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Awesome as always! Wordpress version at some point? Good luck

This version = Clean code and super easy to work with. Nonetheless consider WP pre-ordered! Thanks

Thanks. Give you your email and I will inform you as soon the WP version is out.

charlie4282@hotmail.com . I am following you nonetheless. In all seriousness very intuitive code. VERY impressive

Very clean and impressive! :)

Thank you very much

Very nice. Problem with main menu though, mouse over the main links quick to the sub-menus and the drop downs animate endlessly (in Firefox).


thank you. Menu should work fine in all browsers. Can you send me a screenshot with a bit more details about the issue to my email spabrice[a]gmail.com.

Agreed… can’t wait to get the Wordpress version could you email me when you have it?

also wanted to see will there be a shop page? WooCommerce integration?


Hello, thank you very much. Shop/WooCommerce will not be supported.

Nice work. GLWS

Thank you

The price is waaayyyy to cheap, wow awesome stuff! Definatley on my list to buy


Very nice theme!

But i have a problem. At the portfolio, on big screens (22”), when i use the filter, as there aren’t enough projects to display, the footer gets up and leaves a white space between the end of the footer and the bottom of the screen (i don’t know if i explained well…).

Any guesses on how to fix that? Thankx


please send me an email for better support at spabrice[a]gmail.com. I will fix this.

One of the best EVER on Themeforest – add me to the list for Wordpress. Can’t wait!

By the way we have the flickering menu in FF too but cant really screenshot it cos its flickering so motion. Thanks

Thank you very much. Please give me your email and I will inform you as soon the wordpress version is out

Nice work :) GLWS


Yalu is… so awesome :) goot work and good luck with sales!

Thank you very much

Can’t wait to have the wordpress version !! Can you e-mail me when it will be ready ? My e-mail is : christine.demarbre@gmail.com

Thanks a lot ! Great work !


thanks, added to the email list.

Hi there, I really liked the theme. I am planning to buy this one.Can you please answer. Can i convert to WP theme. Can i use all the images in the templates as they are. Whats the licence. I am specially refering to the bg image thats been shared of 2 sliders, not the old man.


thanks for your interest. If you have the needed wordpress coding knowledge you transform it to wordpress theme. Note that I’m currently building the wordpress version for this template. You can provid me your email adress and I will inform you as soon it is ready.

All images which you see in the live preview are not included in the template are not allowed to use.

Hi, Great theme! A woman i work for bought it but she thought it was a WP theme. Could you email me when the WP version is ready! Can’t wait!



thanks for your interest. You’ve been added to the mailing list.

Hi. I’m faiiry new to not installing themes directly from wordprees.. Så my question is how do i install this theme. I have been watching the video, and i didn’t get it.. Can anyone please hlep me.. Wich folder do i upload via ftp..? please help.. :-)

Kind regards .. Klaus


thank you for purchasing my template but your probably did a wrong purchase. Yalu is currently only available as HTML/CSS Template. Wordpress version will be available in a few weeks.

You can see it as it name and at the category it is in. I’m curious what video you saw? There is no video for this template.

Please contact envato support for a possible refund of your money.

How do you change the highlight colour of the right and left buttons on the home page slider? I have changed all the other colours but cannot find where to change this.


all styles for the revolution slider are in files/rs-plugin/css/settings.css At the bottom of this file you’ll see all the customizations done by me inluding the left/right navigation.

Hello, Very nice indeed but one problem on Ipad, the menu does not appear and is crunched into 3 bars that opens like a sub menu. Any way of showing the menu or is this site too large. I even tryed to reduce the menu to 5 categories but no success.

Thanks for your help ! Laurent


sorry for the delay. yes the “3 bars” is the modern mobile menu. Showing the normal menu layout wouldn’t look good on mobile devices because depending on number of items it would jump to the next line.

It’s html, so you just need to delete the menu items [li].

Great one. Please, e-mail me when wordpress will be available. My mail: sindaeris@gmail.com


thanks for your interest. You’ve been added to the mailing list.

The four iconbox in the home page does not animate on firefox. Do you have a fix? Thanks.

Thanks. There are 2 issues I am facing on mobile (Samsung Galaxy S3)

1. When I go from landscape to portrait the browser goes blank.

2. The content width is narrow with big margins on either side (wasting a lot of real-estate on the phone). Also the content is not resizing in landscape mode.

I have a text input in the content and it is getting truncated on both portrait and landscape.

Can you help to fix this?

I love this theme, just if I can get this sorted, that would be fantastic.

Just tested on iPAD. It looks like the theme uses same content width for portrait as well as landscape.

This limits the responsiveness.

If you could make this to automatically use the available screen space with minimum margins that would make this truly responsive.


sorry for the delay. Yes the theme uses same layout for landscape + portrait. You can of course change this by adding different rules for landscape/porttrait in the mqueries.css

Because it’s the same layout I have no idea why your galaxy device should show a blank screen because there are no changes/resizing done. I tested on all devices I ow, and all worked fine.

When i open the theme on a 1920 width screen and using the image slider on 600px height it goes over the 3 boxes on the bottom,

what should i do if i fix the height of the slider to not go over the elements on the bottom?



unfortunately I didn’t get your problem very well. good you give me a screenshot or somehting else to understand your issue. spabrice[a]gmail.com

Thank you


1) error in Rollover menu firefox 20.0.1 on mouse over loop

2) when resize for iphone is possible delate or hidden

sorry form my english, if hope you undestand my problem.

bye ” />


unfortunately I did not get your issue very well. Please send me an email with a screenshot or something else at spabrice[a]gmail.com