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Wow i really like this! :)

Thank you :-)

Congrats Kubeek, after so many improvements and re-uploads :) Finally, you make it!

Thank you :-) For the precious advice too!

The inner page tho, something i didn’t notice, like the “About us” on the navigation is not active to indicate that it is an inner page! Reuploaded (just once more :p) the fix!

There’s more to come!


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how can it be my post was deleted…

i was just saying that this psd file cant not be used in html/css files.

if you mean they can.. can you please make and full working version in html?..

why sell some psd files you can use to webdesign..

In order for a psd to work in a html, it has to be sliced and setup in css. This is the psd template section, all the files here are .psd.

Anything you will buy from the psd template section, is a psd file.

Im sure that many developers out here, will be willing to set it up to you for a fair amount.

Such us: http://xhtml.pixelcrayons.com/?gclid=CMeW15Ld2p0CFUMF3godeVedrA

Or try googling psd to css.

Thank you.