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Love the template. Where did the logo come from? Is the logo in a print ready format?

Hi there…I have a newbie question: how can I install the landing page template on an existing WordPress website? Please help!

Thanks for purchasing my template X-tech landing page is only html/css, no wordpress.


I am trying to replace vimeo hosted video with youtube hosted one. However, when I insert youtube embed URL its not showing any video, just white box. Please help.


Thank you for the great template—are there instructions for using it with unbounce?

what about the google map section how do I configure that?


My nivo slider doesn’t seem to work as it supposed to. It can’t slide the first image. The next slides are fine. And also, the green background is not uniform. It is different between the top of the sites and the bottom of it.

And as like negotecnia said: how to configure the map? The image doesn’t appears Please help! :crying:

can this landing page them be used with a different Wordpress theme bought here? I was hoping to use this ( with the your landing page, and maybe add the main websites menu and header to this landing page. Would that require a lot of css?

This theme needs to be able to work inside of Hostgator for it to be of any use to me…it will NOT load with WordPress, but I have not found any alternative means to load the template. I thought that being able to load the folder as a starting point was the whole purpose of purchasing the template. Please advise me towards alternative means of uploading what I bought to the server that holds the information I use to create my website. Thanks in advance for your reply because I am certain this will help many many people.

Hi! Is there any way to add a small form with 3-4 fields to the template?

Hello friends

I love your landing page. however i have a couple of question: I have a responsive wordpress template and i am wondering is i can use your landing page without any conflict with my template? and this landing page need to be in a different folder or just using a regular page and use the html code? Thanks

Aggh. I bought it also to use on my WP site but it will not load and is not acceptable. Now what?

Demo is not working….

It works fine form me. Please check it again.

How about a responsive theme?

Hey Shegy, how are you? Thanks for preparing this great looking landing page! I consider purchasing it. However, I must second the comment from Adestatos about 8 months ago – unfortunately this theme is not responsive. Most themes nowadays are, including your other lastest ones. Do you have plans to update it?


hanari Purchased

Like others’ comment, can u update this one please? I’m sure it’ll be a piece of cake for you. Thanks!