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Very Nice Theme …................

Noticed that most of the photographs are in landscape format, is the theme set up to allow photos in portrait format as well.

Yes, you can have any format.


Is there no psd file by this template ?

No, but I will add it for 100% within 3 days. I have little mess inside PSD .

Helloo loving he thme..ébut do you think its possible to have bigger size thumbnails?? in the portrait format?

Thank you..

Yes, it’s very easy.

Awesome theme, very original for OpenCart. I’ve posted it on ThemePassion.


Oke, i will wait at the psd and download it then. Thanks, a very nice theme.

I have just uploaded PSD + patterns. The PSD contains Frontpage, Product page and Category page.

Hi, can i see the wishlist and compare for the products?

Hi, I’m just working on it.

I have just uploaded updated version of this theme with links to wish list and product comparison + Gift Vouchers.

very nice site! I am looking for something very similar.. however i dont need the shop/cart part – would this theme be able to do that? Can i switch the cart off..and have the site still looking/working as good?

I have products to add – but when the person clicks the product to buy.. it will take them (new window) to the affiliated site/shop

or maybe you have a theme better suited for my purpose..

Thank You :)

You can open:


and replace:

<a id="button-cart"></a>


<a href="&lt;?php echo $model; ?&gt;" id="button-cart"></a>

creating product you just have to put link into Model field:


Also you can put button into description. More solutions you can find here: http://themeforest.net/item/xtreme-shop/faq/980429

I’d like to see a few realtime shops. Can you help me?

Unfortunately I don’t have. No one (client) contacted me yet so I don’t know who use my theme.

Hi Diabolique :) I add my currency (Thai Baht ?). But it does not display.


Please read chapter called “VII. Don’t see some font glyphs?”. As I know Myriad Pro font supports Thai language. You can generate own cufon font (Myriad Pro) for your language here: http://www.cufonfonts.com/en/font/492/myriad-pro

Also is possible that you have to change Geosans font. Instead of Geosans font you can use for example Myriad Pro Regular font – please read chapter called “VIII. How to change Cufon font?”

Hello Diabolique,

How can i remove the button with euro,pound and dollar at the left side. I only want to keep the search button and if possible change the position from that button.

Thank you.


Go to System -> Localisation -> Currencies, disable some currencies and currency switcher will disappear.

Thank you Diabolique, i’ve also send you a mail. About remove dropdownmenu by categorie.

Thank you.

Hi, I purchased this template a few weeks ago I really love the look. I see you have posted that you made some changes that I find very useful, is there a way I can get the newer version of the template without having to purchase it again? Please let me know as this is time-sensitive. Thanks!


Yes, you can download new version for free. This screenshot should help you: http://imm.io/dohq

Where can I download it from? I couldnt find it. When I first click on XtremeShop, on the right side it says “You have already purchased this file. You can download it here. If you wish, you can purchase it again.” -Is this version that I download from here going to be the most up to date information, code, and capabilities?

It’s available on your dashboard. Try following url:


I purchased this template today. but someting worng.. I need move the top menu ber like your template.. and Featured Products show the canon,sony … I need delete that one.. http://zoomluck.com/zoominshop/


1. You have to many categories, but you can make a header wider, open following file:


...and increase with for this selector:

#header-center { width:775px; }

2. Deactivate Carousel module.


I’ve bought this template and i have a question please, i’d like to use H1 tag on menu (category names) for seo purposes. What should i change? And my “add to wish list” button dissapeared, how can i fix that?




and replace div called:
<div class="page-name">....</div>
<h1 class="page-name">....</h1>

Many thanks! And concerning the “add to wishlist” button on product page, any idea?

Do you see such code
If not then download file with theme from themeforest and reupload this file:

Hi there,

can you tell me why my menu items are not at the top of the header? http://www.thecircleofrunes.nl/


Are you asking about Xtreme Shop theme or Phantom Shop, beause on your website I see Phantom Shop theme, anyway if you are asking about Xtreme Shop then probably you have too many categories and you should increase width of header. How to do it you can find here: http://themeforest.net/item/xtreme-shop/faq/980429

I tried to install the theme(as a zip file) into my wordpress account and it keeps saying the stylesheet was not found.

I also tried extracting the files and installed them but it still showed same result. How do I solve this?


This theme works with OpenCart (latest version – v1.5.1.3): http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=download/download

Hello! I’ve been on the hunt for some good templates, and I’ve set my eyes on this one. Is there anyway for there to be more than one thumbnail for the item / NOT having it pop out? I believe I saw that any size for the thumbnail would work, and I just hate having them pop out by default when clicked.

Yes, you just have to remove such code from category.tpl

         <span class="cover boxcaption">
    <span class="boxcaption-child">
         <?php echo mb_substr(strip_tags(html_entity_decode($product['description'])), 0, 112)."..." ?><br />
         <?php if ($product['rating']) { ?>
         <img alt="Rating" class="rating-stars" src="catalog/view/theme/xtremeshop/image/stars-<?php echo $product['rating'] . 'a.png'; ?>" />
                   <?php } ?>

In the demo, we didn’t see size options. We only see color options.

Where can we add sizes, for example SM / MM / LG (small, medium, large or even size specicifs for women for example Size 2,4, 12, 16, etc.,?