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Hi, i purchased the theme but have an issue with homepage.

I created homepage and set template as ” Drag&Drop template”, on reading setting i defined homepage as static “front page”. However i always have this error message on template settings : “You have not selected the correct template page for homepage. Please make sure, you choose template “Drag & Drop PageBuilder”.

I done as told, but message is still there. Really need help :)


Thanks for purchase!

Did you set the page as front page in wp reading settings?


I bought this theme and it looks very good, I just have an issue with the weather which is not displaying itself, instead I get this: http://screencast.com/t/ViSwDnwCBhR with the message “Please set up your api key” ; can you explain me where should I set up it ? Thanks for your help !


Thanks for purchase!

You need to set the API key in theme management panel General -> general – Weather Forecast

The api key you can get here http://developer.worldweatheronline.com/member/register

Thanks! that worked :)


I test your theme on GT Metrix. I need a template wich is very fast because i have a news website with a lot of content et view. http://gtmetrix.com/reports/yaaburnee.different-themes.com/pImoplUC

I see some issue, and i would like know if you will fix them in the next theme version?

For exemple: images resizing, JavaScript is not parsed, code (HTML/CSS/JS) is not totaly minifyed, files are not combined, no use of css spirite….

Thanks in advance!


This theme is retina ready, so it uses large images, you can easy disable this by editing one file – functions/thumbs.php – $retina=true to $retina=false;

We also can’t minimized the css/js files, because it will cause lot more problems in support, but you can easy do it manually, there are lot of online code minifiers.

About the css sprite, it’s not really necessary in this theme because this theme contains few images and most of them are weather icons. All the rest is made with css or js

You can also use cache plugin that will increase tha page speed.

Thanks, i will think about it. Is it possible to have image for retina screen and image for other screen? That will solve the retina length?

I think this won’t bee possible so easy.


I bought this theme and it looks very nice, I just have a 2 questions:

1/ Regarding the date format. I changed it on the general settings http://screencast.com/t/nfjeIZmR But it still apears like this http://screencast.com/t/MEDmAT1aoi6 How come? do you have an idea?

2/ Is it possible to add another date format next to each date (like 2 dates) ?

Thanks for your help !


Thanks for purchase!

1. This theme uses a default date format, yo change that you will need to customize some files.

2. Yes it’s possible, but as I mentioned you will need to customize some files, like includes/loop/post.php , includes/top.php etc

Hello, Please explain how to import demo data (xml)!?

hi, hope you can help me, how can my readers rate my posts?


The best way would be to use some plugin for this.

any recommendations? and also i see that we have a rating function to rate the posts by my self, but why would i rate my own posts? i dont want to rate my own posts i want that my readers to be able to rate them, not me…or can you tell me an example to use the rating function that is there? thanks!

There are really lot of them, here you can see some free

https://wordpress.org/plugins/multi-rating/ http://wordpress.org/plugins/post-rate/

You can also use some codecanyon plugins.

Hi, how can i manage the featured image in the bbpress page?

This is an example of my issue with the default image: http://www.wdonna.it/forum-wdonna

Thank you,



You can turn off option “Show “no image” thumbnail, when no thumbnail is available:” or you can create the forum page with a bbpress shortcode, and in that page hide the image. http://codex.bbpress.org/shortcodes/

Hi, I have a problem with your theme, not ‘running the home page, can you tell me what happened?

Could you please email, me wp-admin access?

I have done

Thanks! You will get a answer in next 18 hours. Right now our support time is ended.

Hi i´m editor from the web site festivaldeportivo.com this site use you theme, my problem it´s that sometimes the site its offline i can enter but the other sites from company works, could you help me.

I didn´t purchase the theme, i just edit the content for the website.

i dont know which account it´s use company for purchases

Sorry but I will need at least the license key.

Hi, again.

After update to wordpress 3.9 (and TinyMCE 4.0) all yours buttoms/icons in post editor just disappear ([tabs]...). They still work, i must know the command. I don’t see them – no matter if TinyMCE plugin active or not.

Can you please email me wp-admin access? Will take a look at it.

Thanks different-themes! Great support!

Ya’aburnee is great, but do you plan a new theme? Or give a more rating options?

In next few weeks there should be also a new magazine theme.


How to select Google Font Subset (cyrillic)?

It works fine for me. Did you clear your browser cache?

Already figured out, thanks.



You can also turn it of in the the theme management panel blog settings or in each single post

Than you. How to delete only user http://screencast.com/t/y4TuIDWfWek from post info?

You will need to edit includes/news-single.php file and also includes/loop/post.php file and remove this line

<span class="post-author author"><?php echo the_author_posts_link();?></span>

Hi! How to delete “No comments” form single page?


You can just disable the comment in that page and you wont see it.

How to disable it?

You can disable them in WordPress discussion settings, and also in each post, if you don’t see the comment field checkbox by editing a post, you can enable that box in screen options. Here you can see more information about that: http://www.lostsaloon.com/technology/how-to-disable-comments-from-pages-and-posts-in-wordpress/


Ho to change link colors in pages?


Do you mean the title colors or the text colors in post content?

Text colors in post content

You will need to add these lines in some css file

.post-content p {
color: #67AFA9;

hi there,

client has purchased this theme and we’re in the process of customizing with a child theme.

That said, how would we go about getting the News & Category Block and the News & Category Touch Carousel sliders, as well as the Popular Posts widget to display content from a custom content type.

Thanks for your time!


It’s possible with some code modifications. We can also do it for you as a custom work, for more information please contact us via email.


How to save of theme preferences and transfer theme to another domain?


The best way would be to make a mysql export file.

Which table stores the data from the template?

Theme options are in wp_options, post/page settings are in wp_postmeta. The best way would be to export whole database, then you will get the page 1:1 as it was.


How to enable view “Top Banner” in mobile version?


Remove these lines

.top-banner-block {display: none;}

from lib/css/mobile.css file

I remove line (http://goo.gl/GKCj7D ), but no enabled.

Please clear your browser cache, because it works fine for me now.


How to add text description under logo?


You will need to edit includes/top.php file. Or you can remove the logo image from theme management and then it will automatically show the page title and description.


How to add time publication in posts?


You want to add the time like in hours and minutes when it’s added to each post? Then you will need to edit several files, like includes/loop/post.php, includes/news-single.php etc.

Yes, add the time like in hours and minutes .

Then you will need to edit this line

<?php echo the_time("F d, Y"); ?>


<?php echo the_time("F d, Y H:i"); ?>

You will need to edit files like includes/loop/post-meta.php, includes/news-single.php, includes/single/post-grid.php etc.

hi, when I go on the home page I can not see everything on the menu, home page builder as ever?


Please check your email.