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ok thank you, have you an email ?

Please use the contact form in my themeforest account.

Hello, I bought the theme but it tells me that I have to upgrade to the latest version. I have downloaded the latest version but the problem persists. Can You help me?

Thanks and Best regards,



Here you can see the last 2 updates

Version 1.0.8

  • * Added option to disable responsive mode.

Version 1.0.7
  • * Improved the sticky menu.
  • * Added option to translate the weather forecast with .po files.

Very good support. Very fast, impressive. Thank you !

How to put menu in center?


Which menu exactly?

main menu. or stretch the entire string

Please contact my designer about this via http://themeforest.net/user/CreativeKingdom contact form.

Hello (google translation)

I bought your theme that I like. Except for the form images of posts that are square. I want to know how to change the image size multiple blog layout so they are rectangular (16/9) and not square (4/3).

Thank you in advance for your answer and your help

Could you please send me the link to your page? As I mentioned, you can change the blog (image) style in management panel – general – blog settings.

Hello (google translation)

Thank you for your response. Unfortunately I can not give you a link because I gave my old theme. Made in, sorry if misspoke: it is not managing the size images to blogs posts that I want to change, are those of the blocks thumbnail layout for the home page.

This gives the large rectangular and small images images to the sides are square like in your home demo pages.

It is the size and shape of images of blocks of the home I want to enlarge and rectangular I would page. Can you help in this regard?

Thank you in advance for your reply and for your support.


Maybe you could send me a screenshot from your page with the images that you want to change?

Nice Theme! I have a question about the posts. I want to shorten the text in post and use the excerpt field. But there is not coming a “read more” button. Can I fix the button?

And an other question. Wordpress skips the breaks and returns in the posts. Is it possible to get a nicer text-look. I want breaks :-)

With kind regards, Astrid


Thanks for purchase!

Please check your email. :)

Hello, I have had nothing in my email. Have you answers for me? thanks


I sent it to vd.niet@hccn[..] (won’t write the full email)

But here is the email content :


Thanks for purchase!

1. The yaburnee uses the default wordpress excerpt field for custom post excerpt in listing pages. So, if you want a shorter/longer text in the blog page, just add the excerpt manually in the post excerpt field. 2. This is a wordpress issue, you can ask this question in wordpress support forum here: https://wordpress.org/support/

Hello, I use the post excerpt field. That’s not the problem, but I want then the “read more” button after the text. But no ” read more” button appears. Must I activate the butten somewhere?


But wenn I put that line in post.php then the text “read more” doesnot show.

Could you please email me the post.php file and live link to the page?

Thanks for the very good support. It is a great theme!


I have an issue with the thumbnail on the slider of the home page as well as single post.

Can you let me know the dimension of the image to use as Featured Image. Thanks


All the images should resize automatically and the image dimensions depend on the block/blog style that you use. But the best size would be about 864×403 px

Hi. Is there a place where we can see what you change in the updates? I have just bought it and made a lot of changes with child theme, but if you update something important , i want it in my child theme. Any way to view the changes made?


All edited files you can see in changes.txt that comes with the theme. But if you use a child theme, then you need to update just the parent theme and you shouldn’t lose any changes.

I want to purchase the theme, but before i do i have a question,

does it has the option for users to register? doest it has a box for quick access login/password?

i need to have a database of users, and also,

can i make that only registred users can post in my website?

thanks in advance


Yes if you use plugins like bbpress/buddypress then it’s possible to add a login form in sidebar ( you can see it here http://yaaburnee.different-themes.com/activity/ ) also users can register to the page in a custom page, not WordPress default.

What do you mean with “only registred users can post in my website”? By default just registered users with editor role, can post something in your page. Also you can make that only registered users can comment your posts.

Hi !

I’ve purchased the themes there is 2 months. I like it. Thanks you.

I’me working on local first before to publish. I have a problem with Title. I have a SEO plugin and the home page’s title is automaticly included in the title of the other pages.

How can i make a different title for my different pages ?

Thanks you so much.

Best regards,


Thanks for purchase!

