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Ouch! Then it’s impossible for me! This means that these sections were not actually part of the template? Like this one… http://www.diaboliquedesign.com/demo/8/glamour-nights How can I link to items that will be constantly changing? It will be a crazy job! May I at least create them in OpenCart panel / catalogue / information? Can I avoid to have then sorted in the information column? I tried with PAYMENT METHOD in my site http://lnx.luciaodescalchi.com/store/index.php?route=common/home but something goes wrong with the title, it seems corrupted when it opens…

I don’t see any problems on my test site, maybe you selected something. Did you install theme from “Theme for OpenCart 1.5.6” folder?

I installed all the files for 1.5.6 except this I already modify cause I can’t start over again. Now only INFORMATIONS don’t appear. This can be related with any file in particular? Anyway the Options in the product page still don’t work. Thanks

Informations are in the common/footer.tpl file.

Make a default theme working first and then enable my theme.

Dioblique, in my home page after being translated to spanish… the ADD TO CART in the FEATURE PRODUCT section does not get translated. Please assist! Have a happy holiday and a prosperous new year.


You should translate it manually here:


This worked perfectly… thank you!

Hello Diabolique , two questions :

on the home page :

1. how can I substitue the “Brands we offer” with my own manucaturers ?

2. how can I substitue the “ready to buy sets” with my own ?


issue solved , thanks

Hi again Diabolique ,

1 .I have 2 languages installed ( spanish and english ) and I would like to know if it is possible to have the language from home.tpl changing to other language ( maybe by performing a redirection to an alternative home_01.tpl ?

2. When I click on a certain product is it possible to redirect to another section with a more detailed description and attributes of the product ?

1. You have ta add new translations into language files. Here is a tutorial – http://themeforest.net/item/gecco-shop/1208592/faqs/8485

2. You mean page scroling? Here is a solution – http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8773921/how-to-automatically-scroll-down-a-html-page


Please look at my categories! They are all scattered all over the top. Please…. any suggestions?

This goes where?

Into the file with general style (stylesheet.css)

Thank you!

In the footer, the ABOUT US (SOBRE NOSOTROS) link takes me to about_us but it is the same as the main page. Is this an error? http://www.growguaja.com/about_us

Did you enable SEO urls? Check documentation.

The above was solved! Thank you! But I haven’t managed to add a seperator between catagories. The above code didn’t give any results! Please advice!

#categories ul li { margin:0 0 0 10px; padding-left:10px; border-left:1px solid #cccccc; } #categories ul li ul li { padding-left:0px; }

It works fine for me.

Diabolique, my default currency is Euro. The Dollar and Pound sign shows at the left of the page. Yet, when I choose Dollar or Pound at the left side, there is no way of returning to Euro currency. Any suggestions, please!

Is euro visible when default theme is active? Do you use some vqmod?

Is euro visible when default theme is active? Yes Do you use some vqmod? Yes

Then disable all vqmods.


I am looking at purchasing your template but there are a few questions I have to resolve first. Could you please help me out with them? 1. What are the payment methods within the template? I noticed that you only have a cash payment within your demo. I really need Paypal, bank transfer, cheque act. 2. You say that any size image can be added as an item; I deal with landscape panoramas that look great large (but very average small). Can the sale item (my panorama) be the width of the page with the description and other info within the site underneath? 3. Is there a ‘Shipping Calculator’ included in with the template? This is a very handy feature for potential customers (I like it when buying online). 4. On the home page under featured items, can the image cover the width of the page? 5. Can I add a few images to the background and have them gradually change?

I love the look of your theme! I’m pretty keen to buy it. If you could please let me know about the above questions that would be great.




1. List of supported payment gateways – http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=feature/feature&path=8

2. Yes.

3. Yes, it’s a built-in opencart function.

4. You mean insert wide image? Yes you can do it.

5. No – too much work.

Thank you for your reply! That is all great news. Cheers!


I’ve upgraded the opencart to and the template too and I get this error:

Warning: strpos() [function.strpos]: Empty delimiter in /home3/westick/public_html/catalog/controller/common/header.php on line 70


Hi Did you replace catalog/controller/common/header.php too?

solved. empty field in robots field. :)


How can I remove the required field * from Company Id and VAT from checkout page?

Thank you,


You can change it here admin > sales > customers > customer group

Yes, but even it’s not mandatory, I still get the * simbol in front of company name. I want the * to disappear.

You can remove stars from this file catalog\view\theme\default\template\checkout\shipping_address.tpl

Hello Diabolique! Thank you very much for your beautiful skin, I configure it out easily to suit my needs! I have some questions please and I would very much appreciate for any advice you can give me.

Here is my shop http://www.mimikascraftroom.com/shop/

1) It’s possible to have visible my categories all the time on the left side below the currencies?

2) My second problem is that if you see at my header…there who says Web Graphics something goes wrong… I tried to make to header wider 775px as you describe at your FAQs page, but my question is if you need to fix more parameters in various css files because if you change only the #header-center { width:775px; } on stylesheet.css, the content below doesn’t fit. Ican’t fix that…

3) Is it possible to remove the categories from the header?

My only concern is to have always my categories always visible. Thank you for your time and kind help! :)

I figured out the problem with the categories displayed on my header it was a problem with my logo height, I have fix it. My only question now is if we can display categories on the left side under currencies. Thank you very much!


Check in google – opencart live chat

It’s weird. Does it work when a Default theme is active?

Hi Diabolique, Great Theme Man, i Appreciate it a lot. Need a little help in localizing the currency to Naira, a Nigerian currency. To add Naira to the left listed currencies. I will really really appreciate the soonest help possible. Thanks in advance. Keep up the great work man…

Thanks a lot. One quick one… How do I make the local currency “Naira” default currency when Dollars refuses to let it be? According to the link u provided, I have inputted 1.00000000 to effect this change but dollar still is… Pls guide. Thanks in advance.

It’s not a theme issue, please check it – http://forum.opencart.com/viewtopic.php?t=6497&p=218900 also search in google for – opencart default currency

Hello, i updated OpenCart v1.5.6 now getting this error do you know how to solve it? Warning: strpos(): Empty needle in /public_html/catalog/controller/common/header.php on line 70

Do you use theme version for opencart 1.5.6?

Hi, the character ë is not displayed in the category title and the product title. I think this is because of Cufon. How can i display this character?

Hmmm, the layout of latest-products breaks when i remove Cufon. I think the font in the title New (before all little images) is too big without Cufon…

Check in the documentation – VII. Don’t see some font glyphs?

Ah, thanks! I completely overlooked that. Sorry. :)

Hi, i see some social buttons in the footer, but those are for others to share the webshop on their own social pages only. I miss the social buttons for my own Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts. Would this be an idea to add for a future update?


In the common/footer.tpl you can replace

<a class="addthis_button_facebook"></a>


<a href="http://www.facebook.com/your-profile" class="addthis_button_facebook"></a>


Thanks. Well, i think i’m gonna use my own social buttons in the footer. And put the addthis code and buttons in the product.tpl page.


How do I hide the sub-total in the header section from displaying? For example:

Login | Register 0 item(s) – $100

I only want to see: Login | Register 0 item(s)

Thanks! Sam


It’s not a part of theme, you have to edit core files. Search in google – opencart hide subtotal cart

How to remove the extra ”|” near the Add to Cart link? See sample page at http://runitdecks.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=68_73

there’s an annoying ”|” which I could not find in the code how to remove.


No need to answer this, its in stylesheet .box-add-to-cart cheers!