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Hi shegy, i purchased a theme, but my dude is the fonts is free or not, because i go to the site of Helvetica Neuelt (you post the link of site) but is for purchased the font and the family font to Helvetica Neuel. So, please respond me, is the font not free i have a terrible problem!!!


Hi lucianitou, thanks for purchasing my template. Fonts used in this theme are listed in item discription and as you can see Halvetica Neue isn`t free font.


Ok, very bad notice for the fonts, i edit the code for dont use this fonts with license… i have other dude, i like in the menubar… add other category, for example “Pages -> Services -> Locution”, because only have on template “Pages -> Services”, please help me.

Hey Shegy, I like. Wheres the wordpress version?!

Hi, the menu subitem doesn’t display in IE9 when the codification is UTF but when i change the codification to ISO the submenus works. How can it be fixed? I use the UTF codification. Under FF5 , Safari and Chrome it works fine.

Hi Shegy,

Great template. I have made great use of it and even skinned a custom blog to match

I have one problem.

I know its ancient but a couple users reported a problem in IE7 . When in the portfolio and clicking the view details button on an item the .lightbox-work comes up but the #lightbox seems to be over top so the entire page is modal. You can barely see it but the popup window is displayed but is behind the modal. I have played around with the z-index and such but to no avail. When I remove the $(”#lightbox”).fadeIn(300); line from workaround file everything works but obviously the page is not modal.

Can you think of a solution for this?

Thank you kindly and great work on the template!


Sorry to bug you but one other thing I noticed on IE7 (i still get over 100 hits a month from the stupid browser)... the hidden pages in pagination ( page 2-x) don’t load the images so when you go to page 2 there are no thumbnails.

Any thoughts on rectifying this issue as well? I know I could preload the images but that would be a massive statement with 50+ portfolio items. Is there any way to preload images based on a wildcard like *.jpg?

Any other thoughts for fixes?

Amazingly….everything else looks and works great on the archaic browser.

Thanks again for your time.

Hi Shegy,

Nice template indeed. I am planning to buy one. I am not much of a techie…so two questions:

1. How do I edit the design / content? Is editor provided as part of the package? 2. How do I update the content from time to time? Is there a CMS support?

Thanks in advance.


And plans to release this as a WordPress theme soon?

Thanks Ray

Hi Shegy,

A brilliant website template, thank you.

One question if I may?

On the index page you have jpgs for web design, stock photos and 24 hour support.

Would you explain how in Photoshop you got the indented wording for these, as I want to use the same design idea but change the wording.

Thanks again, I can't wait to put this up for all to see.

wordpress I beg of you…

hi, i enter direct link 1st level on sub-menu in about-us page, when i view and click the link in google chrome, nothing is happen. It should link to my page. please help !

<div class="sub-menu"> <h5>About Us</h5> <ul> <li><a href="history.php"><span>History</span></a></li> <li><a href="headquaters.php"><span>Headquarters</span></a></li> </ul> </div>


Love the theme! I just need help with one minor problem. On the Works Page when I add another lightbox item in the source code, the images in that newly added item do not rotate through from Preview 1 to Preview 4 for as it is shown in Giant Mutant Birds. The image rotator just gets stuck on Preview 1.

Please Advise,


hi am getting activex not enabled when viewing in IE8 ,9. this distorts the image rotator and displays all the images on the page.

i don’t want to present it to the user like this so they have to enable activex everytime. is there a way to in IE to solve this problem. need urgent help. thanks

you make a purchase and the developer does not even answer. anyway of getting my money back?

Hi, sorry for long delay, your problem is strange, beacuse the template was tested on this browsers, can you send me the link to your website? This problem sometimes appear when you open the page from your local disk, did you send it to your server?

is there a WP version coming or not?

Please advise folks in a timely manner. I see huge gaps of time here from buyers and I know I have requested help over the last month on another file that is still unanswered.

Best regards.

for now, no plans for WP wersion

best regards

Is the contact form a working functional form? Can it be possible to add one more input.


Hi, the contact form is working and you can easly add/remove new fields.

Hi there,

I was just curious if you would know this… On the gallery page, where images can expand larger using lightbox, I have all my image son one page, I didn’t want pages, but is there a way to not have the larger version load until it’s expanded? It’s a long time to load for my page, so I was hoping I could just load the thumbs first.

Thank you! Shane

I`m not sure, but I thing larger versions of images are loaded later, after you click on the thumb.

Hello Shegy, I’ve just purchased your template X-Tech Premium HTML /CSS template and I’m unsure how to upload the whole file to my web server because it breaks down into 8 different colour sections and I would like to alter the colour in the admin section when it is uploaded. Do I need to upload each colour section seperatly Your advice would be appreciated. Thanks

Hi Shegy, I’ve just purchased your template X-Tech Premium HTML /CSS and I can’t log into the admin section. Can you tell me what I need to login. Thanks

I love the looks of this theme. The pricing table, in particular, is very appealing. Is it possible to put video on the homepage instead of a photo slider? If not, could you customize it? Thank you for your time.