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Fantastic Design!
good luck with sales!

Thank you! :)

A brilliant work! I love it!! ;) Good luck

Beautiful design my friend!!!!!! Congratulations, wish you many sales doriana!!!! ;)

Great job, GLWS :)

Amazing design!!! Absolutely love it! Good luck with sales!

Great design! Just a heads-up, the overflow:hidden on the body makes it impossible to scroll on webkit/chrome (and possibly other browsers).

Feel free to delete this comment! It’s a terrific design otherwise! :)

Thanks for the heads-up :) I forgot to change that in the demo. It’s fixed now.

i can’t scroll it!

Fixed it.

Great design! :)

Thank you, guys! :)

Very Creative , Good Luck ;)

Thanks :)

Bravo, Frumos site!

That’s very cool! Brown color scheme is my favorite  :-)

Loving it! Is there a way to turn animations off for mobile and when window is not as wide?

As a developer and designer with little free time, I found that Doriana’s designs and support were top notch. Her response time was quick and consistent and her professionalism was top notch. I foresee low to no issues in implementing Doriana’s developing skillsets and highly recommend her work for your website project. Even if any parts of her developing are over your head, she is more than willing to walk you through any issues that should arise.

I’m no expert but is there a easy way to have the scrolling taken out? So that I can only use the Navigation button to move up and down. By the way its a great piece of work. Thanks.

Hi! Try to add “overflow-y: hidden” to body. Thanks for your appreciation!

Hello, thanks for the super fast response. I should have added that the reason I wanted use the Navigation buttons to move up and down was that I can only see the vertical scroll bar when I reduce the screen size via CTRL – (minus), which then makes the text too small. I hope that make sense. Perhaps any ideas to overcome this problem? Much grateful for your help.

Hi, Thanks. All sorted and working well.

Great design!

I have a question:

How to remove/hide/comment specific parts without breaking everything?



Hello, my name is Daniel, I bought your design Yummy and found it very good, I’m trying and I liked a lot, but the two background images of ABOUT and FUN ACTS do not appear when I see it on a mobile device, if you could help me with that. The number of telephone of contact details not appear in mobile device. I not speak very good English. Please help me :)