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Thank you!

Nice work, good luck with sales!

Thank you!

can the sidebar be placed on the right side instead of left?

i like having navigation close to the scroll bar in case I’m not using a mouse with a scroll function..

Would you like the logo to be floated to the right with the sidebar, or stay where it is (i.e. on the top-left)?

that is actually a good question now that you mention it… with the logo traditionally being on the left or center position, I’m not sure how it would look moving the sidebar to the right… maybe your solution (having it on the left) is the best after all…

but one thing I’ve learned from being a long time customer on envato is that options are always nice.

but you may have the best solution already… now just to wait for the wordpress version (no rush, take your time and good luck with studies)

I will just make both logo and sidebar positioning customizable.

Great work, glws ;)

Thank you!

Great work and good luck ! LaoXiang ~ Hiahia

Thank you! Good to see you here.

awesome , very nice work :) Good luck with the sales !

Thank you!

Nice work! Good luck!

Thank you!

I saw that on http://blog.otakism.org/1250 this theme is already available for Wordpress. Are you going to be offering it for Wordpress here too, or only through that site? If you are offering it only through that site, is all the documentation in Chinese only?

Awesome! I look forward to it.

Actually—please don’t don’t rush on my account. I have realized that I can’t use this theme on Wordpress.com, as it does not allow for the upload of custom themes, and I am not hosting my blog myself.

That’s fine. I will release the Wordpress version anyway :)

Hi! Would it be possible to see a demo/screenshot of what the blog looks like using {{content}} rather than {{excerpt}} on the main page? :-)

Actually it is displaying {{content}} right now. The read more link is just a link to the single article page, it does not necessarily indicate there is more content.

Oh wait…I mixed up with another theme I made…. Right now Yabu no Naka is outputing at most 140 words in the front page. But the front page looks very similar to single pages, so I think you can just look at the single article page to get a general concept.

Hi, I wanna buy your theme. I have some questions. Can i modify “Menu Item 1”, “Menu Item 2” by something i want? I also wannao know if i could change the pic?

Just to make things clear, when I said “the first” entry, I meant the most recent one.

U’re right. I didn’t closed one html tags. Thanks a lot. U rock

Great! Happy blogging.

looking forward to the wp version :)

I am trying my best:) The theme needs huge improvement because I realized my former way of building wordpress themes were too outdated and would not meet the requirements of Themeforest.

Hi! Thanks for making a great Ghost theme. Just purchased it and I love it so far. One question, though: Is it possible to add Tumblr to the list of social media icons? It seems to be the one major social site that’s missing from the list.

Sorry, one more thing. Is there any way to change the color of the social media icons in the .svg file? Editing and saving it in Ilustrator totally breaks it, and I can’t figure a way in the CSS to change the fill color otherwise. Would like to change it to match my current color scheme, or just use a greyscale version that would match almost anything.

wow… you wrote so much about improvement, thank you very much! Changing .svg’s color is doable but rather complicated. I’m thinking of switching to font icons for next version, would that be OK for you?

Hi! I’m always just happy to help, so I apologize if I got too wordy. :)

If switching to font icons for the next versions instead of .svgs make it easier on users to match the icons to custom color schemes, I’m all for it!

For some of you who might be waiting for the wordpress version, I am sorry to announce that you may have to wait longer. There are more changes to make than I thought to meet Themeforest’s requirement.

Good news is I have already finished the coding part. I will submit the theme for reviewing as soon as the documentation is done.

Bad news, there will not be a Wordpress version of Yabu no Naka on Themeforest.

Here is a link for the Wordrpess version: https://sellfy.com/p/p8CR/


the design is very nice and the theme is easy to customize. The only two big disadvantage I see concerns SEO.

First, the menu items and the blog description are added by javascript, so search engines will no be able to see them.

Second, the blog post title is a H3 which does not make sense. It should be a H1 (as it is now, if you put a h2 in the blog detail, it will have higher precedence).

The workaround for the first issue is to put some static description in the template files (they are overwritten by the javascript) and the workaround for the second issue is to modify the template of the posts and pages and add some custom css. Not a big deal, just something that could be improved in a future update :-)

I am so sorry for the too-late respond. Your suggestions are absolutely right and I will release a new version with these problem fixed in a few days. Thank you very much for these precious suggestions!

Version 1.0.8 are in reviewing. Changes: 1. Added author.hbs; 2. Theme options are in /js/options.json from now on. The format remains the same, though. For detailed information please read the Theme Settings section of readme.html; 3. Some visual optimization.

Beautiful design! I will use it in my blog.

Thank you!