You will need to edit header.php file this these lines <title> <?php if ( is_single() ) { single_post_title(); print ' | '; bloginfo('name'); } elseif ( is_home() || is_front_page() ) { bloginfo('name'); if(get_bloginfo('description')) { print ' | '; bloginfo('description'); } } elseif ( is_page() ) { single_post_title(''); if(get_bloginfo('description')) { print ' | '; bloginfo('description'); } } elseif ( is_search() ) { bloginfo('name'); print ' | Search results ' . esc_html($s); } elseif ( is_404() ) { bloginfo('name'); print ' | Page not found'; } else { bloginfo('name'); print ' | '; wp_title(''); } ?> </title>


<title> <?php wp_title(); ?> </title>

Hi, great theme. I’ve a question: Is it possible to exclude a post category from “reltaed post”?



By default it won’t be possible but there definitely should be some plugins for this.

Hi! Congratulations for your excellent theme. I have one question. Does the Popular Posts widget show the popular posts by views of all time? And if yes, how can I customize it to show the popular posts of last week?




The popular posts are showed by view count. The view count started you count after you installed the theme. It counts only unique visits and it doesn’t count admin visits.

There is no way to filer by week, because the theme doesn’t add time for each visit, this is just a simple custom option. If wp would count post views by default then it would be possible to get popular by week,month etc.

Right now there is only way to use some plugins for this.

Hi, I want to create a blog with this theme, but I need a homepage to introduce the blog (very light page, only one video and a couple text lines) and that only people who log in can continue to other pages. Is that possible to do that?


By default I think it won’t be possible, you will need to find some plugin for this.

Hi Different-Themes,

I was hoping you could help me a little. On single news posts and single products there is a related post section at the bottom of the page which is really excellent. I want to try adding the same to single galleries and single custom posts but I can’t locate the code for it (or I’ve missed it). Can you tell me where I should be looking, please.


P.s. I’m very happy with your theme and how my site is shaping up, take a look if you like http://www.vinejuice.co.uk


It won’t be so easy to do that, you will need to write a custom code for that, that check the gallery category, and then it searches for other posts from that category. Also you will need to customize the style for the gallery page.

If you have no experience with php the best way would be to find some freelancer here http://studio.envato.com/explore/wordpress that could help you whit this.

btw seems that right now you have there some problems with jQuery and that’s way the page layout breaks.

hi, I can upgrade to 3.9 wordpress your theme?


You will need to update the theme also to the latest version.

Hi, just bought the theme. Dashoboard says I’ve version 1.0, to update and download from themeforest version 1.1.0. But new download still shows the same message? Where can we find last version?

Thanks Best regards


What is the version the in the theme folder/style.css file. You should see it in the file header.

it’s version 1.1.0, so it’s ok! But in admin i still got the message: “There is a new version of the Ya’aburnee theme available. You have version 1.0 installed. Update to version 1.1.0.”

The message will disapear in next 6hours.

Where would I insert ad code to have full background ad running? I sell ads through buyselads.com and some of our customers will want to run a full background takeover ads. the code for the ads looks like this:
<!- BuySellAds PRO Zone Code (Site Background Skin) -> div id=”bsap_####” class=”bsaPROrocks” data-serve=”######”><!- End BuySellAds PRO Zone Code ->

I deleted the opening tag for the div just to be able to show it…


It really depends on the style file, but you can insert it in header.php or footer.php file

hi I would like t purchase the Jono Responsive WordPress Magazine Theme can you customised it for me if yes at what price can you also give me you email address or Skype


Sorry we don’t customize other author themes.

Hello, congratulations for your work! I would like to insert in homepage the Latest News with “news & category – blog style” like home2 in your preview. I added “news & category – blog style” in “Dinamic layout page-drag&drop” of my homepage, but I don’t see the Latest news bar with his small arrow of navigation ( http://s4.postimg.org/91zxffu8t/Schermata_2014_04_27_alle_20_48_42.png ) and the navigation numeration don’t work ( http://s21.postimg.org/afhcmgwo7/Schermata_2014_04_27_alle_20_48_51.png ). Can you help me? Really thanks.


Here you can see the demo 2 settings http://awesomescreenshot.com/0632px063f

About the pagination, I think it some plugin conflict, you can see a possible solution here http://mekshq.com/fix-pagination-issue-caused-facebook-wordpress-plugin/

Really thanks for your help, the fix-solution work!