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nice work, gud luck :)

Thanks a lot!

Great job, glws o7

Thank you!

Awesome work! GLWS! ;)

Thanks a lot!

Is this theme compatible with WordPress?

Hi, Not, this is a HTML version, but we are working on the WordPress now. Regards!

I’m trying to take a look at the multi page demo, but it seems it is the same as the one page demo. Did you made a mistake or am I not seeing the difference?

Thanks for notice, issue fixed.

I am having a style problem, Font Awesome doesnt work. Need support.

Download the theme again. We have updated the theme.

Definitely should have checked before I bought the theme. Is there a wordpress version available?

Ww don’t know, it’s pending some verifications.

Any way I can get a refund. I’d much prefer the wordpress version, it’s a lot easier to manage on my side.

Sorry, but we can’t help you with this.


I have 2 questions:

- How can the search button in the header be used, I can’t figure that out? - Is there an admin panel in the package, because I saw a blog functionality?

Hi, this is a html theme, function works in wp version

well done! good luck to you! ;)

Thanks ;)