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hello in the K2 blog there a copyrith fonction when you want to copyt the text and past on another website (See more at : ) See below an exemple from your demo

.....  Integer orci libero, varius eget venenatis quis, cursus vitae orci? - See more at:

How to remeve this coryrith fonction ?

Sorry, I’m not clear about your issue, specially the code. #sthash.33oqbSZf.dpuf

How i can change the color to red

another question, please let me know how i can change the map in contact us.

1. Please, go to template manager from admin area ->> find style tab ->> change text color from here. See screen shot also

2. Find contact us map from module manager on utility-a position. On the right side you can see parameters. Just change Latitude and Longitude.

Please, ask me for further assistance or you can mail at Regards



how can i change the font color of the header menu?

thanks a lot.

PS: amazing template!!!


but it doesnt work.

// Basic font stuff .item { font-size:16px; line-height: @menuLineHeight; color: #171A3C; font-family:@headingFonts; padding: 4px 8px; text-align: left; text-decoration: none; display: block; outline: 0; cursor: pointer; .transition(background 0.2s ease-out, border 0.2s ease-out);
Hi! tomghost,

Extremely sorry for wrong support. I was not in-front of PC.

Actually you find the code on templates\ts_ybiz\less\preset.less line # 48

You can see : .item { color: @textcolor; }

Just write your desire code like .item{color : #000}


Hi, I already have version 3 installed and when i try to upload it with extension manager, i get this error: There was an error uploading this file to the server. Thanks.

You can follow 2 procedure to update YbusiNess template.

1. Choose your desire template. If you are using Joomla 2.5 then collect template only pack j2.5 or you are using Joomla 3 then collect template only pack J3. Then install it from extension manager like you install a module or plugin

2. You just extract template only j25 or j3 pack and replace on templates\ts_ybiz folder.

Make sure that you are not installing quickstart pack from extension manager.


How to change font type with Latin-ext format Google fonts for menu and body?

I used font-face property to call google fonts. Collect your fonts and paste it on templates fonts folder.

Please, open templates\ts_ybiz\less\template.less file then you can see css code for font.

On variables.less file I made variables for body and heading fonts.

@headingFonts : YanoneKaffeesatzLight; @bodyFont : pt_sansregular;

Then call them on template.less file line # 42 with the variable @bodyFont and for menu font go to menu.less file on line # 33 you can see I called here @headingFonts

Please, let me know for further assistance.

Very nice theme ! Good luck with sales.

Many thanks, mate.

A big thank you to TrippleS for all of your quick replies and support and for the professional feel and look of the ‘Ybusiness’ template.

Tack så mycket!

Ok I understand..thank you for the tip. I might try that.

If I wanted to change the name of “Message *” to something else in the current contact form where can I change it?

Thank you.

Just go to language\en-GB\en-GB.com_contact.ini , open with any editor -> Line # 17 you can see COM_CONTACT_CONTACT_ENTER_MESSAGE_LABEL=”Message”.

Change the name from here


Thank you…I will do that! :-)

Hi, how can I change the background? Where can I find the image? I’d like to change the color of the grid. Thanks.

Thanks for your prompt reply. Works like a charm. So a final question….I’m also looking for documentation on how to get the FAQ thingy and the module you have on display on home 5, with the ‘about company’, ‘company history’ ect. Thanks again, love the template.

For faq create some article with a category name faq. And show them with module rocksprocket type list. See the shot for configuration here

For the tab – see the documentation folder on YbusiNess bundle

Let me know further assistance and Many thanks for your comments

Thanks again!


I have a little problem. I take a screenshoot. Please look it.

SecreenShot Link :

This title comes by custom html module manually. Just go to module manager search Features on pagetitle position. Rename it from text editor and show it for your desire menu from bottom part, where you can see menu selection.

Let me know for further assistance.

Thanks for quick answer. My problem is solved. Best wishes.


I just purchased the template and I can’t get the ts_ybusiness_quickstart_j3 zip file to install in my Joomla 3 demo. I can get the ts_ybusiness_template_only_j25_j3 file to install, just no the the quick start. I am using for hosting, and they focus on CMS (especially Joomla) site hosting.

Do you have some ideas as to what the problem may be?

I can’t get the ts_ybusiness_quickstart_j3 zip file to install in my Joomla 3 demo
I want to clear about the issue. When you download the bundle did you not see any quickstart pack or you are not able to install the quickstart pack 3. file itself a joomla. It will not install on your existing joomla site from extension manager. Just upload and install it like a fresh joomla package.

Thanks for the quick response. I found instructions from the hosting company that I use on how to get it all working. Thanks again.

