Discussion on Yoga Club - Fitness and Lifestyle WordPress Theme

Discussion on Yoga Club - Fitness and Lifestyle WordPress Theme

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Hi, In product catalog page what i need is the whole thumbnail clickable. Right now i have to click on view details to enter product page. Can you help me with it ?

Hello @westernbees,

This is possible with custom coding. You can edit it from

../themes/yoga-club/woocommerce/theme-custom/woo-functions.php - line #502

Thank you.

hello, when I go to the classes page and modify the metabox “Exclude Classes Categories” I exclude a category, it does not exclude it but displays it anyway. What can I do? Thank’s

i replaced the plugin but it keeps doing the same problem. I exclude a category in the classes page but when I view the page I see it anyway.

MetaBox Version 5.4.6

Please use version 5.4.4 or send your website admin login details from our profile page form ( https://themeforest.net/user/softwebmedia ) so I can fix it.

Please can you update the plugin that I show you below is giving problems after the update of WordPress 5.5 the Jquery it uses is outdated and obsolete. Thanks

JQuery Migration Helper – Warnings encountered

This page has generated the following warnings:

- https://atisha.es/wp-content/plugins/yoga-club-shortcodes/shortcodes/tinymce/js/popup.js: jQuery.fn.live() is deprecated - https://atisha.es/wp-content/plugins/yoga-club-shortcodes/shortcodes/tinymce/js/popup.js: jQuery.fn.live() is deprecated - https://atisha.es/wp-content/plugins/yoga-club-shortcodes/shortcodes/tinymce/js/popup.js: jQuery.fn.live() is deprecated

Please make sure that you are using the latest version of all your plugins and your theme. If so, you can ask the developers of the code mentioned in the warnings to do an update.

Hello solidoes,

If you are using latest version of YogaClub theme and NPO Sites Shortcodes plugin then ignore this warning because we fixed .live deprecated function with another custom function to fix javascript error.

Thank you.

My theme has not been updated since 2018, why can it be? that I have to update it manually? the version I have now is 1.11. The messages is not a question of ignoring them or not, it is that I had to install the Enable jQuery Migrate Helper plugin for WordPress to work, that is the problem

Please use FTP server to update the theme because it is issue of WordPress 5.5. I am not ignoring your question but giving you the solution. Please use previous solution and deactivate jQuery migration helper plugin.

Hi there,

I tried to ad the logo in the appareance section and I used the dimensions you say in the documentation but I can not ad the logo to the all width there is always a little white to left and right. My logo is blue and I dont want the white color on the sites. Could you please help me? Thanks

Hello Yonandaniel,

Please add below custom css to replace white background with blue background. You can replace background rgb color value as per your choice.

.yogaclub_logo, .yogaclub_logo_left_bg {
    background: #1ba5e9;

Thank you.

Thanks for the custom css but if I do that the logo is not centered. Also the logo doesnt appear on mobile phones…

Hello Yonandaniel,

1. There are two options to upload logo image in logo section. Please upload retina size logo from customizer.
2. Add below custom css to hide topbar right section in mobile display

@media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {  
    .yogaclub_topbar_right { display:none; } 

Thank you.

Hello. I bought your theme. I really like. But the Fonts are corrupt. Also, I couldn’t create the store section. Can you help me ? Site: http://www.test.saraycatcam.com

Im send

Im wait

Issue is fixed. I already replied your email.

Hi, The menu is sticky on the theme but it doesn’t appears sticky in my website. Please can you advise from where I can do this setting for my website

Hello arifa_raj,

You can enable sticky menu from Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Top Navigation > Sticky Menu (at bottom) > Enable “Sticky Menu”

Thank you.

Hello sir,

Rakesh Verma here, recently i have purchased your Yogaclub wordpress theme your theme is good & awesome customization facility available there. but i got little bit problem is that you can see in course pages . i have shared the link. https://rishikeshyogahome.com/yogaclub-classes/100-hours-yttc/ in this course page the 3 problems are facing . . 1. In the Link of couses i cant changes the yogaclub-classes 2. CLASS DETAILS sidebar is just down appears. . 3. In the class page i am not able to customize the page with wp bakery.

these are the major three problems by which currently i am facing a lot. Please help me out asap beacuse of this client is unhappy right now . .

so please let me know with proper guidance to fix these issues. .

regards rakesh

Hello Rakesh,

1. Please install child theme and follow steps as per already answered question. ( http://tiny.cc/evmvoz )

2. Please send your website admin login details from our profile page form ( https://themeforest.net/user/softwebmedia ) so I can check class detail page side bar issue.

3. Class main page is using classes template so you can’t edit it from WPBakery but you have to use “Page Options” metabox beow wpbakery editor.

Thank you.

Hi team,

First of all thank you so much for providing such a great theme. I have installed it on my local xampp server but have an issue, the counters are not working. Please can you advise.

Hi arifa_raj,

Please update event count down date if counters are on same page.

I can help you to fix issue with live site. Please check plugin conflict error with browser (inspect element – console). Disable all plugins which are not recommended and suggested with theme activation.

Thank you.

Hello dear,

You adviced me to use LOCO TRANSLATE to translate plugins and theme. And its work fine. But not for the date. For exemple, it appear june 21 2020 .. But in French, its the opposite 21 june 2020. I didnt fine the right way to make it right! Do you have any idea dear ? Thank you for your precious help!

Thank you for your very precious help. It was helpfull and your reactivity is appreciated. I recommand your theme !

I am getting two other problems dear. 1. In class page, there is a sidebar which show details of the class and the planning. But i saw if there is only one date, nothing appear. I dont know what to do dear about that! 2. In pricing table with images, there is a list with kind of point with small pink pics and we add some texts but me it doesnt go right. You can check on the page: https://boosteurdexcellence.com/abonnement


Hello Marion,

1. I am not getting date issue point. I tested with only open date and also single next date field and it works perfect in sidebar. Can you give us more detail. Please check “Metabox” plugin is updated with latest version.

