to ask for a refund.

Hello Partrick, Unfortunately I haven’t received any email from your direct email from where I can get in touch with you. So there for I am giving the answer in this comment area.

1. You want to see same display in all devices. This template is made with Bootstrap framework and it made with a responsive framework structure which is by default, Hope you can understand that.

2. You need modify correctly the code, that is why the scroll bar is not working.

here <script type=”text/javascript”> jQuery(function($) { $(document).ready( function() { //enabling stickUp on the ’.navbar-wrapper’ class $(’.navbar-wrapper’).stickUp({ parts: { 0: ‘banner’, 1: ‘services’, 2: ‘ourwork’, 3: ‘aboutus’, 4: ‘blog’, 5: ‘contact’ }, itemClass: ‘menuItem’, itemHover: ‘active’, topMargin: ‘auto’ }); });

}); </script>

you need to update the menu list in this javascript function according to menu structure.

Nice and useful theme. You can see my site www.hyperimpresionism.org based on it. But I get a problem with the form, the code is OK, but my hosting, for security, they calls me that the PHP form must be a SMTP authenticated, with fields as “host”, “password”, “user”, etc. Could you update your PHP code to this new needs, it could be cool, or teach us how to do it? Thanks in advance.

Socrates from Spain.

Guys, I really need to buy the wordpress version of this theme. Where can I buy it?


I love this theme.

But I have problems changing the google maps location. I have taken the GLatLng code (52.502123, 13.186924) which should be a place in Berlin/Germany but it shows a location in the Southern Ocean – I can´t find the mistake.

Can you please help?

Thank you



I believe, you need to use (52.502123, 13.186924) instead of (- 52.502123, 13.186924) ”-” this needs to remove.

Do let us know if it works.


Hi, works perfect – thank you!


Welcome! :)

This post is something I too am interested in finding out. When viewing the template on an iPad, the black menu bar takes up 1/3 of the window. Has there been any fix provided?

It seems that the menu, when being used on a tablet in vertical mode is broken. its there, however its expanded and unlike the menu when being view on a phone it will not collapse. Any ideas ?

already reply back to your email

thanks, i replied back

Still waiting for reply, I provided you with all the information need and screen shots along with a short list of devices that the problems exists on. Any ideas yet ? One of your previous customers had the same problem, I am wondering what the solution for it was. Thanks

How do i change the height of the slider or static image at the top? I only want it 600px high? Thanks.


This theme is fantastic!

I am considering to purchase this HTML template, is it possible to add Blog page if you can help to create it? I don’t need Experience page that maybe I can use later.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Hello, if you are looking for blog page it may helps you better http://themeforest.net/item/xpro-onepage-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/9358157

Hi guys,

I need your help to fix a problem with my navigation. Between 768 and 810px wide, the navigation gets like this: http://cl.ly/image/100o0H2h341K

How can I fix this problem that happens even with your original files?

Hello, with 768px wide it’s look fine, but which device are you using which has 810px wide resolution, please PM us for further discussion.


I’d like to ask if is possible to add point on map?

hi yes you can

Could you please help me with that, I didn’t found the way how.

can you please PM me with your website link? Thanks


i need a graphist in webdesigning.

who can work with me add me phone (WhatsApp) : +989169942377

yahoo : eagle_design_ir@yahoo.com

website : http://eagle-design.ir/

Thanks for your interest

Hi, Nice work for this theme! I would like to use it for my personal website but I hesitate between the HTML and the Wordpress version.

Generaly, i use wordpress but i often have problem with referencing. For html website, i just have notion in html and css (i learn by testing and reading the code), so my competence are limited.

Which one is better in my case? The wordpress version is as complete as the html version for the personalisation?



we give you 100% support for both of our products HTML/WP Theme, there for you will not face much trouble to handle WP theme. But if you more confident with HTML then you should buy HTML version.


how to set up email? I bought the theme XPRO to HTML. But I can not configure the email.

Hi, Have you uploaded you theme into server to check? Please send us Pm to check further.


Hi there,

I have small problem with instalation. When I’m trying to instal theme into my wordpress, it writes me “This package can not be installed. The theme file is missing cascading style style.css” Can you help me please?


You have bought Xpro – Onepage Multipurpose Bootstrap HTML—this is a HTML template not WordPress theme, that is why you are getting this message. if you want to buy WordPress theme please buy from our WP version http://themeforest.net/item/xpro-onepage-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/9358157


Thanks for reply. I would like to ask you, if it is possible to refund HTML theme and I would buy wordpress theme.


Unfortunately Themeforest take care of this sales and all authors get a certain percentage of the sales price. So as a author I don’t have authority to refund you, Really sorry about that, you can contact Themeforest regarding this.


great work!

Great work GLWS:)

Hello again,

Are you ready to Joomla version?


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