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Is there a way to change backgrounds for each category? Like say you have four categories up top and instead of using the same background as home for a specific category, you want to use a different one for each category.

If you can help that would be great!

I tried doing that, with your solution in FAQ . Its not coming out correctly. I have this in my body in header.tpl <body id=”<?php echo empty($this->request->get[‘route’]) ? ‘common-home’ : str_replace(’/’, ‘’, $this>request->get[‘route’]); ?>”>

and not sure where to put the one for stylesheet. Also wouldn’t it be easier if it was to a specific category instead of page?

You just have to add additional css class to body. If you have an unique css class on each category or product page then you can assign different background to each page.

Hello, we downloaded this theme and would like to know how to open it all as one website in Dreamweaver or one of the free open source programs like bluegriffon. There is an index file in the help folder that opens a guide to use open cart but we do not need this service. We just wanted to edit the code and preview the website as a whole in a browser. Is this possible with this theme. Or do we have to import each part of the theme individually and start a new build. Thanks in advance.


You have to install theme first and modify directly on your server.

Is there someway to put filter products based on sizes etc, or categories on the right hand side where instead of bestsellers and specials are? the right hand side bar?

I would like to change the overall page width. Is there an easy way to do that or must I edit the stylesheet.css?

It requires a lot of changes in the stylesheet.css


I’ve noticed a problem, for each category i have a product on multiple pages, and sometimes some product are not shown at all, although they exists. it happens randomly.


Do you have the same problem when default theme is active? It looks like opencart bug which should be raported here: http://forum.opencart.com/viewtopic.php?f=161&t=65248

Hi Diabolique, the theme is amazing, are our page is very nice now.

We would like to have a search bar in header (like the original opencart theme). How can we do it?

Thanx :)


Unfortunately there will be too much work.

Is it possible to ADD the sidebar to the home page? I would like to add content in a sidebar to the home page so that it looks like the categories or product pages.


No, there will be a lot of work.

Is it possible to adjust when you switch to another language, to change this text.

Why Buy Here? Ready to Buy Sets

Yes, but you have to add new translations into language files.

Does anyone know why im am experiencing this odd behavior. I just installed the theme following the readme and have pretty much touched nothing else.

Install was a fresh

Problem #1 Topmenu is displaced Problem #2 Clicking any product returns a blank page

Did a clean install with (yeah i know its not officially supported by the theme yet just wanted to see if there was any difference) but the problem is same as before.

Any help highly appreciated. You can check frontend here: www.demoniq.net


Hmm, update. If i replace product.php with the OpenCart default one (same with and product displays. If i replace product.php with the one from the theme it does not work, just get an empty page.

The topmenu displacement is fixed by minimizing the amount of toplevel menu items. If they are too many the entire top menu gets displaced and moved down to the main body.

You can also increase header’s width (check FAQ ). I will upload new version of theme today for opencart 1.5.4.x

Cool, thanks :)

How can I add a banner on the Home page beneath all of the Featured Products, etc. that looks nice and fits on the content background nicely?

Use Banner module (position home, content bottom)

How do I go about increase the height of the White top bits please ? As I have my logo and it is a higher then the White section ?


I have added solution here (How to increase height of header?): http://themeforest.net/item/xtreme-shop/faq/980429


How do you make Related Products as default please ?

I tried to remove the “tigger-little” in template/product/product.tpl

But it doesn’t seem to make Related Products as default



Do you want to have it always opened? You should remove class=”toggle_container”

Hi there

Can you please be a bit specific on the remove of toggle container please ?

Once I removed the , I can’t find the to delete also.

Plus once I deleted that line, the Preview header stretched too long


Don’t remove whole div. Remove class only.


How do you change the size of the light box appear to display Terms and Conditions at Step 5, Payment Methods please ?

Because the T&C are too long so it does not fit in the light box popped up


Try to open checkout.tpl and add following code:

<script type="text/javascript"><!--
    width: 800,
    height: 700

Hello. Are there any examples of websites designed on XTREME SHOP ? I’d like to see it in action at a real site! Sam


You can find many examples browsing previous comments (search for www.)

I found three examples, from browsing previous comments. None of the sites were finished, which is a bit troubling. Can you give some more, please.

Well, I don’t have it because can’t check where my themes are used.

Hi Diabolique

The solution you have above does not work, in my previous question.

In your demo, only the text is being shown in the pop up box when customer click on Agree to Terms and Conditions. But on my site, it is the whole page, including header, footer etc..in that small tiny box.

I have added the code to the checkout.tpl at the bottom of this also but now is the problem, the new script pop up to the correct size, however there is the old one still appears also.


It’s not so easy because opencart somehow overwritte height and width, you can add parameters to header.tpl, here is a help

http://www.jacklmoore.com/colorbox http://my.safaribooksonline.com/book/-/9781849516709/8dot-showing-content-in-lightboxes/id286765815

Can you tell me where the original colorbox code is in the checkout.tpl ? I can’t see it anywhere to remove it and keep the new code that you gave..

It is showing the new code at the top layer, and then once I close the colorbox, the old one is still there..

Thanks man

It’s loaded via header.tpl

Also, is it possible to increase the height of the LATEST in the footer ? Thanks

No, only width.