2. Pricing list is icons list shortcodes. Click on Blue color plus icon of “Table Conent” editor toolbar. Click on “List Styles” from dropdown > Click on Icons list.

You can select icon from icons list and set color, enter text etc. from opened popup.

Thank you.

Hello dear. I am getting some problems!

1.I am french and i wish to show everything in my website in french but i dont find the way to change the “view all” in classes page. I need it with “Tous”.

2. I dont find the way to modify the content for the tabs page ‘happiness” “meditation”... I just find the way to add it but not modify or delete it !

Please, are you able to help me dear ?

Thank you for your precious help!


Hello Marion,

Thank you for purchasing the theme.

1. You can use Loco Translate plugin to edit all string in French language. Theme has ready translate file .pot in languages folder which will automatically detect by this plugin. You can refer video tutorials.

Short video tutorial : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fZTe2Ae_SA

Long Video tutorial : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qLkdl97PU0

2. You can edit/delete by hover tab element. When you will hover on these element, you will find small green color popup which has edit, delete, duplicate and move icons. ( screenshot )

Thank you.

Good morning,

The yoga club short codes plugin in the latest update is causing an error (inspection readout: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘call’ of undefined)

Do you have an update on what may be occurring?

Hello rda0077,

We are not getting this error. Please update all plugins. If this step doesn’t help to fix the issue then please send your website admin login details from our profile page form ( https://themeforest.net/user/softwebmedia ) so we can check and fix the issue.

Thank you.

I’ve downloaded the latest version and uploaded it the yoga-club folder, but WPBakery Page Builder is still not updated.

What should i do to get the latest version of that plugin?

Thank you very much!

Hello yechezkel72,

We uploaded theme today which has latest version of WPBakery and Slider Revolution plugins. Please download YogaClub version 1.16.

Thank you.

Good morning; as of this morning with wordpress update 5.2.2, the theme is having significant issues with load times. Are you aware of any issues?

Hello rda0077,

Good Morning.

WordPress update ( not installation ) version 5+ is making site slower and it will be fixed by WordPress team in future.

You can check same problem with other themes after update 5+ : https://wordpress.org/support/topic/hyper-slow-loading-after-update-to-5-0/

There are some ways which can help to load website faster like image optimization, cache plugin, zip-compress css, javascript etc.

Video tutorial : http://tiny.cc/p7oj8y

Thank you.

hi can you tell me what file/line to edit to change the permalink of */portfolios/

i would like it to be a different name- thanks

Hello rykunz83,

You can use filters to change slug name like ””“portfolios”

Below is an example code where “myportfolio” is new slug in place of “portfolios”

if ( ! function_exists('rykunz_portfolio_slug')) {
    function rykunz_portfolio_slug() {

        $labels = 'myportfolio';
        return $labels;

 add_filter( 'swmsc_portfolio_slug', 'rykunz_portfolio_slug' );

You can add this code in theme’s function.php file or child theme’s function.php file.

After adding this code in child theme or parent theme function file, flush permalinks to add new slug URLs in database otherwise it will show “404 Page”. ( You can refer YouTube video for “flush permalinks” steps )

Thank you.


I just installed the theme and the demo, all ok minus the homepage in which the search header button and also the upload button in the footer do not work.


Can you help me

Hello solidoes,

Please update event count down with upcoming date and check search icon.

If this step doesn’t help to fix the issue then please send your website admin login details from our profile page form ( https://themeforest.net/user/softwebmedia ) so we can check and fix it.

Thank you.

Update event count down? What is that? a plugin? I do not have it installed, I have only installed the theme and the demo

our website http://atishayogaschool.com/ mobile view menu not working kindly suggest we are using your paid version theme

Hello atishayoga,

It looks any custom javascript is creating conflict with theme’s menu and other javascript functions. Please disable any plugin which are not included or suggest by theme and remove any custom javascript to check menu issue.

If this step will not help to fix the issue then please send your website admin login details from our profile page contact form ( https://themeforest.net/user/softwebmedia ) so we can check and give you feedback.

Thank you.

How do I change the order in which the classes are displayed?

Hello spiderweb-at-work,

You can change class post publish date to change order for classes. For example you can make first position for any specific class post with new date ( recent date ) than other classes post.

Thank you.

Hi, is there any ways to change the text ‘Class Details’ on the right side of certain class pages to something like ‘Session Details’ or ‘Lesson Details’.

The link below shows a screenshot of the text I am taking about. Thanks.


Hi spiderweb-at-work,

You can edit this text from “single-swmsc-classes.php’ file line #78.

You can edit this file from Admin > Appearance > Editor > select “YogaClub” from top right dropdown > click on “single-swmsc-classes.php” file name from right side file/folder lists.

If you are using child theme then it is better for permanent backup otherwise you have to do this change with every theme update.

Child theme tutorial : https://goo.gl/2YiVpA

( You can add “single-swmsc-classes.php” file in child theme )

Thank you.

Thank you for the swift response. Worked like a charm. Was quick and easy enough. Appreciated.

Thank you spiderweb-at-work for your feedback.

How do I change the contents of the sidebars?

The one that appears on Blog

Hello spiderweb-at-work,

You can edit sidebar content from

Admin > Apperance (menu on left side) > Widget

Drag and drop desired widgets in Blog sidebar box on right side.

Thank you.

1. How do I change social icons on the top bar and bottom bar? 2. How I remove copyright text at the bottom?


Hi spiderweb-at-work,

You can change it from admin > appearance > customize > social media icons…and > footer > small footer (at bottom).

Thank you.


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