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I have another complain: the iconbox don’t show the image or icon. I like the theme but it has many problems. I am going to erase and use other theme. I hope you will fix this theme soon, because the design of your theme is amazing. Thanks for your work.


I just tested the iconbox and everything worked fine on my end. You just need to enter the absolute path to your icon which has been uploaded to your media library.

You can also send me an email for better support at spabrice[a]gmail.com


I didn’t receive any email. Were you able to solve all issues?

If you need some help

I give absolute path to the icons, but I am using another theme for the site. Regards

I can’t create grid posts on portfolio. I need help anybody?.


there is a documentation file in the “documentation” folder. You may only have downloaded the installable file. Download all main files.

Yeah, but i still don’t get grid posts on portfolio

There is no english instruction. I tried many times to make it happen but all I get is the single view. I want 4 columns of products with thumbnail photos. Please help

You just need to add a page (slugname can’t be ‘portfolio’) and choose the portfolio template.

can the bar with the page name and breadcrumbs be removed altogether so the content below is moved up? Can this be done through admin – or can you help if I cannot?


this is not possible by admin. It would need a small file customizations. But note: the pagination, likes, views for single items are displayed in this area. If you don’t want to hide this, it would need more customizations.

They should release instruction or support stuff for buyers. Otherwise, ther e are many people still having trouble. I can’t get done the portfolio grid stuff since I bought.

You can send me an email to spabrice[a]gmail.com

I answered your email.

I have few questions. I guess there are 2 ways to do what I want.

1. I created dropdown subpage from “Portfolio”. When I click on subpage it won’t load or it is exacly same portfolio categories that I see on “Portfolio”. I want to show different portfolio categories on every subpage but there is only one selection “all”or “one portfolio categories”.

So,my question is How do I solve this problem?

2. If question 1 is impossible with this theme.I want to create two portfolio pages. Also, I want to see different portfolio categories on every portfolio pages that I created.

How can I solve this problem?

Ok, forget about facebook comment ,I took care of it. But what about above mentioned filters and portfolio page problems. Could you take a look at those and update your theme?

there are several problem with this portfolio thing. Please take a look at the above comments one by one.Thank you

I checked everything. Portfolio works fine. You can add your categories in the main menu for subpages OR you can create pages and select the category you want for this page.

Good Work! :-) Good Luck for your work


I answered your email.

Hi there…I love your theme! I have a quick question when i set a featured image for my blog page …it doesn’t show however it works fine for all my other pages? Would you be able to let me know how to fix this? Thank you!!


thanks for purchasing my theme. I will check this.

I recently purchased the theme. I am mostly pleased, though I have run into snags in a few places. One example: Even when I check to disable the bread crumb, it still always shows up!

Another example, and the reason I am writing: The demo showed portfolio items using both the default (http://spab-rice.com/wordpress/yalu/portfolio/nerdie/) and full-width (http://spab-rice.com/wordpress/yalu/portfolio/funny-panda/) layouts. The actual theme seems to be forcing me to choose one layout for all portfolio items. I would like to use the default for some and the full-width for others. Any help?


yes currently you need to choose between fullwidth/default for all items. But I’m planning to add this feature to choose between the different items.

I can send you the fix for the breadcrumb bug. Send me an email to spabrice[a]gmail.com

I would also like to be able to use the slideshow/gallery feature in some of my portfolio projects and the list of images in others. Is there a way to do that? I don’t understand why I am limited to picking one portfolio type for all of my projects.

Does the theme support ecommerce shopping like jigoshop or woocommerce?


this theme does not support any ecommerce plugin.


Amazing theme! Quick question. It seems as though the logo for the theme is not showing up in some versions of IE. Any thoughts to why that might be happening? Thanks so much!


I answered your email.

Thank you!

Does this theme work on Multi Site?


I have no experiences with multisite but this themes is a normal premium theme. Does themes need any special functions to support multisite?

Great theme, highly recommended author as well. Received support for 3 queries very quickly. Thanks again!

Thank you again.


Nice template, thx

A little problem, when a create a sub menu, the clicable area on the submenu is very small Go to www.photographe-enfant.be Put your mouse on “A propos” and then on “Mon Univers” The submenu “Mon Univers” is green only between the n of univers and the s. Do you have a solution?



did you any customizations to the css? The submenu should be some pixels lower than it is now.

Hi, I recently purchased the theme and am experiencing breadcrumb issues… I just emailed you. Please let me know about the bug fix I read here for this.

Thanks so much

I answered your email.

I created dropdown subpage from “Portfolio”. When I click on subpage it won’t load or it is exactly same portfolio categories that I see on “Portfolio”. I want to show different portfolio categories on every subpage but there is only one selection “all”or “one portfolio category”. It is so limited that you can only choose one type of portfolio category/”ALL OR ONE” in portfolio. You told me that you gonna update the theme with that issue. Have you update it yet?


yes it’s been updated but needs to be approved by themeforest.