Discussion on Youplay - Game Template Based on Bootstrap

Discussion on Youplay - Game Template Based on Bootstrap

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Paid for support yet no support?

Hi, I purchased the Wordpress one, please can I get a refund for this one

Hey. Answered in the ticket system.

Thank, replied in in ticket

Hi, I really need assistance, I have opened a ticket

Hey. Answered in the ticket system.

hola acabo de comprar esta impresionante plantilla pero es html no worpress como puedo cambiarla y comprar la version worpress ?

podéis ayudarme ? me equivocado pensé que era para worpress soy aficionado de los videojuegos no se de HTML como puedo recuperar el dinero y comprar el mismo thema para worpress

Hey. Refunded since you purchased the WordPress theme.

Hi, how to use contact.php from folder php? Tq


A little example placed here – https://nkdev.info/docs/youplay-html/php/contact-form/

Regards, nK.

I want to purchase this beautiful template, can you tell me sql database table is provided or not, and user can upload their profile pic or not & finally can I upload this website in my domain…



This is HTML template – static files like HTML, CSS and JS. All backend code you will need to write by yourself.

You can try WordPress theme – https://themeforest.net/item/youplay-gaming-wordpress-theme/11959042

Regards, nK.

hey i purchased this yesterday and immediately opened a ticket as i needed to buy the wp version not the html version. please credit back so i can make the correct purchases! – thanks

Hi. Answered in the ticket system.

Hi nK, Could you check my refund request please. I just submit the request because it was accidentally purchased and share hosting is not support the feature. Kindly help. Anachak

Hi Anachak.

You need to use the template from the /dist/ directory. NodeJS is required for developers only, who want to modify source files from /src/ directory.

Please, see files structure info in documentation – https://nkdev.info/docs/youplay-html/getting-started/files-structure/

Regards, nK.

Добрый день!Ваша тема поддерживает русский язык? Спасибо.


This is HTML template, not a theme. WordPress theme you can find here – https://themeforest.net/item/youplay-gaming-wordpress-theme/11959042

You will need to translate the theme strings https://nkdev.info/docs/wordpress-themes-basic/theme-translation/

Regards, nK.

hi, its giving me an error The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. help?


This is an HTML template, but you looking for a WordPress theme.

Regards, nK.

hello! Just bought this for Mobirise but having issues uploading it to the Mobirise site builder… what am I doing wrong?

Answered in ticket system.


I have a pagination with the laravel framework but I have a problem that when I insert my code into the template structure the option event.preventDefault (); does not work the same keeps redirecting to another page .. I would be able to tell me if I would have to do something or if it is incompatible with your javascripts. Why seeu I put the same code in an empty html works correct

this is my javascript code:

$(document).on('click', '.pagination a', function(event){
   event.preventDefault(); //not work on that template.
   var page = $(this).attr('href').split('page=')[1];
   var column_name = $('#hidden_column_name').val();
   var sort_type = $('#hidden_sort_type').val();
   var query = $('#serach').val();            
   fetch_data(page, sort_type, column_name, query);


The problem with the `fadeBetweenPages` option. You can try one of these solutions:

1. Try also add `event.stopPropagation();` in your callback. I’m not sure it will work but just try.

2. Add `no-fade` class on your link.

3. Disable `fadeBetweenPages` option for a whole site in `/assets/js/youplay-init.js`

Regards, nK.

Thanks a lot.. Now it’s work. i used the option 3.. xD

I ordered a template, but in my account there is no download.


You should ask Envato for help https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us

Hello, I’ve decided to move from WP to this template in order to tweak more aspects of the template and make it as dynamic as possible. Awesome work, from what I’ve seen so far. I just have one single question regarding the profile pages, etc. In WP, I used the Shooter Template. The profile page matched the colors, and looked perfect. However, I am wondering where I can find such pages in this template. There’s only the “normal” profile, in the purple-ish color, but there’s no darker, “shooter” profile. Thanks for the help! Keep up the good work.


This is the profile page – https://html.nkdev.info/youplay/user-profile.html

The difference between Shooter and other styles are just a CSS file.

You need to open your HTML file and change `youplay.min.css` to `youplay-shooter.min.css` (or non-minified `youplay.css`).

Regards, nK.

Oh, I didn’t think it’d be that easy! Awesome work. :)

Hello, i would like to buy this template (youplay html) but i’m a complete noob in html/php… i want to ask you, if you would like to help me to install everything a-z (MySQL etc…) then i will buy it right away. website i’m going to work on it is this one http://chikimaro.com/

Kind regards.


We are don’t provide installation and customization services, so you first need to find a freelancer, that may help with it.

Regards, nK.

i can pay extra !

Hello _nk, is this still an on going project? It’s been a year since you updated it. Thank you in advance.


Youplay is working fine and don’t have any bugs (if you see something, we will fix it, ofc), this why it is not updated for a long time. But we have plans for this template and it will get a huge update in coming months. All bundled vendor plugins will be updated, including Bootstrap (currently used v3 and will be migrated to v4) and template will be updated visually.

Regards, nK.

Hi nk, Please help us. When we click a primary menu with a specific link, there is no response. It stays as it is. When we traverse through drop down menu link. it moves to the specific page. We need menu with out drop down. Please help and suggest to fix the problem. Thanks.

Yes mate…

Also please provide a example to hide banner at responsive mode. Thanks….

Filter buttons dropdown for mobile added in TODO list.

To hide banner you can use custom CSS:

@media screen and (max-width: 500px) {
    .youplay-banner {
        display: none;

500px – is a screen size.

Regards, nK.

Hi Team, !! Error at loading Slider Revolution 5.0 Extrensions. Local Filesystem Detected ! store-1.html & store-2.html please help resolve the bug. Put this to your header: we have placed on the header but error remains the same.

Hi. Answered in ticket system.

Good day,

May we request same HTML5 copy of youplay wordpress version into Bootstrap 3.x version. we would like 100% same copy from wordpress version.

We would like to purchase the product.

Hi, is it possible to install this to shopify? Shopify themes are f** awful lol


This is static HTML template. If you have knowledge on how to integrate templates to Shopify, you can do this with no problem. We are not working with it, only HTML templates and WordPress themes.

Best regards, nK.

any chance you’re going to update this to bootstrap4?

Support for Bootstrap 4 will be added later. Not soon, but will be.


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