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“A very good template, and extremely good value for the money. Customization is very easy using the admin panel, and the customer support is just perfect.”

5 star rating from kiralyandras for Customizability.

Hello, Is there any way to set product sorting always newest by default? Because when I open shop page, the newly added products shows in page 3 or 4, not in the first page, as they should appear in first page and in first row.. ?

Thanks, Martin

Also, I’m using WPML to translate website, but I cannot find following strings – http://prnt.sc/cp6dyb “previous” and “next”, can you please tell me where can I translate them internally ? Thanks


Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Display > Default Product Sorting http://prntscr.com/cp6tei

There is no option to translate this text because this text should not be visible by default. I have already written you about these buttons, problem caused by additional plugin that you use for instagram gallery.



I’d like to know if it is possible to display a different banner for category. I see that banner in default demo http://8theme.com/demo/xstore/product-category/woman/ and was wondering if and how we can assign other banners for other categories.

Looking forward to hearing from you Thanks


Thanks so much for the interest in XStore ;)

Yes, you’ll be able to add different banner/sliders/description for different categories. Go to Products > Categories > edit product category and add image or slider shortcode in category description field.


That’s extremely cool! Well done


:grin: Thank you!


Good afternoon. Some time ago to buy the XStore – Responsive WooCommerce Theme and need to change the language to Spanish shopping cart. Please if you can help me with this I would appreciate it very much.

Greetings and thanks

Hello, andriuquin

Thanks for using our template :)

Here you may find the details about theme translation: http://8theme.com/demo/docs/xstore/#translation

If you need our assistance, do not hesitate to contact us at Forum: https://www.8theme.com/forums/


Thank you for this new update! Keep Up!! :D

Hi, barreoblique

Thank you for following us! Hope you will like new update :)


Hi Breadcrumbs is an error page. The last page of the paths are not displayed. Please check.

Yes, that is possible to change the site width but only via additional customizing.


More details, please. Where do I can set?


We recommend you to change this in the Child theme:

@media screen and (min-width: 1200px) .container { width: 1170px; }


“Very good customer support when stuck trying to figure out how to configure the site to look like the demo store. Really enjoying the template and options for customization.”

5 star rating from scramblematt for Customer Support.

Hi There, Could you please help. I can’t change Account Static Links on the header area.

Hello, aidan1980

Thank you for being our customer :)

Do you mean you need to change the link to My Account page in header? Thanks


1) When using social sharing on a product page, particularly Facebook, its not picking up the photos. 2) How do I add Featured products? 3) Do you have any plans to add color/image swatches? If so, by when?

Hello, ananthambas

Thanks for the comment!

Please, contact us in a Live Chat http://8theme.com/demo/xstore/previews/?preset=previews with your site details so we may assist you with your request.

And, yes, we are planning to add image swatches to our theme.


Hi Helen, I’m having problems with the product images on shop page.. Can you please tell me how can I set-up all images to show like the first two in the screenshot – http://prntscr.com/cq0opz because the little squares ruins the model and clothing pictures. Currently I have these settings – http://prntscr.com/cq0ow3 – What’s wrong with them? And why some pictures shows like square? Thanks for the help, Martin

Hello, MartinChillz

Thank you for using our theme :)

Please, disable the Hard Crop and Regenerate Thumbnails after that.

Let us know if it helps!


Hi Helen, thanks for your reply. Worked like charm! The only problem left is, that whenever I try to access blog section it says “Forbidden” You do not have permission to access this document. – I have also set up the posts page as “BLOGS” but it still doesn’t work – http://prnt.sc/cq1yhm – I save it, then reenter the Customizing and the saved posts page setting is lost.. :/ Very odd. Could you please help me on this? Thanks, Martin

Hi, MartinChillz

You are welcome :)

We recommend you to make changes with Backend editor instead of Front end one.

If you issues remains, please, contact us ina Live chat here: http://8theme.com/demo/xstore/previews/?preset=previews


Some presale questions.

Is it possible to style for example the buttons with a border radius? Or is that only possible in the ccs style sheet?

The color filter: is it possible to use a color in stead of a textual description for the color?

The dropdown filter option: when choosing a filter it reloads the page and closes the options in the dropdown filter. Is it possible to keep this open when the page had reloaded?


Kind regards.


