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Very polished work – Kudos

Very clean. Great Job. I hope you make a wordpress of this one.

This is a very nice job clean, smart, pretty and fast loaded I´ll buy it tomorrow

good luck

Thanks :)

Hello Shegy can you send me the font

Hi, you can find links to the font in the item discription or in the end of documantation.

Perfect template, Shegy, great work!

Thanks mate!

Work fine in firefox 4, but not in explorer 9. The slider (rotator) doesn’t work, Shows all 5 sliders vertical over the rest of the page content down to the footer.

Ok, thanks for info, I`ll check this and upload an update ASAP

Solved It was the restriction of Javascript in IE that was the problem (must be allowed), works fine in IE 9 .

Very fast loaded and nice template.

By the way, thanks for the prompt reply and support.

Thanks mate!

Love this theme! Amazing work! Its wordpress version available?

Fantástico theme. Will you make a WordPress theme of this one? Please tell me soo !!

Really love this template. Excellent work.

Is there anyway the sub-menu accordion can be changed so that when you click on the same item it closes up.

The way it is now is that you have to click on another item. Intuitively I think most users will click on the menu item to open it and then click on the same menu item to close it.


is there going to be a wordpress version of this soon?

Hey, i have purchased this template, and I really like it. Really easy to use and edit, but I have an issue with the email form.

When I type in fields and press send, the form fields stay filled with text instead of resetting. Normally these contact forms are automatically linked to whatever email address is directly associated with the domain. Is this true for this form or do i have to specify the email address to send to?

If so, where in the template do I do this?


hi Shegy, I absolutely LOVE this template, thank you so much for creating it! I have been looking for a good template so I can redo my existing website and this is one of the only templates I could find that has all my ‘wants’ – including the moving tabs, toggles, etc. which were a big must for me. Another thing I love about the template is that it appears that is does NOT use any cufon fonts..which I have heard may be more seo-friendly, is this correct? Anyway I am wondering if you have an idea of how hard it would be to put a moving roundabout slider in the slider area of the homepage, this is something I really wanted in my template but I have noticed that not many templates have roundabout sliders, is there a reason for this..maybe they are more difficult or time consuming to implement? Anyway I know HTML /CSS pretty well…jQuery not so much, please advise. If you ever do any updates to this template please add a roundabout slider, that would simply make this the best template ever!! :)

Thanks Mate!, I`ll update this template soon and the update will contain a roundabout slider homepage version. :)

Hey I get an error when this template runs in IE8 , anyone else get the same error?

Webpage error details

User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8 .0; Windows NT 5 .1; Trident/4.0; GTB7 .0)

Message: ‘PIE’ is undefined Line: 4 Char: 9 Code: 0 URI :

What has support been like? Seems 2 weeks to respond is a long time. Anyone know?

Does this error appear on my theme preview on themeforest?

Very nice work. However, the buttons, when using the button class, do not adjust their size to either fit long text or to close around short text.

Am I missing something?

Hi, thanks for purchasing my template. In this version buttons don`t resize themseves but Im preparing the update and this will be corrected.

I was going to buy today – but there seems to be a definate lack of attention from the author regarding queries from buyers…

Are you out there Shegy?

Thanks, enjoy :)

Quick question – I cannot seem to find where the duration setting of each of the Piecemqaker slides is set?

The time per slide is quite long at present and I want to shorten it – Where is this set?

Thanks -

to edit the duration of slide you should filnd :


in piecemaker.xml file, 10 is number of seconds each slide is presented. The documentation for piecemaker is included with the template so check it out for more configuration info.

To anyone who have similar problem like Lanky in this thread.

If You have an error like:

Message: ‘PIE’ is undefined Line: 4 Char: 9 Code: 0 URI :

Then check your js/ catalogue and there should be file named: pie.js

pie.js should be lowercase not uppercase.

Just simply change the PIE .js to pie.js and it will run fine.

It’s because the unix platforms are case sensitive and the theme was developed on windows infrastructure.

Hi, beatiful template!, my dude is if i purchased this template, the background is free to use? and to edit?, because i like edit the color of a background. Thanks

you can change the background if you like, in fact you can do almost everything with this template :)

cheers, Shegy

Hi Shegy,

Any update regarding buttons resizing (buttons do not adjust their size to fit long or short text)? Regards