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Discussion on Yuga: 6-in-1 Creative Multipurpose True Parallax Muse Template

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HI! i trying to change more options in the portafolio section on the corporate version, the problem came when i preview the page, the look of the pop up change all the place of the things. the text and the arrows are totally out of the originals places. can you help me?


Can you send a screenshot or the link to the site? We will take a look at the issue. You can email us at: support@vmsdesigns.in.

Best Regards!
VMS Designs

Hi, Porftfolio section has a problem after upgrading to Muse 1.0. The section with “Core features” and pictures is “loading” something, I was not able to find what… Had to downgrade back to previous Muse version, which solved the problem imediatelly…

Hi, can you tell us which Yuga layout are you using?

Yuga Corporate Multipage

Is there a fully responsive version now with the new Muse responsive version?

Hi, We are working on making it responsive. So, it will be out soon.

Definitely wanting a responsive version asap….please!

I have purchased muse template from theme-forest. Following is the model template that I am using now. http://www.vmsdesigns.in/samarth/2/. I am facing problem while using scroll & It is not working smoothly in iPad and mac book track pad. I am using Muse cc 2015.1 version. Please guide me and give solution for this.

Hi, we’ve replied to you over the email.

Hi there, is there support available for this theme? I write Emails to the support and do not get any answers. Further, the last contribution to this thread is 1 month old, if that is still active I wouid appreciate some sort of update on when we can expect the announced new versions of the themes. Thanks K.Blum

There are detailed instructions to install the font of each theme in the documentation here: http://www.yuga.vmsdesigns.in/help-center/

Please choose the theme you are working on and you’ll find the appropriate tutorial of it.

Working now, thank you!

Awesome! Please feel free to contact us anytime.

Regards VMS Designs

Great templates

I bought your theme to use your portfolio as I really liked it’s appearance but when I deleted everything and tried to put the portfolio in our muse website it did not function properly. The hovering effect on the portfolio images dissapeared and I concluded it had something to do with the footer that is connected to the main page. Because the moment I removed the footer when everything else on the website was gone and just the portfolio left, I realised that the effecton the portfolio pictures when hovering over was gone. We have no clue how to import the portfolio part in our muse website with the hovering effect, we only managed to make it so that we could click on the images and switch between them when clicked on one but no special effects. Please do tell us how to get this effect on our portfolio pictures when we transport the portfolio to another muse file.

With effect before transporting it: https://gyazo.com/30b66ea027c9765d60f3fa7e417b27fc

Without effect after transporting the portfolio to my website: https://gyazo.com/b1bef621aa4bc7ae954f3d55a8d5605c

Hi, i purchased the Template and its working fine. But now.. since one week or something.. suddenly all the animations are gone. But I did nothing and everything was working perfekt. here is the link: http://lenarieger.businesscatalyst.com/

also.. i opened the Muse files in the download and they are also not working. So please help me.

Best Greetings, Lena-Marie Rieger


Thank you for the purchase. The animations seems to be working on the link the you sent. Can you provide me a link where they are not working?

Regards VMS Designs

Hi, I have the portfolio version using the top menu. For the portfolio lightbox is there a way that I can change the rollover to stay color not b/w and still keep the zoom affect? I am new to this program so not sure where I am supposed to look to edit that part and it is not in the instructions manual included. Thank you so much.

Hi, I have replied to you over email.

Best Regards VMS Designs

Will there be a Responsive version? Been waiting for long time :(

I need new link for the documentation because the old one doesn’t work


Here is the new link: http://yuga.vmsdesigns.com/help/

Regards Mohit

Hi there,

I emailed you on Saturday 20 September and have had no reply.

I bought the Yuga 6-in-1 template on August 20th, 2019. I laid out my website using the Samarth 2 template and uploaded it to the hosting company for the client to review. I then moved my files to my cloud service. The client came back with changes. I downloaded the muse file and all the lovely scroll effects became static. I could not see the scroll effect tool selected or any settings connected to the elements so I figured it must be a coding thing – I am a front end designer so my knowledge of code is no existent. I decided to rebuild it from scratch.

I published to the hosting company, client reverted with changes and again when I downloaded the file from my cloud all the scroll effects are now static. I do not want to build this site again for the 3rd time – please can you help me?

Much appreciated.

Jessica Barnard Designer The Juice Creative.

Thanks for getting back to me! All fixed :)


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