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Hi, i had purchase this theme with the last bundle, i just have one doubt, how can i add a new service-steps step1 ? Could you help me out? Thanks! Have a nice day!

Unfortunately, there is no such possibility

Hello, any chance to get the PSD? Thanks!

Unfortunately, there is no such possibility


Is there a way to reduce the width of the boxed version?

It gets in some screens too wide for reading text.


please find line 44 style.css then change

#boxed-wrap { width:1004px; ...

I have tried that but there is no change. Do i need to change something else?

Please email me screenshot of issues

Hi got this with the bundle. Can anyone explain how to get the portfolio items to a non single item. the element declared as

i want do like this: http://www.no-margin-for-errors.com/projects/prettyphoto-jquery-lightbox-clone/#image-gallery-demo

so is ther a class defined or how do i have to do?

Can anyone help me?

You should remove “A” tag from portfolio item title


can you help me to embed tweets from https://twitter.com/wetter_info ?

I like the design of the footer so don’t want to embed a wettebox. So i think a use the tweeter api you embed to call the tweets from wetter_info

but i don’t know if a have to create a account on wetter_info to do so? Can anyone give me some helping?

please use stay connected widget

Great template!I got it via the bundle,I copied the new york video code from the 2 column blog page and put it on the homepage worked great hwoever when I change the the video it still shows the same video.IS there somewhere else I need to change the video.Looking to add a youtube video.Sorta newbie at html so if poss can you provide the code for adding a youtube video or do I simply replace the url.

This is the code I used

<iframe src=”http://player.vimeo.com/video/27973852?title=0&byline=0&portrait=0&api=1&player_id=iframe334” width=”330” height=”270 ” frameborder=”0” allowFullScreen></iframe>

I’ve tried changing the code in bold to a youtube video but the same newyork video still plays.

Also can video be added to the ipad if only one slide is used,which brings me onto my other question can the ipad be replaced with another object and have the ability to add image\video within it,is the image additional a transparent area of the image used. Thanks again

Please right click on vimeo or YouTube and then select copy embed code and finally paste it in anywhere that you want

Hi. confused about the layerslider.css. trying to add content to my slides, totally stumped by h1 class=”ls-s3”, h3 class=”ls-s3 l1-s1”, img src=”images/iPad-icon2yalin.png” class=”ls-s6” and so on. is there any documentation on how all those positions apply? trial and error is hurting my puny brain. thanks!

i see. thank you. for those not into the whole brevity thing, he means “look in ..\layerslider-the-parallax-effect-slider\documentation\documentation.html (as apposed to just ..\Documentation\documentation.html)”

As you can see, we created two layers with adding class named ls-layer to the divs – in this case the slideshow will have only two complete screens. We also put sublayers into layers – these are images, but you can use any type of content you want, including HTML code, or Flash movies too.

There are a special sublayer, it is called background and it has a class named ls-bg. The parallax-effect does not apply to background sublayers – so they are always staying in the background of the parent layer. (Otherwise you can add background-images to layers too.)

Other sublayers have a class named ls-snumber. This number is a positive integer and it is important because of the parallax effect: sublayers with higher number will animate faster and therefore it seems that you see the whole animation in 3D. So the class name of a sublayer is one of the most important setting of the parallax effect. Sublayers with all the same properties BUT different number in their class names will animate with different speeds. For example a sublayer with class=”ls-s4” will animate faster than other sublayer with class=”ls-s2”.

thank you. very helpful. also wondering if there is a simple way to make each slide a link to a product page. i’ve tried a couple of “a class href” things, but they seem messy…


I got this nice template through bundle. I am going to have the slider as header on other pages. but I think it is better there without the navigation arrow and that nav. below the -slide-images. Would you be kind to let me know how to omit them?

Thank you.

Hi, I figured it out. Thanks for nice template :)

When first installed this theme… the twitter updates (latest) was fine. but now it is not being updated… i can see here from the live preview it is having same issues.. any solutions??

Twitter api has been changed, The new version will be released very soon

Hi, Any update on the twitter api change? I see you have updated the wordpress version of the theme to support this.

How about you send me the worpress solution I will try and integrate that into the html version.

Hi, Still waiting for the twitter feed to be fixed. You are still advetising that Latest Twitter included in the template? Can you please update the html/css template as you have done it for Wordpress or so the site says.

Accept our apologies. Please send me an email, in response we will send you required files.

Hi, I purchased your template with the bundle and it’s really great with so many functionalities, I’m having a lot of fun customzing it. There’s one thing I’d like to do with the accordion, but I’m a bit afraid to change something in the script: I want to have all the sections closed when the page is opened in the browser and I want to make each section collapsible (just like in this example: http://jqueryui.com/accordion/#collapsible) so that a reader can open and close each section and have them all closed. How can I do? Many thanks for your help!

Hi Webnus, thanks for your reply, I guess my request was not clear enough. The effect in the example I gave is not exactly the same as yours. 1. I want that all the sections of the accordion stay closed when opening the page in the browser (in your version, the first section is opened when opening the page in the browser) and 2. I want people to be able to close each section by clicking on the title of the section (not only by opening another section) so that they can have all the sections closed (and not one section opened and the others closed like in your version). Do you think it’s possible to do that? Again, thanks!

Hi, OK, Unfortunately this feature does not currently exist

Alright Webnus, never mind, I’ll try to do it by myself. Thanks.

I really like this template, very functional a professional looking. I seem to have a problem with the admin side of the template. I lost the “Portfolio” option on the Wordpress toolbar on the left. Any ideas?

Hi, Please email me screenshot of issue

Hi, i had purchase this theme with the last bundle, could i get the last update of template? Thanks! Have a nice day!

Hi, Thanks for your interest. According to the themeforest rules, Bundles has no update. You should purchase it for update and support

All the best for you.

Hi, I’ve purchased the HTML version, can i ask how can i reduce the size of the hero banner to a size i want and still maintained responsiveness?


Have you purchased our Template? We didn’t find your purchase reference. Please send me an email through my Profile page

hi, yes! i got this from the corporate bundle i purchased

Hi, Please use below code

#hero { height: ...px;}
@media only screen and (max-width: 767px) { height:auto} }

Please note bundle has no update and support

Hi, any update to the new twitter API update ? Been waiting for over a month for this to surface. would be get to hear from you.

Do I need to find this solution – or are you working on a fix ? if so when is it due ?

Hi, twitter API will update with next version of theme(Beginning of the next month).

Thank you :)

Hi WEBNUS, I purchased your template with the bundle. I really like this template, very professional looking. My question is, How to perform side menu (left-nav-page) link from Other web pages?

Thanks! Have a nice day!

Hi, Please check your email

The home page only seems to allow for three images that appear in the main window. How can I increase that number to more than three?

Hi, Please email us screenshot of your desired state

how and where to enable the picture gallery portfolio next and prev arrows?

Note: the HTML template.

Hi, Please email us screenshot of your desired state and more detail about your request