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Im interested in your theme, I read the comments about problems with menu in the ipad and other thing about cgroupsrl tells about the iphone, is the theme responsive? and the problem with the menu with firefox i ´ve experimented too in the demo, when you pass de cursor in the index, over the pages menu link , goes crazy not all the time, but sometimes goes crazy , goes down and up the dropdown, i think it has a conflict with the slider change the image when the menu dropdown. Sorry for my english. thanks.


thanks for your interest. Yes this template is responsive. I couldn’t face any problems for the menu on ipad/iphone. For the ‘crazy menu’ I’m still lokking for a fix.

Great template! We are using it for our company website with minor modifications. I ran into a problem that may have a quick fix, but can’t find it in the docs. Issue is: When main-nav is in full screen on PC, a menuitem without subitems will open the href in the anchortag, which is what I want, but on a small screen tapping/clicking on it it only tries to open the subitems, not go to the link. Is it quick to fix?


but this should be the case. If there are no subitems, it will open the href. Isn’t this the case on your site? I just tested it, and it was working on my end. If you have a live preview you can send me it to check it. spabrice[a]gmail.com

Sorry, I have it working now. I didn’t notice that the script I am using inserted an empty UL-tag when the submenu didn’t exist. :-P There is, however, a small difference. In full browser-width, clicking on a main-menu-item opens a page. When resized, it only opens the submenu. This is not a big problem, but not logical.


I understand this. But there is no other way when subitems are hidden at first on mobile devices.

Alternatively you can show all your menu pages so there is no toggle need to show the subitems if there are some and then you can always link to the desired href.

Can you send me an e-mail when the WP-version will be ready ? A Client of mine wishs this theme. Can you suggest a date (circa)?

My e-mail is : info (at) schwitter-publishing.ch


You’ve been added to the mailing list. Wordpress version is comming soon.


I have a problem with the contact form, i dont recieve anything in my email..

Please advice


thanks for purchasing my template.

did you changed the email to yours? Please take also a look at the documentation. I received 2 testmessage to my email. “test again, but form not working …”

Great theme, even better support. Had answers to 3 different queries each solved quickly. Highly recommended theme and author.

Thank you very much.


Nice template, thx

A little problem, when a create a sub menu, the clicable area on the submenu is very small Go to www.photographe-enfant.be Put your mouse on “A propos” and then on “Mon Univers” The submenu “Mon Univers” is green only between the n of univers and the s. Do you have a solution?



did you any customizations to the css? The submenu should be some pixels lower than it is now.

No, the submenu is to high, then I have changed the CSS

nav#main-nav ul li .sub-menu { border-top: 3px solid #1e7987; position: absolute; top: 130px;

The “top” was at 120px, I change the value to 130px, that’s the only thinks I have changed…


Thanks for a very cool theme that works really well responsively. One issue I have encountered is that the contact form doesn’t display correctly in IE8. Now, I would be the first to tell somebody not to use any IE never mind IE8! However, I have this client who is being stubborn and saying that many people will still be using IE8. The form works fine on IE7 and IE9, it’s just IE8! What is happening is that the text fields are very narrow so you can’t really type in them or see what you have typed. If you are able to shine any light on this I would be very grateful. Thanks again!


You’re right. DON’T USE IE ;) I tried to solve this issue when developping the theme but unfortunately I wasn’t able to solve it and simultaneously be ok for all other browsers.

OK, fair enough. In the specs it does say this theme is compatible with IE8. In light of your response that seems slightly misleading I feel. Obviously I can put another contact form in there but it’s extra work I didn’t expect to have to do. I’d love to be able to educate all my clients into not using IE but it’s never going to happen. Thanks for the response.

Hello there,

Checkout: http://www.easyppsr.com.au/

Having trouble in terms of responsiveness. Look good in Desktop but not well in iPad, Samsung Galaxy s3 and iPhone 5.

The call out box with a input text box does not show well.

Can you help? Thanks.

This is a very disappointing answer. I bought and installed more than 20 themes.

This theme looks good but NOT all components are responsive.

Everything is responsive. Look at my live preview. The highlight box nicely fits to the device.

You just entered content which is not supposed for this area.

Sorry mate.. Do you mean to say use the live template and don’t make any changes? What is the use then?

I have customised 20+ templates. I have always got them to work the way we want to, if not the developer was helpful fixing things up.

I will be replacing this theme but just want others to know that its got limitations.

Love it so far. Very good looking and very easy to use.

Two questions: 1. Does the “search” function in the footer work? More importantly, how do I get it to work?

