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Very nice bru!
Good luck with the sales :)

Thanks Bro.. :)

Thanks metrothemes :)

Good job, good luck with sales :)

Thanks SeventhQueen

Thanks 4amarabdelaziz

Good luck with sales!

Thanks wrwipeout :)

Great looking! Good luck.

Thanks TheMetroGuy :)

Very nice work,bro! ;) Good luck

Thanks ahmedtawfek :)

Very nice!

Please check the template on an iPad. The content is overlapping the right margin and it is glued to the left margin.

Thanks tomdekok, it’s has been fixed.. :)

Nice work keep it up bro.

Hi Willywize

Where can I get my hands on the social media icons that are used in this template? I am looking for the linkedIn one.


Hi as per zaxklone

Can we get the LinkedIn/additional Social Icons 16 pixels x 16 pixels or do we have to make our own?

Great Work by the way, planning to launch my site in 2014 – love the Portfolio & Blog List with Clean, Aesthetic look & feel, fantastic!

Cheers, Mark

Hi Kubiszyn, thank you for purchase and I’m sorry for late respond..If you want, I will sent it through your email..

Oh, no problems – i am a while off finishing my new site. Yes please I really need the Linked In one but any others would be cool. I am on mark@kubiszyn.co.uk

how can I change the skill div? in dreamweaver I can see only the div id=skill but not content of the div- very nice work

Well Done,on ZelhenWina Ultimate HTML 5. Thanks :)

Thank you very much..


You claim this theme is compatible with IE& and above. It doesn’t render properly in any version of IE I’ve tested it in (7, 8 and 9).

Can you please check this for yourself and let me know when it will be fixed?