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The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Thanks for your purchase

If you have any question, Please send me an email through my Profile page . Scroll down the page (bottom right) and you’ll see the contact form in there

Your question relates to Wordpress version but your comment is in HTML section. Which version you have purchased?

hi Webnus, congratulation, very cool template!

i ha ve one question: Menu, i know the attribute and for me it’s ok!, but i don’t understand

how did you put a space under the heading Pages (in your menu)


what we think

i try but i can put a margina-top ..padding-top… buh help me please, i have purchased

Thanks for your interest

Please email me a screenshot of your request

If you have any other question, Please send me an email through my Profile page . Scroll down the page (bottom right) and you’ll see the contact form in there

Very nice, thank you.

Hello WebNus:

How do I make the slider images clickable? Adding the HTML anchor tag does not work! And yes, I did reach out to you through your profile page twice and did not get a reply.

Thanks in advance.

Please use the A tag before the div tag


I am considering purchasing this HTML template, but I need mega drop down. Can this option be added after the purchase? Will you send me the code & instructions needed for creating the mega drop down after the purchase?


Ignore the above post. I purchased the template and find my way.


Welcome to Yalin users group

I have small problem. I need to make the main menu little wider, how can i do that? At this time one of the item that has two words and the words are now one bellow of each other. I would like them to be displayed in one line. Which part of the css should i alter?


line 91, 92 in style.css

Great theme. Love that it is responsive.

Is it an easy thing to change the web fonts used?

Looks like it uses:


Thank you, I was able to find where they were defined in the template.

how can do autostart for jcarousel?


The “latest tweets” is wonderful and I figured out where in the yalin-custom.js document the twitter username is embedded. It works great. :)

Q: How do I make any links in there open in a new window? I’m assuming I’ll have to put

somewhere in there. I just don’t want to mess it up.
line 149 in yalin-custom.js
      return  reply.charAt(0)+'<a target="_blank" href="http://twitter.com/'+reply.substring(1)+'">'+reply.substring(1)+'</a>';

Just purchased and downloaded this theme. The preview on Themeforest shows 3 index options but the actual file only has 2! Where is the 3rd index page?

We will update it very soon

Hi Just bought Yalin theme as it looks great. But as I have to upload the theme into my development web (in my notebook) it shows the following message

Warning: POST Content-Length of 12747534 bytes exceeds the limit of 8388608 bytes in Unknown on line 0 Are you sure you want to do this?

Appreciate your help

You have HTML version but error message is about php If you have any other question please email me through my Profile page . Scroll down the page (bottom right) and you’ll see the contact form in there

Got this from Bundle and so far looking and working pretty nice. I also had issues with unzipping as above so dunno what might be missing or else. But as bundle said, package came “as-is”.

Anyway. IF i get this working 100% on my CMS-based site, i sure will buy another so i can keep with the updates.

There is still few things that you could do when selling this: take off your own twitter/etc. account infos and links. Also that Google Analytics script so far what i have found.

But, 4/5 so far even that i have just tested the index2 (and did not got the index3 either).

Keep up the good work!

Your purchase is a part of Bundle and it is HTM version no WP Version index3 in HTML version will update very soon

Hi Webnus, and thanks for reply. Yes i know it is HTML version, no big deal for me because i know how to work with it to get this awesome template set going. It will take some time tho because i have run my community 10 years now and with CMS last 6 years. Anycase, i can drop you PM or email when i have done all work, and you can then see it in action?

I also bought in the bundle.. is there any way I can get this in a wordpress version??

Unfortunately it is not possible

Bandwidth Limit Exceeded. Can’t see the preview site. FYI

issue was fixed

Hi Webnus

I am a complete web design novice. Is there a video tutorial to show me how to edit a template. From changing the logo to the portfolio section. Adding tabs. Changing flicker stream etc?


Deleted post, figured out my problem.

Any chance to get the PSD?

Currently it is not possible

Hi, but how use the filter for blog? Thanks and sorry for my english. :S

Unfortunately, there is no such possibility

Thanks for this amazing template. My only concern after this purchase is that the different “home” pages are missing in my download. Please let me know where I can retrieve the files.

Please download template again

I too purchased the corporate bundle that this lovely theme was included in. I am a bit confused as to why the HTML version has features on various pages that would require a wordpress type platform to function properly?

Bundle is a collection of products with different formats HTML,WP and…