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Tell me how your template works with wordpress 4.4.2? Are there any problems with the installation template, and installation standard?


It works fine with the latest wp version 4.4.2

How do you mean the question about the problems?

Halo different themes, may i knw is this theme support for infinite scroll from jetpack?

By default no.

Your support license has expired, you can renew it in the item page, otherwise we are not allowed to support you.

Is there a way of embedding the main page slider on a different page? Through a shortcode or something?


Please use the account you purchased the theme to receive support.

Is there any way to make the category labels in the Latest News Touch Carousel NOT be random or exclude a category? Right now it shows categories randomly but I’d like to exclude the “Featured” category which is the one used to pull articles into that section. I’d like it to only pull from 3 specific categories.

Yes in that case we can make a small customization for you to exclude the one category from the carousel.

Thanks, I’ve renewed my support.

We replied to your email!


I am getting an 500 internal server error after updating via FTP to version 1.1.7 from version 1.0.7 as described in your documentation http://yaaburnee.different-themes.com/documentation/#Uploading-via-FTP

What to do know?

Please contact your hosting support, you need to update your php version to at least php 5.4.4, that should solve the issue.

Great, thank you. I’ll do an update in the upcoming night.

p.s please note that your support license has expired and you need to renew it to receive further support.

Just updated various plugins and i am now getting this nag…

This theme requires the following plugin: Woocommerce.

I have dismissed it, it comes back. I have installed and activated Woocommerce and then deleted the plugin… it comes back…

Is there any way to stop this nag message.



Seems like your support license has expired, please renew it and contact our support via the item support tab.

Such a can do attitude … first and only author I have come across to say that and I purchase a lot of items …. thanks but no thanks… I’ll install the plugin to get rid of the nag screen…. thank you for all your wonderful support…. lol

Sorry, but these are envato rules, otherwise we risk to lose our account.

Theme purchased in 2014 – not working with wordpress version 4.5.2 (site goes blank), i had to reset everything using a backup again but to this date i can’t update to 4.5.2 which is a pretty bad situation security wise….....can you kindly let me know what information you need in order to get this issue resolved?


Please check the theme version in the theme management panel, if it’s Version: 1.1.8, then you can surely update to the wp 4.5.2 and it all should be fine!

My themeforest download section is giving me 1.1.7…......where can i get the 1.1.8 version then? it seems like your team probably have not updated this in themeforest download option? kindly provide a link or further directions

Hmm, really, something has went wrong with the last update, we uploaded it today again and it should be available in next few hours.


Do you provide a home slider with the latest news at your Ya’aburnee theme? If yes, can I see it anywhere on your demo?


You can change it in the default wp reading settings.

I changed it to 16 per page but I still see only 8 articles per category page. Isn’t this setting only for blog pages? I want to change the number of appeared posts per category, not per blog page.

Please check your email.

I just download the theme After installation, I also continue to show that the version 1.1.8 or 1.1.9, where it should be.


Sis you update the main style.css file?

Okay, I see that there is very updated.

The drag and drop homepage system is not working for me. Upon making a change to a field I hit Save and it says “Saving” but never completes the save… Anyone else have this problem? please help


Please check your email.

The files related to the Core of Woocommerce are expired. Can you do the update please : yaaburnee-themes-child / WooCommerce / emails / completed customer-order.php Version 1.6.4 is deprecated. The core version is 2.5.0, yaaburnee-themes-child / WooCommerce / emails / customer-new-account.php, yaaburnee-child themes WooCommerce emails / version / / 1.6.4 note.php customer is Obsolete. The core version is 2.5.0, yaaburnee-themes-child / WooCommerce / emails / customer-treatment-order.php Version 1.6.4 is deprecated. The core version is 2.5.0, yaaburnee-themes-child / WooCommerce / emails / customer-reset-password.php, yaaburnee-themes / WooCommerce / loop / add-to-cart.php, yaaburnee-themes / WooCommerce / single-product / add-to-cart / simple.php, yaaburnee-themes / WooCommerce / single-product / product image.php Version 2.5 is Obsolete. The core version is 2.6.3, yaaburnee-themes / WooCommerce single product / version / product-thumbnails.php 2.5.0 is Obsolete. The heart is Version 2.6.3


Thanks for information, this will be fixed in next few days.

P.S. Seems like you have also there some custom files, in the woocommerce folder, not just the theme default.

yes, i see it

Hi. We’ve created this site from your theme: http://www.thebruvs.com/ but we’re the videos/images at the top and on the sidebar are not loading, any ideas what this issue is? Thanks Matt :)

Hi. Doesn’t seem to have resolved it, looks like the videos are still loading, any ideas? Thanks :)

We’ve had to remove the videos at the top as they weren’t loading at all, not sure what the problem is, be nice to get these back though, can you email us please?

Could you add them back for a moment so we could take a look at it?


Translation – it seems that many of the administration text is not translated despite the use of PO files / MO and compilation.

Would it be possible to repair it so we can offer the theme of non-English. Thank you.

I can send you screenshots if you like

Hi, thank. Hello, Attention, it lacks expressions in the code.

The update is live.

Now most of the theme management panel is translatable, and we will keep updating ;)

Hi ! Very Good. When this is done, I could propose the theme to my French clients. Good day.

Hi, I’m open to pick up your theme but I can’t enter shop section – is it working with new Woocommerce version? It would be nice to could test also shop part (now I can’t enter single shop item page). Also we plan to use multivendor plugin – Dokan. Would your theme work with it? Thank you for answer.


Yes we use Woocommerce, now the page is working fine, thanks for your notice, we found the bug and we will release a update in next few hours to fix it.

Unfortunately we don’t have any experience with the multivendor plugin but as it comes as a woocommerce addon then it should work fine.


I’d like to hide metadata from toppage carousel and news section, specified in the image below;


I followed the instruction in other comments and managed to hide them in other places, but couldn’t find a way to hide them in these specific places.

Thank you in advance


Sorry but your support license has expired and you will need to renew it to receive support, otherwise we are not allowed to support your item.

if the DEMO DATA INSTALL option available ?

Sorry didn’t quite get the question, can you please be more detailed?

Sir I mean, If the DEMO DATA IMPORT option is available in this theme control package? Can we import demo data to make site like the theme demo?

The theme comes with demo xml so you can import the demo content, only things like menus, sidebars, widgets you will need to set up manually.

But if you have a fresh site, then we can install the demo for you 1:1, just send us wp-admin access details after purchase.

Can I show random posts on the front page from different categories instead of latest posts?


By default no, but if you want we can add this feature for you.

Hello, how do i hide the author name from showing in the post?


Do you want to hide it in all posts or just one specific?

Hi, prepurchase question: is this theme compatible with WP 4.9? Is there a changelog for consulting changes? Thank you


Yes the theme is compatible with 4.9

Also the updated files can be found in changes.txt file that is included in the theme folder