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Cool template. Very easy to adjust to fit your needs. Fast support by email

Really glad to see it. Many thanks. Regards.

Hello Is it possible to have example “contents” with template ? Thanks

Did you mean dummy data look like demo?

yes exactly

Dear, you have to install ybusiness_quickstart_pack(recommended) folder. Its itself a joomla with dummy data. Please, follow the documentation and don’t install quickstart pack from extension manager.

Please, ask me If I can be of further assistance


I have a problem with IE. The template (full width layout) is not compatible with IE8 and IE9.

Can you send me an instruction to ?


Mail send. Hope next week I will make an update of YbusiNess template. Thank you.

OK, Tks

I’ve installed the package quickly install, but every time I open a blank home page there is no display at all?

for all admin pages are ok,, help please on, I’ve been many times to install but does not work well

I’ve also just tried to install a template in Joomla 3 and the result is the same.

I am using joomla version 3

Thank you

Website :

Please, mail me your admin access to

ok , Please check your mail

How i can change the logo and make it with another size

There are two methods of changing the YbusiNess logo: via the logo picker and manual change.

The Logo Picker

1. Enable Logo and set to Custom from Admin -> Extensions -> Templates Manager -> th_ybiz -> Style.

Set Logo Picker to MediaManager and Select your logo, Insert and Save. See the screen shot for clear more.

Manual Change

Upload logo.png to the templates/ts_ybiz/images/presets/preset2/logo.png directory

Adjust the height and width from templates/ts_ybiz/less/template.less file line # 68. Clear your browser cache and refresh.

#rt-logo { margin: 0; width: 200px; height: 36px; display: block; }

Thanks a lot.

Hi there, great template! I am having a couple small issues with it however.

The Category Blog layout is appearing without any styling.

And modules that are assigned to menue items, aren’t always appearing.

Please respond with a way of privately sending you site access.

Please, mail me your admin access to

Having some trouble with Google Chrome and being able to view a video on the home page slideshow. Its there, but its not. Please look:

Please, write the below css to templates ybiz to templates/ts_ybiz/less/ybiz.less file

iframe, svg{ width: 320px !important; max-width: 400px !important; }

You can adjust width as you want

How do I go about changing the icons on the front page. The ones that turn.

The modules published on feature-a, feature-b, feature-c, feature-d positions. Here is the list of ICONS.

You can use icons from Font AweSome also.

Code will be like that: <span class="icon-info"> </span>

Please, see the documentation also. You can also mail me for further issue to

I’m having some weird problems with this template… there seems to be some ghosts in mine. In the error console for Firebug there’s this error:

“NetworkError: 404 Not Found –"

Please help!

Please, send your site url with admin access to


Thanks for all your help in the past. I think there is a z-index problem w/ the dropdown menu and the RevSlider. The dropdown will intermittently clip/disappear behind the slider when the mouse is not moving. This occurs on your demo as well. If you hover over a menu item, then wait, the drop down will disappear. I am testing in chrome.

I updated, but didn’t use the quick start. Ok, will try that.

Hi, I just reinstalled the quickstart j3, and the dropdown still hides behind the slider in Chrome. It works fine in FF. This is usually a position relative/absolute or opacity issue, or a (-)z-index usage somewhere – chrome handles these weird. Been trying to find something obvious in the menu.less file, but I don’t see it. Changing the z-index values has no effect.

Please, mail me your site address, I will send you the solution to see in Chrome.


I am trying to publish a module consisting of 5 rocksprocket tiles to a root menu item in order to make an image drop down. There are intermittent problems, but consistently the tiles show up vertically instead of horizontal, and they often do not show the images correctly. If you have a moment can you try to publish a similar module to the menu and see if you get the same results?

Can you please share your site url with the issue. It will be helpful to solve the issue. Regards.


First of all: This template is amazing!!

Except for one problem.. The slider (Roksprocket, Features) on the homepage is not diplaying correctly in IE9. The slides are being showed one below the other instead of as slides. In IE8, IE10, Chrome and FF it’s shown correctly.

Is there a quick fix for this problem?

I just check YbusiNess and the slider is perfect on standard IE9 browser. Can you please share your site url via mail and what is your Operating System.

Many thanks for you comment.

Dir sir,

I try to install quickstart for Joomla 3. Could you please to guide me how to install the default site as I shown in demo. (I installed but see the default joomla site only).


No, I mean that a tag which have more than one word (ex: tag “business 1”, “business 2”...), not 2 tags.

I used roksprocket component from Rocket Theme. On roksprocket module I think its need customization. Basically there is no option now.

Ok, thanks for your support.

I uninstalled K2, and the site now appears this error: Error: 0 – SQL=SELECT DISTINCT AS ID, AS name, c.alias AS alias FROM w0vji_k2_categories AS c LEFT JOIN w0vji_k2_items AS content ON = content.catid WHERE ( = 1 ) AND c.published = 1 AND c.access <= 3;


1. Make sure that you have no menu item which is selected to K2. 2. You have deleted the modules which have data source with k2.

There are some rules to delete a component. I think you follow the rules. Make sure that you have a backup of your site, also.

You can mail me your site access to

Hi, is it already compatible with Joomla 3.2 /3.x? Is it possible to change background colour? All samples are in grey colour, white colour possible?

Yes, it is compatible with Joomla 3.2. You can change easily the background color. Thanks.

Nice template. Option will make k2 insertion,I see nowhere extension k2 ?

Dear, many thanks for your comment. I used K2 for blog feature. You can check out to the link.

Please, let me know If I can be of further assistance.


How can I change the floating menu to fixed menu? Best wishes.

Did you not installe YbusiNess template.

I don’t understand anything your answer. I already installed Y business Theme. Main menu is floating when page scrolling! How to fix main menu position? I want to be main menu is always fixed position.

Sorry for my bad English. Thanks.

Mail me your site url to

Hello, I installed the template only on joomla 3, but revolution slider was not installed with template and also is not included in the package.

I’m really sorry that some how reveolution slider was missing on v.1.7. Next update I will added it. Now Please provide your mail address to

Hello. I purchased this tempalte, but the Firebug showing error: “NetworkError: 404 Not Found – http://..../templates/ts_ybiz/css-compiled/style.less" and: “NetworkError: 404 Not Found – http://..../templates/ts_ybiz/images/logo/powered.png"

Template is incomplete? I build my website on local server.

Thanks Paul

Can you give the date this new update?

Besides yours template has a lot of W3c validation errors. 21 Errors, 7 warning(s)

At the moment can`t use this template because a lots of validation errors. This is important. Can tou fix that quickly?

Dear, please see the comment from your given url:
The validator checked your document with an experimental feature: HTML5 Conformance Checker. This feature has been made available for your convenience, but be aware that it may be unreliable, or not perfectly up to date with the latest development of some cutting-edge technologies.

There are some errors from html5 issue which not supported in I assure that you can run you site.

Next Tuesday I will submit an update of YbusiNess.

Dear, I’m really sorry I can’t submit the template on Tuesday. I need more times. But you can send me your site ftp access to I will fix the html5 issue.


I installed this template and I like it. But there’s a question for me, how can I set up the home page menu’s display? I want it just display two levels of menus. Such as HOME->HOME1->home1 I don’t want the home1 display on the homepage menu navigation. Where can I set up it? Thank you

From menu manager open Home Menu. You can change menu alias or you can set Browser Page Title from Page Display Tab. Let me know for further assistance. Glad to see you :)