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Hello. Fantastic work. Just a notice that the ‘portfolio’ is broken on the example site.

Thank you very much. It should be working again.

Amazing theme and super easy to install + customise! Thanks so much! Best of luck with ongoing sales :)

Thank you very much for your kind words.

I’m having trouble with the “SR-Latest Tweets” widget. It doesn’t seem to retrieve a Twitter feed from any account I try. It only displays “loading tweets”. I see that the same thing is happening on your demo. Thank you!

Yes, twitter changed their API and the twitter widget is not working anymore. I recommend to use the “Recent twitter widget” by ThemePrince.


Ok. Thanks.

This theme is just an awesome one. I’ve tried many but nothing could beat this one. Plus,a technical support from spabrice is just superb. Spabrice, are you still connecting searchbox to portfolio? ( please surprise us ;) ) Also, is there any possible way to edit “Recent Works-portfolio” shortcode to show most popular portfolios?

It’s on the includes/loop-blog.php at line 54 for the blog pages (fashion).

And on theme-admin/functions/theme-general-features.php at line 190 for the post itself.

I tried that bu my DISQUS-blog is gone.:(

I’ve changed the loop-blog.php it is okay now

but how about the theme-general-feature.php

if ( get_option($sr_prefix.'_commentsblog')  'enabled' && $wp_query->post->comment_status  'open') { 
    $metacomments = '
  • '.get_comments_number($wp_query->post->ID).' '.__("Comments", 'sr_yalu_theme' ).'
  • '; } else { $metacomments = ''; }


    Is there a way to have a blog page, listing the most recently posted posts with excerpts on a page? Like an archive page, but for a single page so it can be on example.com/blog


    Cant see a blog template to choose from when selecting the template for a page. Is there one? Or do I need to create one? Thanks.

    No, there is no template needed for the blog. You need to go to Settings > Reading, and select the blog page for A static page > posts page.

    Please take also a look at the documentation.

    Ok, thanks. Have got it sorted now.

    can you help me?I cannot upload the .webm video format!!

    I just checked it, and everything worked fine on my end.

    I am experiencing that my some filter tripping and opening to Portfolio:Filter page instead of showing portfolios?

    Is it possible to add ‘roboto’ to the fonts for this theme


    yes this is possible by changing the option-panel.php. Search for the font list and add your font. Make sure that this font is supported by google.

    We purchased the Yalu Theme for WordPress. In trying to use the shortcode button in the Tinymce, The pop-up is returning an “Internal Server Error”. Any idea how we can resolve so we can use the shortcodes?

    Thank you

    I answered your email.

    Hi. How to add shortcut OUR CliENTS? Ty for explain

    In my live preview it’s just a title with logos in columns. So there is no specific shortcode for ‘the clients’.

    Hi there

    Firstly, great theme!

    I want to add the google font Mclaren to the fonts list in the theme options, how do i go about doing this?




    open the file option-panel.php (yalu/theme-admin/option-panel/option-panel.php) at line 1171 you should see the list of the fonts. Just add yours.

    hello there, popup for shortcodes doesn’t work for me. changed the permisions but no change. any ideas?



    did you tru to upload the theme via FTP?


    The close button on the pagination bar of of the blog is not working!

    Could anyone help me please!


    do you have a live preview to check this? Please send me an email for better support at spabrice[a]gmail.com

    Hi, is there a way to reorder the portfolios displayed on a page or will they have to be removed and uploaded in reverse order that I want them to appear? I didn’t see an option to set the order.



    just change the publication date of your portfilio items. The items are ordered by date.

    If comments are enabled on Portfolio pages with Left/Right selected the comments run into the content (ex. Details and Share this sections).

    Perhaps Spab has a better solution but as a band-aid I added .portfolio { overflow: hidden; } to Style.css so that the div would register the height of the content correctly.

    Hi there. I have a small problem with this website. When you add a new category in the portfolio, filtering disappears completely . Can you write me how to solve this problem. Thank you. bartekgolos()gmail.com


    do you have a live preview? I can’t confirm this issue. When I add a new portfolio category, filter display fine. Please send me an email for better support at spabrice[]gmail.com

    Hello, I’m loving the theme. I noticed that in Chrome and Safari the back to top button is not appearing. Any thoughts on how to force this feature in any browser?


    Nevermind, I commented out the custom scrollbar css and that did the trick. Cheers!

    Sorry for the delay. Glad you found a solution.

    Great theme, congratulations. One question: Is there any way to modify the gallery in order to accept external links on the images?



    unfortunately this is not possible

    Hi, I just purchased the theme and I love it. I have a quick question: what font did you use for the “YALU” logo?

    It’s a custom logo created by illustrator

    Can the portfolio images pop up in a light box instead of a new page? http://www.spab-rice.com/themeselector/?theme=yalu



    unfortunately not.