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No comment ! ;)
Hey , wait a minute , I can’t help it…
Fantastic work !!! :)
Wish you great sales.


Great work Jesus. Liked! :)


Best Facebook page/showcase I have seen until now, for sure until you will design another dazzling one. Well done, buddy! :)

Wish you sales on this one! :)

Thanks you guys, really appreciated. ;)

Nice Work J. Good Luck. :) DOK

Thanks dok!

Sorry if this is a dumb question but do I have to have Facebook to use this template? Can it be a “regular” standalone HTML template that I would just upload to my host?

Yes, it can run standalone, check te preview outside facebook i’ve on first preview page. It’s just a regular HTML template adapted to fb app size. ;)

Hi great template. Before I buy it i have a couple of questions: 1. Is it possible to translate the template to Spanish? 2. Do i need a ssl certificate in order to install the template as a tab on my Facebook page?

Regards, Maoz.

Hi Maoz. Yeah, you can translate to whatever language, no problem, just edit the unique html. It’s codified to allow Latin I charset.

About SSL, i’m afraid yes, is a Facebook requeriments for all apps. There are some services that allows you to create the app under their platform, to skip SSL on your server, but you loose kind of freedom and flexibility, as the server is not under your full control.

Hope this helps!
Un saludo! ;)

I like this template, but how can I make it a ecommerce, add BUY links on the products page?

Hi. Well, you can add Paypal links to the products, but it won’t work as a basket-syatem shop, if that’s what you want. Is not a shop template.

I love it! Couldn’t be happier!

Thanks a bunch, really appreciate it. This file hasn’t got good sales, but i’m quite happy with the overall result, so your message means a lot. Also, don’t forget to rate it on your downloads page. ;)

Let me know if i can be of further assistance.

do i need to put another code on index.html, to make youtube video play?thanks

Hi. You just need to comment (hide) the Vimeo div and uncomment the provided Youtube sample div in order to make it visible on REEL section:

<div id="reel">

If you mean how to make it autoplay by default, check this URL on how to get it done (you just need to add autoplay=1 on the url string:

Hope this helps. Kind regards and thanks for purchase.

Hi there:

I just wonder if I can make the slider auto slide ?? Can you please help me ??

Best Regards


Hi Alex. Sure, you just need to edit js/xtudio.configuration.js file, and change this value (line 45) to true.

var autoSlideOnInit = false;

Hope this helps. Kind regards and thanks for purchase.

Can this theme be used as a stand alone too?

Need to make an application and so on or possible to install on a html tab like woobox and so on?

Hi. This is not an APP itself, but a html template that you can display inside FB Page. Normally you should be creating the FB App to reference the url where the template is hosted, but if you can manage with any other system (sorry, didn’t try woobox) i guess it will be the same. Hope this helps…

Ok, but why no info on how to install and implement in the help file following the theme?

Hi Pez, I’m having an issue with the “scroll-text” feature. I added it to #reel modifying the CSS / xtudio.configuration.js to add. This worked perfectly. I then tried to add it to Testimonials section again adding the required bits to the CSS / xtudio.configuration.js.

Now when switching tabs the scroll works on all page tabs until you load the Testimonials tab. that then locks all other tab pages Scoll bars from working.

Do you have any idea’s what may cause this?

Thanks in advance!!

Hi. Send me your URL through my profile form (not here, please) so i can take a look at the issue directly. Will be replying by email later today. Kind regards.

My website address and my fan page tab app is

For some reason I am receiving this error message when trying to view the tab app.

405 – HTTP verb used to access this page is not allowed.

The page you are looking for cannot be displayed because an invalid method (HTTP verb) was used to attempt access.

Thanks again for your help

Nice you got it running. Changing HTML to PHP was an advice i also gave to some users here on file comments.

Yeah I didn’t bother to check the all the post….Thank you again for your time and help.

Glad to announce a new template, a minimal vCard perfect for creatives and small agencies:

Author, kindly check your e-mail. I submitted support request.

Replied. ;)

I tried adding “scroll-text” to my portfolio page and modified the CSS / xtudio.configuration.js to make it work. it doesn’t work on fb. the images are unscrollable and the scrollbar is not showing. please help me. I need to add about 30 images and the only way to make that fit with your layout is use the scrollbar.

Hi, the youtube video or vimeo in the separator is not working, either in your preview facebook page, what could be done? Thanks! Have a nice day!

Uhmm… looks like something on FB security settings, as my standlone preview, with the same iframe code, works just fine:

Give a try to change http to https on video path, didn’t tested it, though…