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I reuploaed the files under /catalog and the OC files and it fixed it. Great template. Sorry about that.

Can you replace the top menu text with a button (ie. picture?) so instead of text buttons, maybe something fancier like a design around text?

Because the menu like not the top top, but just below it and i want to have like design-able buttons for the categories of the products.

Menu isn’t on the top because you have too many categories for the 1-st level of menu. There are 2 solutions: 1. Decrease space between each menu element – open stylesheet.css and decrease margin here
#categories ul li { ... margin:0 0 0 20px; ... }

2. Increase with of header, solution is here http://themeforest.net/item/xtreme-shop/faq/980429

Can you replace the top menu text with a button (ie. picture?) so instead of text buttons, maybe something fancier like a design around text?

Actually I can’t do this.

Oh okay gotcha. Sorry to get back to you on this.

So I’m not sure if this does it automatically but if i center the logo which im not sure either how do it… every time i put position as center for the logo in stylesheet it doesn’t quite work.

But i would like to have a split the menu being split in two while the logo being in the middle, rather on the side?

Not sure if that is possible.

It’s impossible with opencart, you can only create static HTML code (2 menus – 2 UL lists).

Hi, i saw a new version of OpenCart is out, 1.5.3, will this work on it?


It should work but I’ll be testing and update theme if needed.

Okay! :)

Just upgraded to but I do get some errors now:

Undefined variable: text_contact in header.tpl

Undefined variable: text_special in header.tpl

Undefined variable: text_newsletter in header.tpl

Undefined variable: text_sitemap in header.tpl

Undefined variable: name in footer.tpl

But maybe it is due to my translation files…

You have to reupload controller files from purchased file or just reupload whole catalog file.

Ah ofcourse, i re-uploaded the controller directory and everything seems to be working again now. Sorry for my comment, i guess i was sleeping, had a rough weekend in Berlin. :)

Just downloaded it and pretty awesome ! I like it, but can u please do me a favor, I dont like the ‘shopping cart item’ on the top right. So I want to put the only Cart symbol on the left side with currencies and languages.

How can I do that ? hmmm…

Open: catalog/view/theme/xtremeshop/template/common/header.tpl

<?php echo $cart; ?>
and paste it after:
<?php echo $currency; ?>
open stylesheet.css and add following styling:
#cart-panel { border-left:3px solid #a80000; padding: 6px 5px 6px 8px; width:20px; font-weight: 700; background-image:url("../image/bg-transparent1.png");
display: block;z-index:101; outline: 0!important; }
#cart-panel:hover { border-left:6px solid #a80000; }

Open: catalog/view/theme/xtremeshop/template/module/cart.tpl

remove everything and paste something like that:
<div id="cart-panel">
  <a href="<?php echo $cart; ?>">IMAGE HERE</a>

thanks man !!! its worked ! I love it and its so fk cool !! You are awesome man !

Thanks for info, download theme once again after 24 hours and replace following files:


And on this one ‘New Affiliate’ is a little bit small compared to the login: http://www.diaboliquedesign.com/demo/8/index.php?route=affiliate/login

//edit: I see you fixed it. As well as the newsletter titles. :)

Yes and update is available for download.

When you have 2 selectboxes, for example Size and Color, you cannot select the value of the second box in Chrome. Well, there is a one pixel horizontal range that works, but that is hard to find. And since Chrome is the nr. 1 browser…

Ah, it is working here now too. Maybe a hick-up in my Chrome browser.

hello I installed the layout here: http://www.mcistore.com.br/loja/ I need to leave it in the demo has some imperfections as you can see. May be the settings of the modules Help me


Select content bottom position for Featured module and disable carousel module.


I’m in trouble in the top menu

View image: http://mcistore.com.br/loja/image/top_mcistore.png

How do I edit this area?



Open stylesheet.css and reduce spacing between each menu element here:
#menu-top ul li { ... padding:0 35px 0 1px; }


I need a help on how to remove the bracket on categories menu.

View image : http://littlekhaleef.com/image/edit.jpg

I cant find where the coding to remove this bracket.

Thank you =)

thanks for ur support ! u such a kind man =)

What font do you use for Xtreme Shop logo? Because it looks nice.

Dear Diabolique,

I would like to get support on the following subjects:

1. How to remove the “caption” on the home page slider (the text showing up when the pictures slide). How can we do that?

2. We would like our related products to be visable all the time. Now the customer must kick on the Related Products to show them on the product page. How can we do that?

Your support is highly appreciated.

Kind regards, Sam

Hello Diabolique,

I have a few problem now and I tried to fix it but it’s doesnt work because I’m not familiar with these coding.