Thanks so much for the interest in XStore :)

1) Unfortunately, there is no such option to set border-radius from admin panel, but we’ll be able to help you and show how to do this using CSS like we have for our Hosting Demo http://8theme.com/demo/xstore/hosting/

2) We are working to implement color swatch option for our theme and also color filter with image or color. But it will be only in one of our future updates. If you need these options now you may use additional plugins, for example, http://mihajlovicnenad.com/improved-variable-product-attributes/ and http://mihajlovicnenad.com/product-filter/

3) You are talking about Ajax filter, XStore does not include this feature. Plugin that I mentioned above has such option.


“Fast support and great service”

5 star rating from idanyashar for Customer Support.

I can not import demo content after following instructions here http://8theme.com/demo/docs/xstore/#installation_upgrade_24_demo_content It simply refreshes without importing. what do I do?

Hello, kindklemz

Thanks for being our customer :)

Please, make sure you considered all these XStore requirements:

- file_get_contents() function should be enabled in the server configuration;

- PHP version: 5.3 or higher;

- max_execution_time: no less than 180;

- memory_limit: no less than 128M;

- upload_max_filesize: no less than 40M.


Hi, is there an option to have the Size guide image automatically to all products?? And also to every new product created without me putting it. We have a single Size guide image for all of our products


Unfortunately, we do not have the feature to upload one general image for all products and no plugins can be suggested.


Can you please tell me then where in theme’s code is the Size guide image so I try to alter it myself?

We have one idea, please, contact us here: https://www.8theme.com/contact-manager/


Hi, good job 1. there is a demo with the menu (home, shop…) on the side.? 2. On the shop it is possible to easily remove the filters (without sidebar) and on the page with the products? Without even filter on the page without sidebar


Thank you for your interest in our theme! We are happy that you like it.

1) Unfortunately, we don’t have demo with the vertical menu at present. But we already have such design and think we’ll create this version soon.

2) Yes, you’ll be able to disable sidebar in theme settings http://prntscr.com/cr0xky and also disable toolbar above the products http://prntscr.com/cr0xt8 if you don’t need it.


Thnx! High quality theme and fantastic support. Nice to deal with you!


Thank your for your warm thoughts! Much appreciated.


We want to use only in spanish, how difficult do you think it is to translate all ?


Thank you for your interest in our theme!

You can easy translate our theme! Just use Loco Translate plugin and follow documentation http://www.8theme.com/demo/docs/xstore/#translation_101_nbspbase_theme_translation You can always contact us on support forum or in chat and we’ll help you.

We also included partial spanish translation, you can find xstore-es_MX.po and .mo files in theme package in Translation Files folder.


Hi Helen/Olga, I hope you have a great weekend! I have a really important question about mobile version. I just checked website in mobile version and found out that the menu and cart are invisible when I open website and customers cannot see where to open menu or cart..How can I make them visible? please check screenshot – http://prnt.sc/cr8sgm – And other thing, can you please tell me how can I move that logo to the middle like showed in screenshot. Thanks M


Could you, please, provide link to your site or submit a topic on support forum and add link in Private Content area. I’ll check why you don’t have the cart icon and mobile navigation and help you. Would be great if you can provide temporary admin panel access.


Hi Olga, please check – [removed]


NEVER post your credentials here in comments section on TF! You may use only Private Content area on our support forum https://www.8theme.com/forums/xstore-wordpress-support-forum/

You did not choose text color for your header and it caused the problem http://prntscr.com/cratd7 I have added custom CSS (Theme Options > Styling > Custom CSS) to make logo at the center http://prntscr.com/crauro

Let me know if you need any other help.


Hi, i want to change the background image on header on a product category, i go to edit category, I change the image and click update but nothing happens, the category looks the same in front although on the category edit page shows the new image like this screenshot https://goo.gl/hdb7FR . The category on question is this http://abouthotelier.gr/demos/demo7/?product_cat=boys


Product category thumbnail is category image that you see when using Categories VÇ element. Option to change product category breadcrumbs background will be added in version 2.4 that will be available soon. Please, wait a little.


Ok, looking forward, thanks

Welcome :)

Hi In Internet Explorer will show strange ‘Select Box’. Please tell us how to fix this Please.


Hello, jumpnwow

Thanks for the comment :)

Tested on IE 10, and here how it looks: http://prnt.sc/cryvvw Btw, our theme supports IE beginning from 10 ver.



I am a Windows 10, IE 11.

I was tested in five Windows 10 PC.

Please check back


Please, provide your FTP and admin panel details here: https://www.8theme.com/contact-manager/

or better contact us in a Live chat with them http://8theme.com/demo/xstore/previews/?preset=previews