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Congrats and wish you the best with sales :)


Nice design, good luck with sales :)

Hey! thanks

When the HTML version ?

I will be looking to make a deal with someone as soon as possible, I’ll get back to you when there’s progress :)

Very nice! HTML Version? Please! :)

If you will create it, I will buy it! ;)

5 months.. XD ok, I wait…


Hey, I know it’s been a very long time but I stopped working with the last team as they made excuse after excuse with nothing to show.

I’m now working with someone else who should have it released very soon in HTML, I’ve already seen a working demo and it’s nearly done.

Awesome design adamriley glws mate! :)

Thanks a lot!

Really nice and simple design Adam.

Hey, Thanks!

I love this look! HTML Version please & I will buy it!

Hey, WordPress will be coming first then HTML . I’ll update you nearer the time :)

Sorry that was what i meant. Thanks a lot!

All good then :)

Very nice design and typography. But how do you plan to make Myriad Pro a web font? Thanks, Bernhard

Hey, to be perfectly honest I don’t know, I partnered with someone to convert to wordpress but they’ve been delaying it for months now.

Sad to hear, you would surely have a lot of sales.

Hey, just thought I’d let you know, a very capable developer know has the rights to this theme now and will be creating the wordpress version.