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Hi, i need install theme default…

The configuration original.

Please check metanoiamusikal.com

No run correctly….


If you want to set up the theme like the default, you can use the demo.xml file that will import most of the demo site content, but the homepage layouts, sidebars and category colors you will need to set up manually.

If you need any help please use the support email, we will do our best to help you.

Hi Am I allowed to remove your copyright notice placed in the footer?

© 2014 Copyright Ya’aburnee | Magazine Theme. All Rights reserved. Designed and coded by Different Themes & CreativeKingdom.


Yes you can edit the footer.php file copyright information.

Does this theme support russian language? What russian fonts supports this theme?


All the supported fonts you can see here http://www.google.com/fonts just select on the left side Script:Cyrillic.

And you will need to make one modification in the functions/jquery-css-include.php

edit this line

wp_enqueue_style( 'google-fonts-'.$i, $protocol."://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=".str_replace(" ", "+", $google_font));


wp_enqueue_style( 'google-fonts-'.$i, $protocol."://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=".str_replace(" ", "+", $google_font).'&subset=latin,cyrillic');

And it should work just fine!

Some forums writes, that in installation process is one error “In a stylesheet style.css not correct title theme.” What to do, if after purchaising I will have this problem? How to resolve it?

it should be yaaburnee-themes.zip please download the files again and try it one more time. Or please contact me form the account you purchased the theme and I will be able to help you to set it up.

How to make menu colorfull?

You can change the menu item color by editing each page or category, you will see there a option box for the item color.

If you want to use the dark menu, then you can switch it in theme management panel style settings.

hi Is it possible that there is a copy of the Arabic language, where from right to left

But there is no way to make it supports the Arab

The theme can support the Arab but without any sliders, I will ask my designer if we can do there something maybe we will include that in some next update.

Hello. What about SEO ? Is fully compatible with Yoast Seo Plugin ?


We haven’t tested the page with his plugin, but our customers use some SEO plugins and they work fine. Also today or latest tomorrow we will release a new update, and one off the improvements will be “Rich snippets improvements – review stars in google search results”.

Also customers say that they think that the SEO is really good for this page. But it really depends on each customer and his requirements.

I want to see this theme like in preview Blog/blog-small images. How to do it? And I haven`t home button in menu. Why?


Thanks for purchase!

The blog view you can change in yaaburnee management – > general – > blog – Default Blog/Category Style

The menu you can set up in appearance – menus

I want that on the main page was a picture of the left post and the right text in Blog / blog-small images

Then you need to create a new page, assign it to the drag&drop homepage template, save. Then set the page as wordpress front page in the wp reading settings. After that go back to edit the created page, use the homepage builder to add the “News & Category – Blog Style” block.

Hi guys, if I want to use a full banner to fill the whole top is this possible? What should be the dimension. Please see the screenshot. Thanks



Just remove the logo html from includes/top.php file and then you can insert a larger banner code in the management banner field – up to 1200×148px

I’m having issues with woocommerce and the site. I can’t tell if it’s a conflict in Woo or with the theme. I upload the product image as the featured image but I’m getting the placeholder, even though the images are showing up in the “storefront.”

Book page (no image): http://dev.russellmoore.com/product/first-freedom-the-baptist-perspective-on-religious-liberty

Store page (image shows): http://dev.russellmoore.com/books

Crap. Looks like a plugin conflict.

Yes as I can see, you disabled the plugins and now the slider works fine, also all js files are loaded, seems that there is some conflict, you will need to try to enable one by one to see which plugin fault it is.

Thanks for the help. Should have started there….

I want to make himepage like in preview is homepage 2. How to do it?


Thanks purchase!

You will need to create a new page, assign it to the drag & drop template, and save.

After that you will see the page builder, and here are the demo settings: http://awesomescreenshot.com/08e2czvy79

If I will upload update, I will lose all posts, pages and setings?

If you will update the theme via FTP server you won’t loose anything. But if you update via wodrpess, you could loose some management panel settings.


