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Yukon - Clean Hi-Res Admin Template

Yukon - Clean Hi-Res Admin Template

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Yukon Admin Template

Yukon is a clean HTML5/CSS3 web app based on AngularJS Framework, ui-router (routing framework for AngularJS), Bootstrap Framework and jQuery, it’s easily customisable (less files), cross-browser compatible and works great on mobile devices.

Latest Update v1.6 (30.06.2015)

  [App|[HTML][update] Bootstrap (3.3.5)
  [App|[HTML][update] Print Frindly pages (invoice, form grid, charts etc.)
  [App][HTML][bug] JS/CSS minor fixes


  • One page App (AngularJS)
  • HTML/PHP Version
  • Responsive Layout (desktops, tablets, mobile devices)
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Hi-res ready
  • Build with less
  • Based on Twitter Bootstrap Framework 3
  • Custom pages: Error 404, Mailbox, User Profile, User List, Invoices and more
  • Integrated c3 chart library
  • Form Elements
    • Enhanced select boxes
    • Masked inputs
    • Datepicker
    • Daterangepicker
    • Switch buttons
    • Sliders
    • Multiupload
    • Autosize textareas
  • Form Validation
  • Wizard
  • Calendar
  • Filterable gallery grid
  • Google maps
  • Datatables
  • Footables
  • Custom notifications
  • Filterable Icon Sets


v1.5 (14.05.2015)
  [new] Yukon Landing Page added
  [new] Added Gulp (streaming build system) to Yukon (compile less, minify js etc.)

  [App][update] AngularJS (1.3.15)
  [App][update] UI-Router (0.2.14)
  [App][update] UI-Bootstrap (0.13.0)
  [App][update] Breadcrumbs (0.3.2-dev)

  [App|[HTML][update] Bootstrap (3.3.4)

  [App|[HTML][bug] Top menu (shifted on devices < 1119px)
  [App|[HTML][bug] Side collapsed menu (not visble when switched from top menu)
  [App][HTML][bug] JS/CSS minor fixes
v1.4 (22.11.2014)
  [App|[HTML][new] Custom select UI control (Selectize.js)
  [App|[HTML][new] Responsive Gantt Chart
  [App|[HTML][update] Bootstrap (3.3.1)
  [App|[HTML][update] Rewrited switchery.js init() function
  [App][HTML][update] Open menu section on page init
  [App|[HTML][bug] Side accordion menu js/css fixes
  [App|[HTML][bug] Small css fixes (Select2)
  [App][HTML][bug] JS/CSS minor fixes

  [App|[update] UI Bootstrap (0.12.0)
v1.3 (18.10.2014)
  [App|[HTML][new] Fixed Layout Backgrounds
  [App|[HTML][new] Style Switcher Show CSS Classes
  [App|[HTML][new] Equal Heights Plugin
  [App|[HTML][new] ClockPicker Plugin
  [App|[HTML][new] Chained Selects
  [App|[HTML][new] Password Strength Meter
  [App|[HTML][new] Password Show/Hide
  [App|[HTML][new] Custom Content Scroller (menu)
  [App|[HTML][new] Customized checkboxes and radio buttons (icheck)
  [App|[HTML][new] Login Page (new)
  [App|[HTML][new] Profile Page (new)
  [App|[HTML][new] Mail Compose Page (new)
  [App|[HTML][new] Main Menu Sub Navigation
  [App][HTML][bug] JS/CSS minor fixes
  [App|[new] AngularJS Text-Editor (textAngular)
  [App|[updated] AngularJS (1.2.26)
  [App|[updated] UI-Router (0.2.11)
  [App|[fixed] Typeahead plugin css style
  [HTML][new] Super Simple WYSIWYG Editor (Summernote)
v1.2 (02.10.2014)
  [App|[HTML][new] Top Menu Navigation
  [App|[HTML][new] Contact List Page
  [App|[HTML][new] Ace Editor
  [App|[HTML][new] 2 column multiselect
  [App|[HTML][new] Autosuggest (typeahead)
  [App][HTML][bug] Side Menu Navigation (mobile devices)
  [App|[new] Switchery directive (ng-switch)
  [App|[updated] Menu Toggle (window resize event)
  [App][HTML][bug] JS/CSS minor fixes
v1.1 (10.09.2014)
  [HTML][new] HTML/PHP version
  [App][new] Directive for changing title ('updateTitle')
  [App|HTML][new] Fixed width layout
  [App|HTML][new] Style Switcher
  [App|HTML][new] WYSIWYG Editor example
  [App|HTML][new] non-minified CSS (with comments)
  [App|HTML][new] Favicon
  [App][bug] Page Loader position
  [App][bug] Position for alert close button
  [App][bug] isTouchDevice, isHighDensity() moved to 'run' block
  [App][bug] Site Logo ui-sref
  [App|HTML][updated] Qrcode plugin
  [App][updated] Side menu redesign
  [App][updated] Error 404 moved to pages, updated styles
  [App][updated] Removed not needed files
  [App][updated] JS/CSS minor fixes
v1.0 (28.08.2014)
  initial release