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Hello, I need to remove the function of map zoom on mouse scroll. Can you help me? Thank you, Antonella

Hi! Please add this code: scrollwheel: false, before mapTypeId: ‘Styled’ in index.html (line 806).

wow wonderful;

Thank you, GrafAS!

really awesome excellent work.

Thanks! :)

Thanks! :)

Hi I would like to buy this template but I have a tiny problem. I live in India and there is a website ( which needs to be included in the social section. I mean the zomato icon needs to be included. Could you do that ? Thanks

Hi, I can help you with that. Have a nice day!

Hi there, Really Great Template!!

The GoogleMaps section though shows really small controls. Any way to fix this? Thanks!

Hey! Please remove “max-width: 100%;” form ‘img’ in style.css (line 36 in the original file) and it will work. Thanks for your appreciation!

Hi Doriana! First of all, thank you! Nice job :)

I have just one small problem. The “clone: true” option of flexisel is needed to create a carousel, but doubles the pics. So in my prettyPhoto-Gallery are all pics twice. Hope you can help me!

thx Frank

Hi! You can change the option to “clone: false” in jquery.flexisel.js (line 22). It is not required for the carousel to work. After making the changes, refresh your page and scroll it down a bit. Hope it helps. Thank you for you appreciation! Have a great day!

Hi! Thanks for the fast reply. Without the clone:true option, it is not rotating in a circle. It just moves from first to last, and ends..

Hi. I have just purchased this theme. I was hoping that it would come with all the images as shown in the demo, but there were no images in the download. How can I put images in the backgrounds. I tried to read the document but it is not mentioned there also. Please help.

Thanks for the quick reply. I appreciate it very much. It worked and looks great now. Great template. A job well done.

I would like the Menu images to enlarge just like “About” Scrolling Images. How can I do that. Any help would be highly appreciated.

Hi, please give me your e-mail address or send a message on my e-mail, so I can reply you there. I’ll send you the exact code to make it work. Have a great day!

Hi, I like this theme but I don’t use Bootstrap, only Dreamweaver cs6 / HTML5/php does the theme work there too?

Hi, I sent you an email.


Love this template, want to use it! Can you share some details about using this template Re: Bootstrap? Looks like you sent some info to sarielg .

Hi, the template is based on Bootstrap. Its files can be edited with any text editor (ex. Notepad) as they are html, css, js and php files. However, you can also edit it with Dreamweaver by using a free extension: DMXzone Bootstrap (

Best Regards, Doriana

Hi, the template is based on Bootstrap. Its files can be edited with any text editor (ex. Notepad) as they are html, css, js and php files. However, you can also edit it with Dreamweaver by using a free extension: DMXzone Bootstrap (

Best Regards, Doriana

Hi again yes me too love this theme :), but I have still one question. In upcoming events I can’t get scroll bar to view, next to image/text right side when the page is for example 1280 or 1024 px px wide. The scroll bar is displayed 600 px wide on the side, which is yes ok! But I would like the scroll bar to view also the 1024 px wide and up to that. Can this fix and how to fix it?

Hi, I sent you an email.

Hi, I saw your post and I appreciate very much to help I can really recommend your theme and your support :) Thanks a lot!

Thank you, too! ;)

Hello! I love your template. I am very new to all of this, but it is still very clear thanks to your super neat and tidy code!

For now, I have one question: Is there any way to move the social icons to the right of the “logo” and left of the nav buttons? Basically I want to put it in the nav bar itself. I tried just moving the code around and such, but it always seems to mess up the layout.

I am working on a longer list of things I do not understand and maybe you could help with. But I want to try to trial and error most of them myself first without having to ask you.

Thanks again for this great design!

I no longer need help with this, thank you!

I noticed that when I open site Firefox browser and click About menu and the there image and when it opens in its own window there’s a Tweet icon/tag and that does not work or does not display correctly. How can I fix this? Or can I change or replaced it Facebook Like -button?

Hi! Can you tell me the link to your website so I can take a look at it and your e-mail address to send you the PrettyPhoto updated files? Thanks!

Hey, Here it is the site: (it is also in english: So I notice when I click the image in SERVICE PAGE, it open ok (Lightbox) but the bottom on there some image appears Facebook like some one not and Tweet tag is every image and Lolipop not have a Twitter account yet at all (may be someday) so can I remove it and how? I will update the site once a month or every other month. Thanks a lot!

Hey! To disable the Twitter icon on all the Lightbox images, open jquery.prettyPhoto.js in notepad (you can find the file in ‘js’ folder), go to line 93 (social_tools) and remove the following code:
<div class="twitter"><a href="" class="twitter-share-button" data-count="none">Tweet</a><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script></div>
Have a nice day!

Hi Doriana,

Can you check this site out. It used to be running fine, but its getting a bit clunky on transitions and animations. Any tips?

Hi, I checked the website and it works fine.

Hi Doriana,

Great template. I am trying to get my data into the events from a JSON web service rather then hard code. Is this something you have done already and if so can you please pass that code along?

Thank you, Gary

Hi! I am so sorry but I haven’t done this, so I can’t help you with it.

Hey I have my data via JSON, it was not as hard as I thought, this is great! I will post a github link.

I am now trying to make the images height larger on the events and I was hoping you could save me some time and point out the places where I could do that as it seems to be in both css and javascript.

Hi! Are you referring to the background image of the Events section? For this you only have to edit #events in style.css.

Hello Doriana, i need to change the direction of the map, could you help me know where to change it?

Hi, just bought your nice template. Can you tell me the witch font you use in the badge.png or the logo title Yummie? Thank you

Hi! You can download the font from here: Have a nice day!

Thank you very much

Hello, the two background images of ABOUT and FUN ACTS do not appear when you go on mobile (tablet or smartphone) can you fix it?