Discussion on Yacher - Yacht Charter Services WordPress Theme

Discussion on Yacher - Yacht Charter Services WordPress Theme

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I am sorry to ask IMMEDIATELY for the refund after the purchase of this theme, because despite several attempts to install, the result has always been a fatal error! The theme has some plugin properties that does not work and creates at installation stage breaking the site.

Is your all sever requirement , if all information match import will work. If you want refund you can take. Thank you

is provide yacht charter booking or per person ?

You can check demo we use other booking plugin for this theme

my agency provide 2 types of services yacht charter and also cruise trips that can be booked per person so u have 2 types of booking plugins right? because it’s not clear in the demo as when i click on the server it return me to the same page

Sorry we have one type available in our theme you can check demo

Thank you

Hi I use this theme like 4 months ago, the booking system is installed, but i cant edit the checkout page and any other page of the booking system. i would like to get some help. i need to khow how i can edit this part of this template. thank

Hi, I see here that just someone asked you about RTL support. The template does not support RTL, any fix you made to me was destroyed after two days. In every update that Elementor or WordPress has, there is an error with the template. Now if surfers enter the site via mobile there is a pop up ad on the Header that puts a virus into the phone. I think there is a code planted within the site and that is what causes it.

Besides, I can not run a search to find plugins .. Something is wrong with the template and I currently have a virus or whatever. From the moment I purchased the template from you I am in this situation and you have logged in several times and fixed and already a few days after the glitches came back.

Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$plugin in /home/prowebservice/public_html/wp-includes/class-wp-list-util.php on line 159

Unfortunately this happens to me in every update and it has not happened to me with any other template and I have dozens of templates .. In addition to that you fixed me some of the RTL but it always resets and returns to the LTR.

The most serious problem is that after the last time you fixed a few things for me there, a message suddenly appeared to those who surf through mobile. Once pressed, it puts viruses into the phone.


How did such a thing happen?

Hello, this is not our theme issue, please check your server security, file permission, your used plugin etc.

Your site has mailware injections by any plugins. Elementor was a security hole which they suggest all to update. Keep all plugins and wordpress up-to-date and do not use admin as user name. Use itheme security plugin and change so admin location to protect your site .

This theme is by default not rtl , with your request we made it rtl. If the rtl css you out in main style.css then it will lost. You need to put in child theme

For any technical help which related to our theme and plugins open ticket in our support system.

I currently cannot install the itheme security plugin nor other plugins because of the bug. The half year support on this script for me is over and I am with these bugs from the moment I bought it. I currently can not cope with these problems .. You say there are glitches and bugs in Elementor and all sorts of security vulnerabilities, but these problems only happened to me with this template.

Does this theme supports RTL ?

Yes, it is RTL support, our customer already build RTL site using this theme Thank you

it won’t let me open the ticket all I need is to activate my license on my website but getting an error that my license is already active on another site

Please deactivate from your old site. We have several times do this for you. You need to deactivate the licence from your one site to other. Thank you

I bought the Yacher theme and the images are looking strange.

I was also unable to install the SLIDER revolution plugin.

Can you help me?

You want to tell me that I need to buy the Slider Revolution plugin?

You want to tell me that I need to buy the Slider Revolution plugin?

Yeah, is their any place where we describe we give revolution slider with this theme?

Hi, i install this theme few weeks ago, i install the demo but i can’t edit the logo no header option only header menu option so i can edit the logo. Can i have any help for that


Please open ticket in https://support.smartdatasoft.com our team will help you. Did you try to change the logo form customizer logo area Thank you

I try it but no header option i dont know why


The main page of the site was destroyed for me after a month of the site being active.

I tried to restore the old backup from the time the site was working, but even the main page name of the template no longer works.

This template is full of errors and made a lot of mess for me.

Please fix it for me I opend support ticket : #27968

Can someone help me?

Hi, please check your ticket we have replied in it. Thank you.

Hi I buy this theme about one week but ones i try to install it in wordpress , i get a messege error saying that my web side is down due of an plugin in installation. Can you please help me to fix this probleme thank

Please open ticket in our support system https://support.smartdatasoft.com

Thank you

Hello, According to your demo https://smartdemowp.com/yacher Can I use the custom fields: Length in feet, Cabins, Asking Price, Code, Type in order to FILTER the Yacht categgory listing and show them at yacht page?


If you want add the custom field for the archive page. Than you have to do a custom work for that and it will be only for the code field.
And if you want that for the single page than the custom field can be added using the elementor editor.
And for the filter our filter is set according to the destinations and date for the yachts but if you want the filter according to the category than for that you also have to add them by custom work and you may have to pay for that.
Thank you

Hi, I want to resize the logo. What is the best way to do this in this template.



Please open a support ticket by following this link https://support.smartdatasoft.com

Our support team will help you.

Thank You

Hi, I opened a ticket for you. Waiting for help on 3 issues.


we checked your site about the widget issue.
please check your ticket for the information we need
Please provide us the information we will fix the issue as soon as we get the information
Take care
Thank you
SmartDataSoft team

can we add timing for the booking function ?

Yes, you can add timing for the booking function.

Hi I want to hide page title but it does not work through Elementor. What selector do I need?

“Not working? You can set a different selector for the title in the Settings page.”



Please open a support ticket by following this link https://support.smartdatasoft.com

Our support team will help you.

Thank You

Hi, I opened a ticket. Fatal error – When I try to install the plugins it knocks out WordPress.

  1. 21697

Waiting for help. Thanks


Our support team have replied to your ticket. Please follow up your ticket number #21787.

Thank You

Hi, You answer me once a day and then disappear and that’s how I get stuck with the problems. I lowered the PHP version to 7.3 other than that I have nothing more to do. Unable to update plugins at this time. I responded to you with a card 4 hours ago. Help me solve this today it’s been too long

Mainly the reply is delayed because of the timezone differences. I have replied in your ticket now please check the ticket and we have a lot of tickets to reply to but we try our best to fix the issues of all our customers as soon as humanly possible by us. So sometimes some customers feel the delay in reply of the tickets.
Thank you
And sorry for the inconveniences.

Hello, clicking on the name of the boats opens the detail page. I want to open the detail page by clicking on the pictures. how can I do that.

Please open ticket in our support system https://support.smartdatasoft.com our support team will help you. Thank you

I cannot acces the help page. Envato login give me 409 error – user already exist. I wrote to customer support and nothing happend. I spend 3 weeks of my support for this reason.

Hello, We are sorry to know your issue. unfortunatly this issue, didn’t happen for other user. This issue occure if you create a ticket in the support and then rename your user of envato or change email and try to create ticket with new information this can happen. Please log in using your email@[digitalinet.ro] email. Thank you

Very good support I recommend ! :)

Thank you for you feedback. We are always ready to help our customers.

Hi! Before buying, I want to find out what payment gateways are in the topic? Is there integration with woocommerce? Can I get test access to the admin panel?

Thank you!

Hello, We have apply WooCommerce, so you can easily use woocomemrce paymentgateway. You can install in your site woocomemrce and check which payment gateway woocommerce provide by default. Thank you

Thanks! More question. Can private boat owners have private offices and manage their boats? Can the site administrator receive a percentage of the Charter price? Thanks!

Sorry, these features is not implement. All yeacher need to manage by admin. If you want these features you can do this with custom payment. Thank you

How do i get a refund this theme does not customize enough for my needs

We have updated our theme. Please update your theme from envato account. Please check your ticket. Our support team have replied to your ticket.


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