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Hi Webnus,

Can i just check if the current version online now is the latest version with the Twitter API updated .. i bought this html theme from the bundle and the twitter is not working.. is there a why i can get the updates to the twitter API so that my version will work?

Many thanks!

Hi Webnus, any updates on the twitter Api yet? thanks!

At the moment we have no plan for new update

disappointed to hear that … i had the impression from your past replies that you guys will be releasing a working api for this .. therefore .. i waited for it till now … any chance for you to recommend an alternatives? thanks!

Hi Webnus,

Very cool template. I have a question – Is there a plan for you to upgrade this template with bootstrap v2.3.2 or v3 ?

Thanks, Jardalu

Unfortunately no

I am having issue with “blog-pinterest” page. The last items in the page doesn’t load properly. Two issues

a) Last row items are not displayed properly. b) Last row items overlap with previous ones

I tested with Chrome 30.0.1599.101 m.

You can see the screenshot at http://imgur.com/Kz0UZzT (see red highlights)

Please email me screenshot

Thanks for the email reply. Your fix solved the issue.

Cool Template But I believe a more simple menu would make it better.

Thanks for your comment

Hi there. Great template. Wish I could rate it for you but I purchased as part of the bundle so I am not able. I just sent you a DM requesting the Twitter API update. Would be swell if I could get that soon :D

The twitter api has been changed and template has not been updated yet

Hello - I love the template-however, is there a way to add a background image or expand the allotted size amount for the logo?

Hello I emailed you about this. Could you please contact me with further instruction. Thanks Mike

We will respond to your email.

Also, can you make the images on homepage that slide in and out links?

Hello—I am trying to link an image in the slider to one of the pages within the site, the documentation instructions dont seem to be working

Which documentation? As you know slider is not our product. Please email(no comment) me your request

I purchased this template included in a corporate-bundle pack and now I´m trying to change the google maps location with my own and I can´t get it. Can you help me? Thanks.

You must replace maps.google.com iframe code with current code

Done. Beginner mistakes you know… Thanks for your support!

Dear Mr. WEBNUS,

Pls, I need to know how I can add a new tag: <section id=”tabla”>

in the “index.php” file because when I add my table in “index.php” is not shown.

Thanks in advance.


I solved the problem. All is OK!

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards.


I am trying to get the form to work and include all my fields its only picking up the email, subject line and comment box i am not getting the name what is that?

This is a html template and you must code it yourself

How do you change the Google geo code on the contact page?

Yes, thats what i was trying to find on the Google maps site—I’ll look again


Flickr photostream in footer doesn’t work?

Please use below link : http://www.flickrbadge.com/

Thanks, it works now.

Hi. How do enable comments on pages as well as posts?

Sorry – I meant to post this on the Wordpress version…

Please send your request via contact form in right down side of page http://themeforest.net/user/WEBNUS

Hey ,therewe tried to upload the theme to the WordPress, but due to the server restrictions, is any way to upload it manualy ? Kind Regards

Please sign up at our support center http://webnus.ticksy.com and submit a new ticket. Include all the details about the issue and your site URL. Our support team will check it out and let you know.

Hi Webnus,

The template has a problem in Chrome. The first slide on index page is not displayed correctly. Always shown in half. On your live preview also. Each next slide is fine.


Please sign up at our support center http://webnus.ticksy.com and submit a new ticket. Include all the details about the issue and your site URL. Our support team will check it out and let you know.

Thanks for fast the response Webnus. I’ll do it as soon as I get to desktop computer.