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Discussion on Xsports - Xtreme Sports Theme

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I installed on your wordpress template out once I wish to preview pages of the websites I come across a blank page.

How does it make ? I started 5 times scratch with a database and all.

Can you help me please , I’m desperate

Many issues that you may run into such as; white screen, demo content fails when importing, empty page and other similar issues are all related to low PHP configuration limits. You can check it by installing a simple plugin found here.

The solution is to increase the PHP limits.

You can do this on your own .

Find the php.ini file in your Server config files. For WAMP, its in apache2/bin/apache2.2.22/bin/php.ini Go to the line “max_execution_time=30” . Change it to 360 or any other large value. Or contact your web host and ask them to increase those limits to a minimum as follows

max_execution_time 360 memory_limit 128M post_max_size 32M upload_max_filesize 32M



I would like to come back to because I’ve made ??all the changes you ‘ve told me and I even reboot my server unfortunately I still have my blank page. :/

Hi. Please create ticket https://templines.freshdesk.com Thanks


I’m having serious problems with slow theme. Initially I thought to be a hosting problem, but I’ve tried other themes in the same hosting and everything goes much smoother.

Are there any planned upgrade to improve performance theme?

Thank you!

Hi . Please try to optimize your images . Thanks

Sir, The theme is awesome and different from regular designs. i wish to know it that in the link http://pix-theme.com/wordpress/xsport/ if you scroll down and see SUBSCRIPTION PLANS on week and year basis … is it functional? can user login and renew their plans? I wish to buy this theme if it works

Thanks David

Hi . It is visual composer elements You can chages it. Thanks

Hey, I installed it, but run into problem of initializing revolution slider. Installation is on my misim.dev local server. GET http://misim.devpublic/assets/js/extensions/revolution.extension.slideanims.min.js net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED GET http://misim.devpublic/assets/js/extensions/revolution.extension.layeranimation.min.js net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVEDsend GET http://misim.devpublic/assets/js/extensions/revolution.extension.kenburn.min.js net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED GET http://misim.devpublic/assets/js/extensions/revolution.extension.navigation.min.js net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED

Hi. Please try use web server. Thanks

Thanks. The issue is with not standard ports i.e. :8888, changed back to :80. Fixed.

Ok thanks

How do you change the Wordpress login page logo? Thanks in advance!

You welcome ;)

One more question. I keep getting this error while trying to edit the homepage with visual composer on the front end:

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘param_name’ in /home/eradbikes/erad.cu.cc/wp-content/plugins/js_composer/include/classes/core/class-wpb-map.php on line 484

I’m no sure what is causing it. I tried installing the theme again and no luck.

Hi. Please create ticket Thanks

Hi, removed the footer row in VC but one line “sign up leave email address” stays. I also already disabled mailchimp but it doesnt go away. How to solve?

Also i made a ticket for another question i have.

HI. Please use our ticket system . Thanks

Hi, already found the solution. Still one problem left, for this i made a ticket.

Ok thanks

How do you change or set page header images like on the shop page?

Hi . Please use support http://support.templines.com/ Thanks

I registered my theme with your support forum and never got the reg. email. when I do forgot password and enter my email address it says my email isn’t recognized. When I try and setup a new account the system says my code is already registered with another user. I just bought the theme today. What’s the deal

Hi. Send your purchased code on email info@templines.com Thanks

I’ve tried to registrar twice via Item Support and it failed to email me the password. I’ve installed the theme and all the plugins as well as the demo content but there are a few issues I need to address like the Visual Composer not working among other things. Please let me know how to access your support system so we can work together to resolve these issues. Thanks!

Hi . Please use email info@templines.com Thx

I just wanted to see how long it normally takes to have support tickets answered? Thx

How do I make my main navigation to be fixed at the top of screen at all times? It only shows after I start scrolling down the page. I want it to look how you have it in the demo: http://pix-theme.com/wordpress/xsport/

Hi. Please use support forum . Thanks

The new word press version 4.4.1 is automatically installed, this theme is compatible with it?

Hi. Unfortunately, I do not understand what you mean . Thanks

Hi Templines, I had problem with the lib mb_convert_encoding not being installed on my server, so i have replaced it with

//line 301
$dom->loadHTML( htmlspecialchars_decode(utf8_decode(htmlentities($output, ENT_COMPAT, 'utf-8', false))));

Is there anywhere else this is used?

Hi. please write your hosting provider to enable the module mbstring . Thanks

Good work !!! Awesome support . Recommended . Thanks

Thanks ;)

I see there is a new Support page, but I am unable to login on it with the username & password I used to use. And when I click on “Register” it take me to a login page instead.

Unfortunately it still does not work. And when I click on “Forgot your password?” and enter my email address, it says it is not associated with an account.

thank you very much

Hi, I just bought your theme and already there are errors. When I install the plugin suggested I get error: “Download Failed. Failed connect to envato.templines.com:80;” why? Help me please? Thank you

Best regards B

I wrote to the support, please answer me soon, I can not waste time for your mistakes. Thank you

Unfortunately, this mistakes your hosting provider . But we spend our time on them . Please check your topic . Thanks

ok, thanks

Good day, I opened a topic 3 days ago in the Support section, but haven’t heard back yet.

Hi. Try to check your topic more closely . Thanks


is it possibile to disable woocommerce?

Thanks in advance

Hi yes it is possible . Thanks

I’ve tried, but I get this error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function is_shop() in /home/gozowind/public_html/test.com/wp-content/themes/xsport/functions.php on line 317

Please use support forum http://support.templines.com/

is it your support not working / My client has emailed you much time for support but you are not responding. Still my one month support left for your product.

Support not work ???!!! http://take.ms/76JsG Where’s your ticket?

www.surfs-sup.co.uk shows the wrong fonts in teh heading type areas. Is this a problem with how Google fonts are being linked to in Mozilla as Chrome etc is fine.

Hi. You changed the font . Please check theme customizer – fonts . Thanks

I changed those fonts back to default and you can still see that some of the fonts on the home page are a style like Times New Roman, but in Chrome those same fonts are different. See the footer area for clarity on this font issue

Please use support forum http://support.templines.com/ Thanks