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Looking really nice, good luck with sales!

Thanks for the support!

Great simple and clean, good luck! I will buy a WP-Version if available ;o)

Thanks, WordPress version will be available in a few weeks.

Congratulations Great work mas bro! Sukses yah!

Thanks mate

Perfect Theme , Good Luck ;)

Thank you!

It looks very clean just a question, before buy it can I turn off that black and white photo effect? It’s nice but won’t fit on my content.


It’s easy to turn it off, we’ll let you know how to do it once purchase is made.

also I want to see how the images in portrait looks on the theme, seems that it would see huge if the 100% of the width (instead of height) is set to fill the space. and 90% of the images on tumblr are in portrait mode.

Great job! Can you please inform me how to turn off the black/white feature?

Also is how can I replace the Blog Title with an image logo?

nvm, figured out how to edit the black/white feature, but if you can help me with the logo it would be great. thanks!


it’s not currently possible to do it. We’ll try to accomodate you request in the next version.

Hello! Just bought the theme. Yes, please make the update have a customizable/uploadable logo. Also, can you help with showing an instagram feed on the bottom? Why don’t any of the social media icons include Facebook, instagram, or Pinterest?


Thanks for the suggestion, we will take it under consideration for next version. FYI, Facebook icon is already available in the theme options


Sorry for the lame questions, but i don’t understand a lot from web dev stuff.

If i buy this template, do i have to do something special to add in on my host? I know that Wordpress needs some setUp with the control panel of the host.. So does this theme require something like this, or i can just upload it to the respective folder and it will work??

thanks :)


This is not a WordPress theme, it’s a Tumblr blog theme.

love this theme… seriously thinking about purchasing it.


Thanks for your interest in this tumblr theme.

Just waiting for your purchase :),

I purchased and download the theme and all i get is words… no format. My tumblr blog is www.dolifemama.tumblr.com please help- I followed directions with no results.


Just follow these steps:

1. Unzip your package

2. Login to your tumblr, then edit your theme:

3. Click edit HTML

4. Select All, HTML code inside, then replace with HTML code Zakee-a (theme file/zakee-a.html),

Open file zakee-a.html with text-editor, eg: notepad.

5. Save, Back, and you will see the options panel

I did exactly as you stated and … nothing but text. #5 option box doesn’t show up… check out my site www.dolifemama.tumblr.com (I currently have the template I purchase from you)

my purchase code 8724eb59-4ed1-4f7a-9a19-f65178980ea6 – 24 Jun 2016 I just download the theme www.dolifemama.tumblr.com and nothing but words shows up—- I followed the directions with no results.

sthngrl@me.com / vampmuse

please disregard my refund request… figured out how to do it! Thank YOU


You can use this form http://themeforest.net/user/themewarriors#contact for private message.

How can I disable the black and white pic to display color only?


Thanks for contacting us. You can enable Endless scrolling feature, please see: http://goo.gl/Trloav

thank you… I love this theme so much!


Glad we could help!

If you like the theme, please consider giving it a 5 star rating from ThemeForest Download page.

Thank you.


lswann1 Purchased

Hi. I’m confused how I get this html layout. I can’t find it.


tompradana Author Team


Just copy the whole of code, and paste into html editor…