Is it possible to remove the “glitch-jump” when menu goes from relative to fixed position?

When scrolling and when the top of the menu is passed it goes to fixed position (that’s ok I like it that way), but the content below jumps for a about 40px up. Is it possible to fix this and where because I can’t find it in CSS. Thx!


Thanks for purchase and thanks for notice!

Yes you can easy edit that, pleas go to theme folder lib/js/jquery.sticky.js

and edit this line

var scroll_top = $(window).scrollTop();    


var scroll_top = $(window).scrollTop()+46;    

Cleat you browser cache and it will be okay. Did that already on our demo page! Also will include this in next update!

Hi, after I edited this line it still jumps (in every browser). Even on your demo page you have the “glitch”.

Also, the weather forecast gets the wrong name of the city. For example it should say Bjelovar, Croatia but the API gets Belavar, it’s the same with other cities that WWO has multiple entries of one city (IDK why they have it like that)

Could you please email me, seem that the menu will need a bit more improvements.

It really depends on your IP address if you have set that the page searches for the visitors location, also on the city if it’s included in the world wide weather database.

Hello, love the theme. Just wanted to know what exactly was the change or upgrade to the sticky menu? Thanks


Them sticky menu scrolls now smoother :)

Hi! Great theme, really!!!

But i have a three questins: 1) How change author logo -> http://s16.postimg.org/b7wgsei45/image.png 2) How bold and get a little more px to OSTATNIE… -> http://s16.postimg.org/db6w02hx1/image.png 3) Bug: When I scroll down, youtube video get top menu bar -> http://azjafilm.net/key-of-life-kagi-dorobo-no-mesoddo-2012/

Try to edit template-homepage.php

this line

<span class="post-comments"> </span>


<span class="post-comments"> - </span>

Done, now is better! That will be all ;) Only fix that youtube in next update (problem is also in opera and IE, in chrome works fine).

Thanks again!

Yes we will check this problem. :)


I have purchase your theme…I love it. But:

I think Page Builder is not working correctly…I have only two icons on the left….when I click Add Widget I see no widgets. In the plugin page the widgets are activated?? Can you help me?

Grtz Barry


Thanks for purchase!

Didn’t quite understand about the widgets, the page builder doesn’t contain widgets. Could you send me some screenshot, it would be easier for me to understand the problem.


In the theme there is an option to show or hide date, category, author and view count. I would like to just show the category and view count while hiding the date and author. Do you know how I can go about doing that?


You can easy do that by editing the includes/loop/post-meta.php and includes/single-news.php files

remove lines like

<span class="post-date date updated"><?php echo the_time("F d, Y"); ?></span>
<span class="post-author author"><?php echo the_author_posts_link();?></span>

Thank you very much! I appreciate the quick response : )

5 stars for this theme

Thanks a lot! :)

hi, i want to buy this theme but. i want to ask why you dont have LIKE OR SHARE buttons ( social media buttons) in POSTS ?


You can easy add these buttons with plugins. Also plugins share buttons will have much more options as the share buttons that would be built in in the theme.

Hi, again!

Only one question. Is possible to hide the informations in first post: news & category blog -> style: default


Thx :)

You will need to edit the includes/home-blocks/block-1-style-1.php

Just remove


Hi, I bought Ya’aburnee. There is a Instagram plugin for this theme ?


Thanks for purchase!

We haven’t tested it, but there must be a instagram plugin that will work well with the theme.

Lovely looking theme. Is there a soundcloud & instagram widget?


We haven’t tested it, but there must be a instagram and soundcloud plugin that will work well with the theme. You can search for plugins herre http://codecanyon.net/category/wordpress or here https://wordpress.org/plugins/


MHM Purchased

Hi Different Themes, For some reason the woocommerce plugin won’t install “Download failed. A valid URL was not provided.” Can you please shed any light on this, thanks.

Right now this feature is not available, but I think it could come in some next update.


MHM Purchased

Ok, that’d be great if it did soon.

Will do our best.