2. Does it pull images from flickr or do I need to put them in manually?

thanks in advance!


thanks for purchasing my template. Please keep in mind that you bought an HTML template which means that all “dynamic content” don’t work. You would need to have a strong php/mysql backend to make your search work for example. The wordpress version gives you all of these options.

hi, can we change some title of area as turkish? for example; i want to change “Latest News” to “Son Dakika” ... is it possible

This is possible by the language files (.po + .mo). There are a lot of tutorials out there which can help you with this.

hi, I checked the Documentation, but form does not work.. what can i do ?


do yo have a live preview? Please send me an email for better support at spabrice[]gmail.com

I would like to change the default language to portuguese-BR Or find the english text file to edit it manualy

Could you help me?

http://aws.glamour.com.br/porai/ Thanks

the theme includes the .po + .mo language file.


Can you tell me wherev do I change the width of the up/down right scrollbar ? It is actually very thin!

Thank you

Forget it, I found it! LOL Great template! :)

glad you found it.

I would like to know how to update the revolution slider. I have ver. 2.3.91 in the Yalu theme. the slider is up to ver 4.1.4 Dated 20.12.2013 – code canyon link – http://codecanyon.net/item/slider-revolution-responsive-wordpress-plugin/2751380?ref=themepunch

I have looked at updating the slider plugin, however, it requires a zip file to be uploaded…I do not have the zip as it was bundled with your theme. Support for the slider http://themepunch.ticksy.com/archive/2/ says we must contact you. Can I have an update done on the theme to included the newer version of the slider. If you require proof of purchase, I can supply if required. Thanks

Thank you for your reply yesterday,

I have uploaded the zip file and now have the slider up to date on your theme…I love the new features!

Can I just say, I would like to commend you on your efficiency, not only how quickly you replied to my response; taking into account time zone differences, but how quickly you solved my problem.

Because of this, I will most certainly continue to recommend both you and your work to my friends and clients.


Thank you very much for your kind words. I really appreciate it.

Love this theme! Very clean and professional and can be used for a lot of different purposes. I did have one question. I want to use the full width aspect of the theme for the desktop version, but I still want it to be responsive and work with smartphones. Is that possible? It seems like when I choose to use full width, the theme will then not be responsive. Thanks!


unfortunately I didn’t get your issue veryl well. do you have a live preview? please send me an email for better support at spabrice()gmail.com

Love this theme! Very clean and professional and can be used for a lot of different purposes. I did have one question. I want to use the full width aspect of the theme for the desktop version, but I still want it to be responsive and work with smartphones. Is that possible? It seems like when I choose to use full width, the theme will then not be responsive. Thanks!

Just purchased the template :-), very nice work and well organize/clean CSS ..

I just finish customize the template for a client and it was very easy to do and not like some other html/css templates here on envato. Very good job! I do have question, ....is it possible to make the logo even bigger then the @2x ? I need to logo be around 320×100 …


you will need to do some adaptation to the style.css

Hello , very nice site! Thanks a lot !

Thank you very much.

The theme is simple and very nice but it seems that it’s not supported / improved any more with the last update in 2013 and this feedback on some issues I found:

1.) Arabic / Hebrew is written from right-to-left (rtl). I set this accordingly in HTML: <html class=” js borderradius boxshadow csstransforms csstransforms3d csstransitions” lang=”ar” dir=”rtl”> Some elements doesn’t work properly, e.g. the portfolio boxes which are not centered any more but aligned completely to the left: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f95a0iambfsd7ln/rtl-support.png?dl=0

>>> This theme has not been optimized for rtl, so there might be some elements which won’t display as expected in rtl mode.

2.) The headline in the Revolution slider is cut. Since I translate the text in multiple languages, the length can vary and I can’t influence this. The text should produce a line break rather than being cut: https://www.dropbox.com/s/54vm2k4l4roilqn/slider-text-cut.png?dl=0

There have been another issue with the slider that I don’t remember. I upgraded to version 4.6.4.

>>> You need to play around with your slider settings. Although the revolution slider is included in the theme, I’m not the developper and can’t give any support about function/options etc.

3.) The box height is not aligned properly when the text length differs: https://www.dropbox.com/s/31jhv5m9muve45e/inconsistent-box-height.png?dl=0

I solved this by adding this code but that’s just a quick fix: @media only screen and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 0) and (min-device-width: 1025px) { .box-inner { min-height: 250px; } }

You need to calculate the height of the highest box with JavaScript and then resize the smaller boxes accordingly, e.g. http://www.leonamarant.com/2009/04/29/equal-height-divs-with-jquery/

>>> this is not a bug. it’s how it works. The boxes adapt to it’s content. you can do a workaround in css like you have done. There is no feature to make the boxes all the same height.

— Unfortunately 0 solution to any of my issues.

I answered your mail.