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Thanks a lot

Congratulations Great work.

Many thanks

Welcome to Themeforest and good luck ;)

Hi joomfx,

Glad to see you and I’m a real fan of you. Many thanks.

Joomla has 3x? What a shame!

There is a dot between 3 and x. BTW search google by your word joomla has 3x and lets see. Thanks

It is only compatible with joomla 2.5? And Joomla 3.1.1?

Now it is only compatible with Joomla 2.5.11 and next week it will be update with joomla 3. Recently Joomla pre-release their newer version for both 2.5 and 3.

you can check here: Link. I’m waiting for final news.


OK, I’ll wait for the version for joomla 3. I hope it will not take. thank you

Welcome to Themeforest family and good luck with sales.

Really thanks.

Great template! Good luck with sales!

Why u didn’t include into quick start images from demo?


It is Themeforest’s rules and for copyright issues. I mention it at the end of the item details. You can collect beautiful images from,

YbusiNess is a pixel perfect template and unique design. Good luck with sales….....

Hi – like this, will it include the .v3 version when you have done it or will that be a separate purchase?

In version 1.1, I included quickstart pack for Joomla 2.5 and 3. You can get all files within $45.


In that case I’m in – well done nice template!

i get 500 error when i activate your template using latest Joomla.

Dear tfallkvist, Many thanks for buying YbusiNess template.

Usually you know 500 error is server issue. I need more information to find out the problem. Please, mail me with your site url and admin access. Hope I will make a solution.


Solved it. Forgot framework

How to get the main menu to work and look like the demo? Look here:

Just install RokNav Menu from here : Download Link.

Is there an easy way to mod the font-size and font-family of the menu items? I would like to increase font size and change fonts.

Many thanks for buying YbusiNess Template.

Just go to templates less folder open menu.less file

For main menu font-size edit line # 88 and for sub-menu edit line # 30.

You can write font-family on line # 33. Hope it will solve your issue. Please, ask me for further assistance.

How do i get the Home-House icon in breadcrumbs? Thx for excellent-support!

There is a css mistake for YbusiNess 3 template, I will update it on next release. Css code will be:

Code screen shot for more clear.

Just go to ybiz.less file on line # 675 just delete s from .breadcrumbs

In gantry there is different s on breadcrumb class name.

Thx!! :)

I already have version 3 installed, how do I update to version 1.2? thank you

Dear I think you are using Joomla 3 with YbusiNess version 1.1.

Now download it (v.1.2) again from Themeforest

You can follow 2 procedure to update YbusiNess 1.2.

1. Find pack and install it from extension manager like you install a module or plugin

2. You just extract and replace template only 3 pack on templates\ts_ybiz folder.

Please, ask for further assistance or need more clear

Note: You need a backup to do this.

Great template, thank you. I have installed the quickstart as a guide as I wanted to use various elements from the demo. The About Us 2 is missing, as is Team 2 and Services 2. Is there any way I can get these pages

I must have the older version, i downloaded it on the 12th of August, I will install a new quick start wirth the new download, thanks for the great support, its really appreciated

Yes its all working now, I downloaded the files again and the quickstart has all the articles. Thanks again for the really quick support, I am impressed. :-)


Sorry for your inconvenience

You can check mail for update of any item. When an item updated a mail send with update notice.

Ask me for further assistance. If possible please give me a rating, it helps me to do better work and support.

hello, did the integration of facebook SDK in the index.php file but when I add: Article box to send the link is severed. This problem only happens in your template, and tested in other box opens completely. Here’s a link for you to even see the problem, just click the facebook button. Thanks

I see site is offline. You can mail me with site url and access on

Your site offline from back-end, you see because you are login but I have only see your site need to login:

i got this issue Error displaying the error page: Application Instantiation Error

Hi, Check your php version please. You can find the php version in the Joomla backend in the system info. See the post to solve this: Post 1 and Post 2

Please apply the solution and let me know. Regards


I see your problem is not solve yet. You can ask me for further assistance via mail

Hello, we have installed this template using the template content package, and now we are beginning to edit and customize the template. We have come across a few problems.

1. there are a few pages and module missing that we wanted to use. such as “about us 2” and “home page 3” & “slider 3” module & roksproket 2. there appears to be some styling missing as well. this is from the roksprokt extension

Do you have any idea how we can fix this, or can your support team fix it for us? this is a big problem for us, since we were planing on using these features of the the template. It is one of the reasons we purchased it. Thanks for your help.

About us 2 and home page 3 and slider 3 comes with version 1.2. You are using version 1.1. Please, download latest version from TF and collect them.

You can see the above post of johnmc65

You can mail me for further assistance on with your site url and admin access.

Answered on mail. You are using 1st version. About us 2, home3 added on 2nd version.


after doing the update to version 1.3 can not change the template in joomla administrator: Error: No HTTP response code found

I see your provided password not working for me now. Your error is 500 error which is a server issue.

Download gantry framework from here : Download Link and clean your browser cache from admin area.

If you still facing the issue, then please provided your admin access via email