1. How to get the exact size of background image ? I want the picture to fit the background image.

2. After installed this opencart I found my seo-friendly user is not working, I’ve followed ur steps to change the file htaccess.txt to .htaccess . But it doesnt work and now I need to rename it to .htacces , with single ’s’ . Its fine with me but the problem now is I need to change the seo-url for my all products at welcome text. Because I cant browse all my products. U can view my cart here >> http://littlekhaleef.com/

I hope You understand what I need and sorry foy my bad english =)

Hello Diabolique, 1. Thanks for the answer but I still dont get for question no 2. I need the url link for all product without using friendly seo since I cannot use friendly seo. So I can change the link from “all” to link like “http://www.index.php?route=product/product&product_id=224” . Because my customer cannot browse all my product

2. Looks like there have a few problem on there and u need to help me. image >> http://littlekhaleef.com/image/zone.jpg Customer cannot proceed to register because the “region/state” did not appear on the select box. So all I can do now is only delete the required code.

1. Yes, an example: http://www.diaboliquedesign.com/demo/8/index.php?route=product/category&path=66 2. Download purchased file once again and replace all files especially “account” folder. Check: http://www.diaboliquedesign.com/demo/8/index.php?route=account/register

Super fast and furious respond. Ok now everything is clear and perfect for me to start the cart, and I would like to thank you very very much for your kindness. You are superb, appreciate it man =)

Hi Diabolique,

Awesome looking template and nice work on the support too!! Unfortunatly I have run into a problem with my install.:(

I have followed the steps in the documentation to the letter and I have the site up and running but I’m getting computer images from the original default template in the slider and over the products area? I have istalled the template and set to xtreme shop but somethings obviously not worked properly?

The bottom of the install looksjust like it should and is working but the problem is that all the catagories for the product inventory are all computer products and I can’t get at the Extreme shop product catagories at all which means I can’t edit the template or the xtreme shop products?

Not sure what’s gone wrong because I have installed this twice and got the same result twice…Major hassle was I didn’t really take any notice of it on the first install and thought I’d just work through it ?I then spent the best part of a day customizing the template to find I couldn’t edit the stuff in the bottom of the template.:( I then reinstalled and poured over the install instructions but can’t find any documentation on this exact problem?

I am using a windows pc.

Any help would be very welcome.:)

Thank you.


Images visible on the live demo are not for sell and I don’t understand why you need them. If you want to manage categories then you should go to Catalog -> Categories

Hi Diab,

I don’t want to buy the images?

I want the site to work but I have opencart products(comupter stuff)for the top half of the site and Xtreme shop products in the bottom half?

The opencart computer products are in the catagories and products fields in the back end and I can edit those no problem but shoul dthey be there ? None of the xtremeshop products(jeans,shorts,sunglasses) are visable or editable in the back end and the images haven’t loaded in the slider? This makes me think I have a problem here? please see coww.co.uk

Are you saying I should just delete the content and it will be ok? To me there is a problem here?


You have too many categories on the header. There is limited space. Check FAQ , I have posted tutorial abot how to increase width of header.

Select Content Bottom position for Featured module

Open theme documentation and read chapter called “II. How to add new banners and display it on NivoSlider?”

Hi Diab,

Thank you for your response.

Quick question…... Should I be able to see the extreme shop products like jeans,Sunglasses and the rest in the back end?

I only get the computer stuff from the opecart default and wondered if this is normal?

Many thanks for your patience.:)

Yes, this is normal. You can manage all products including images under CATALOG -> PRODUCTS

Hello Diabolique,

How can i get my pictures good without the weird echo??


Many thanks,


Increase size of thumbnails. Inside theme’s documentation you will find a screenshot with recommended sizes.

Also I suggest to decrease space between each top menu element, open stylesheet.css and reduce padding here:

#menu-top ul li { ... padding:0 35px 0 1px; }

I don’t want Title of Banner to show up in NivoSlider. How can I remove it?

Here is solution:

How to remove the “caption” on the home page slider (the text showing up when the pictures slide)?


I cannot remove all the caption because there is background remaining.

Sorry, I have updated FAQ

I have added the currency as ? or THB . Once I added, there is no ? symbol show on my website. How can i add?

So your currency symbol looks like on this screenshot?: http://imm.io/v2ez

Do you see this currency symbol when you view page source in your web browser?

It looks like Myriad Pro doesn’t support your language: http://www.cufonfonts.com/pl/font/492/myriad-pro

Inside documentation you will find tutorial how to change cufon font.

Yes. That is my currency.

Then you have to change cufon font or totally remove cufon.