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Hello there ;) Thanks for the theme, I really like it but I have one question though: I don’t really understand how comments work. I went to my tumblr page:

without logging in just as anyone would get to it but I don’t see any way to comment on my posts, is there something I’m missing in the configuration? I did set my disqus account name.

Please let me know. Kind Regards, Ricain

I also have a little problem with the Google Analytics, as I’ve entered my Google ID UA-XXXXXXX-1 but Google Analytics tells me: État : Suivi non installé.

Thanks for your help! Kind Regards, Ricain

PS: on peut la faire en FR aussi ;)

Forget my first question, I found the problem although I still have a problem with Google Analytics.

Also, I’d like to know how to make each “tile” clickable in order to get to the permalink directly (instead on pressing the i bo-utton the clicking on permalink).

Thank and happy new year ! Kind Regards, Ricain


I don’t understand what’s wrong with Google Analytics. I know it could take some time for the detection to be operational. Did you set the proper url of your blog on Analytics configuration ? I’m using the theme for my personal blog and didn’t have any problem, leave it time to collect data and get back to me if it’s still not working.

For clickable tile, I’ll add the feature in the next update, early next week, as an optional option. I’m thinking about making images post clickable to the permalink, and a permalink icon on mouse hover for other kinds of posts.

I’m glad you solved the problem with comments, I hope it wasn’t related to the theme. If it did, please tell me so I can do the necessary fixes.

Thank you for using my theme ! Do not hesitate if you have another question.

Kind Regards,


PS : I didn’t answer in French since answers can be useful for other users.

Theme has been updated, you can now download the new version which includes the change we were talking about (Permalink on click on pictures from Image Post), and a few fixes.

Thanks ;) Google Analytics is working fine, I’ve built a lot of websites but have never experienced such delays in GA with Tumblr … usually, it’s only 1 day max, but here it was a lot longer. Anyways, everything is ok now ;)

Kind Regards, Ricain

Gosh. I wished for a theme like this, with all same tumblr-style post formats, for Wordpress for sooo long. I’d buy instantly if you ever made something like this for wp!! It’s beautiful!

Thank you !!

I’m not quite ready to make Wordpress theme for now, but I’m considering it :) And then maybe I’ll adapt my Tumblr themes for Wordpress.

Hi, This may be a silly question, but what size do background and header artwork need to be? I’m kind of new to all of this, and I can’t find any size requirements in the “how to” page link that comes with the purchase. Thanks!

Hi !

Background image is more suited for pattern images, so size doesn’t really matter as long as you choose an pattern that repeats itself.

Header image is more suited for a PNG logo, but a large image with low height is good too. I’ll post an update of the theme soon with updated documentation and more flexibility for the header image.

Hello! This theme now has issues in Chrome. Sometimes, when loading the page, some posts don’t expand all the way when the “masonry” realigns/reflows the page, and are “squashed.” I tried to load my page in FireFox and it’s just fine. Only happens in Chrome. Any fix?


If you’d like an example, you can check here:

I fixed the issue and the update should be available for download during the day (you’ll receive a notification). Tell me if it works for you :)

fantastic work, very well done !

Thank you :)