Hi there! I love your template, congratulations. I have two questions for now:

  1. Can I use 2 or even 3 different colours for different parts of the web?
  2. I would love to use a simple vertical menu in the sidebar. The way it displays at the moment isn’t as sleek as the rest of the template, can you help me find a nice CSS to add to the menu module?
Thank you in advance for your help.

No, next update I will add the css for right menu. You just install the template only pack from extension manager or replace the template only pack. Thanks.

Thank you. I think there might need to be made a small change in the side bar modules for the class=”readon”, as you have now changed the text to green with the result that the button’s text isn’t visible any more: – I tried other btn class options, but they don’t work as nicely. Kind regards.

Use standard bootstrap class for button.

Like: <a class="btn btn-primary" href="#">Buy Theme</a>

thanks for previous answers – I will look at them and answer later. I am working on my local server and can’t send you links, sorry! Another questions: I have great problems making the Portfolio appear:

  1. I created the module with Rocksprocket and called it “Shows”, it includes all the articles that I want it to show.
  2. I created the extra article called “Shows”, which includes the short code {loadposition portofolio1}
  3. Finally, I created the menu item to link to the single article called “Shows”

What am I missing? The page just won’t show up and I can’t find any reference in your documentation. Thank you.

For portfolio make sure that your position name is portofolio1 on roksprocket module and from assignment tab you selected correct menu, its may be “Shows”. I’m preparing other answers.

I discovered the mistake I made:when creating the generic page that calls the module, I had categorised it which buggered up the page. It’s important to keep it uncategorized so that it doesn’t appear in the module!

Nice theme!

Many thanks. Hope my next template will be nice more and more flexible to customize. Stay with me. Regards.

Hi, I buy your theme and I can’t find psd files

Where You sent the file ? I don’t have anything on my e-mail.

Oh, I send it to now forward it to

Sorry for the mistake.

Great, thanks!

When i changed layout from boxed to fullwidth, slider is not change to be fullwidth style?

How can i fix it?

Hope to hear answer from you soon, thanks!

Thank you so much!

...I have another problem!

I install joomla 2.5 by using “Quick start” from template files. When I create menu and edit menu item type to be registration form, website is not show registration form page but show login! (User Name, Password, Remember me, Forgot your password?, Forgot your username?)

Help me please!!!

From admin area go to users -> user manager -> on the right side you can see options button. Open it and just make Allow User Registration yes. Let me know the result.

I got it! Thank you

In the index.php file of the template, there is probably a small error:

row 224:

</div> </div> <?php /* End Debug / endif; ?>

the second div needs to be put bottom of conditional code, in this way:

</div> <?php / End Debug */ endif; ?> </div>

Pls verify ii I am right (or not). thanks

See the full code of debug area:

<?php /** Begin Debug **/ if ($gantry->countModules('debug')) : ?> <div id="rt-debug"> <div class="rt-container"> <?php echo $gantry->displayModules('debug','standard','standard'); ?> <div class="clear" /> </div> </div> <?php /** End Debug **/ endif; ?>

Your written code is wrong. See the above code.

Hi There,

We have been using this template and when we go to the template area none of the tabs eg Style, features, layouts etc work.

Can you please advise?


Please, email your admin access.


I have a problemm with IE. The templete is not compatible with IE8 and IE9.

Can you change that?


Mail send.

thank you. now everything is fine

If you satisfied with my template, please give me a rate. It will help me lot.

Hi Love the template, I was wondering how I can replicate the design you used for the testimonial tabs in your documentation index file, also the Home3 Tab, how can I get these to be the same, I have tried many things but can get the design, also was there meant to be any PSD files attached in the download? Thanks

Many thanks for your choice. Please, see the documentation for Testimonial and Home 3 Tab. Here you can see the position and details information. If you need more help to do this, you can send your admin access via mail.

Psd files not included with template bundle. Regards.

<div class="clearfix"> <a class="topSocial fb" href="#"><span class="icon-facebook"> </span></a> <a class="topSocial twt" href="#"><span class="icon-twitter"> </span></a> <a class="topSocial lnkdin" href="#"><span class="icon-linkedin"> </span></a> <a class="topSocial gplus" href="#"><span class="icon-google-plus"> </span></a></div>
Put your link on a href=”LINK_HERE”.

Like: <a class="topSocial fb" href=""><span class="icon-facebook"> </span></a>

Hope it will solve your issue. Thanks a lot and if you like my template please give me a rate.

thanks again for all your help. i really appreciate your speedy replies.

i rated you (5* :-)) via the download section.

thanks again.

Really glad to help you. Many thanks and best wishes.