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great job – hope you get loads of sales!

Hi, thanks for the feedback – you and me both!

Hey, what the price would be if the custom design for the casino?

Hi, Feel free to private message me or email info@ruaridh-currie.com with your requirements. I would normally just charge this time out to customise at my hourly rate though of £30.00 per hour (€37) and give you a time estimation up front based on your specific requirements (if you needed a logo, if you required banners, specific fonts etc)

Will you be making this a HTML template? I sure hope so, Even better, Wordpress! Will be 100% guaranteed purchase for me.

Hi, thanks for the positive feedback! I’ll hopefully be making this into an HTML/CSS template, but not for a couple of months due to other work commitments coming up

at what price give, buy completely?

I’m afraid there is no buyout/extended option with this theme

Hello, I wrote to you yesterday to the post, please answer my letter.

Check above, I’ve answered both questions.

the post office does not come! (

Hi, I saw your email, for some reason it went into my junk folder – I have replied to this just now :) Thanks R

Thank you very much, the answer was!

And I would like to buy this template is fully licensed, can be as we can about this agreement?

I’m not 100% sure what you mean, but if I design a brand new custom template for you it will not be sold to anyone else or anywhere else! I’m leaving just now but will answer any other questions by tomorrow. Thanks

I mean, I would have to pay for it and you will not who did not sell it, as do others, for example, there are $ 10 and $ 500 to buy out and removed from the market!

Yes, any new template design would belong to you only and would be a separate transaction from this site between us, so you would own it completely. Please email about any new work separate from this thread to info@ruaridh-currie.com thanks!

Any timeframe for this in an HTML/CSS template?

Not right now I’m afraid, its pretty much whenever I can fit this in and things are pretty busy as the mo!


It works with wordpress?

Hi, sorry for the delay in replying – didn’t see I had any new comments – and no, I’m afraid this is just a PSD!


Were can i get the background image? Or a similar one?

Thanks and great job, I already created a wordpress theme with this PSD :)

The background image isn’t mine to sell – but you can find the same kind of thing here: http://www.istockphoto.com/stock-photo-15065458-burning-sparkler.php?st=6f46938 Glad your happy with the theme!

I just paid $9 for some pictures…school boy error!

HTML/Wordpress this and i’ll be back for me!

@roryrozza thanks for the great job! 5 stars for you!

Can you make it a html5 template for me as a freelance job? let me know

Hi, thanks for the positive feedback. Unfortunately I don’t do freelance work anymore.

Just a note to enquiries for people requesting this PSD is developed into a HTML or Wordpress template – I don’t do freelance anymore, concentrating on building up a client base for the company I’m now a partner in: SERPS Invaders. Any work requests will be at our agency rates going forward. Thanks :)

is there any script? i want to build my casino website?

There is no code – it’s a PSD theme only

fuck, i waste 9 bucks to buy some pictures… and wait 5 hours to download these pictures…

btw, nice theme mate, i love it, but I need html!!

Hello, is wordpress themes this?

hi how are you? Is this the full gaming system too?