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Looks really nice!

Thanks feedell !

first to purchase – will comment after I set it up :-)

Looking forward. Thanks holcombpaul!

Awesome job – def purchase later. Good luck

Thanks charlie :)

Tansh, fresh layout and strong design! Good luck with sales!

Thanks VP :)


I notice in IE the email icon in the top right doesn’t show. Also check were the testimonials are – the dots overlap the text instead of running across the bottom.

Hello wwesn,

1. “IE 8?”, try to refresh page, you will get pager right (see IE8 screenshot ), still I will look in it and let you know.

2. Regarding icon for mail, I’ve disabled call, mail and twitter icon for IE8 . You can find it in “style.css in browser fixes” section.

Thanks, Tansh

Tansh please tell me how to fix for russian language support fonts…

Hello, replace this in the head section -

<link href=’http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans:400,300,300italic,600&subset=latin,cyrillic-ext' rel=’stylesheet’ type=’text/css’>

Hope this woks.

thanks, tansh

tansh thanx, its really working…


Great Template for Landing Page.

In internet Explorer IE8 the icons looks square instead of leaf form. Why?

Regards, Jose

Hello jnevarez,

IE 8 itself do not support border-radius property, it needs to give some fix (like through htc file etc.), I’ve not included such fix.

Instead of giving such fix, ‘leaf image’ can be assigned to “icon-bg”, for IE8 only (if it is that necessary).

Drop me mail through profile page, if you need any assistance for this.

Thanks, Tansh

How about captcha or something on the comment box? (or am i the only one getting spammed from it?)

Hello, Will consider it in next update, but not 100% sure. Thanks

tansh please tell me how to fix js for twitter? replace twitter.js only? not working…


Please drop me mail, along with your link (through profile page). Will have a look.

Hello nice job!

The image we can see in this demo template are also on the images you provide? If not where can i buy?


Hi Dibuman,

Images are not included in download file. Source of images is given in credits – on ‘Item Details’ page (under heading ‘photos’). Thanks.

Hi, how to remove the Responsive effect ?

Hi Stephane,

To remove responsiveness do as follows:

1. Head – Remove following form head

<meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width; initial-scale=1.0; maximum-scale=1.0; user-scalable=0;”>

2. skeleton.css – Remove grid system for tablet / mobile from skeleton.css (~ line no. 151 to 318)

3. style.css – Remove section no. 3 “Media queries” from style.css


do you have demo on white background?


Hi, do not have this variation with download file, but created a demo quickly.

Younic with white background

Background color can be changed in style.css. Let me know if any further query. Thanks.

thank you.. i have purchased it already..

may i know where to change the color.. so that i can test few color to match our main theme


As below (in style.css) :

body ( Section no. 1.2 - General styles )
.row ( Section no. 2.1 - Common divs )
#copyright ( Section no. 2.6 - copyright )

How can I get the logo to be at the center (instead of the left) when on mobile mode?

Hi, it can be achieved through media queries. Drop me mail via my profile page form (please through the account you have used for purchase). Thanks.

is this a wordpress theme?

No, it is not a WordPress theme.