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One of the best templates on TF. very creative :)

Thank you Premium Layers.

Hi I was unable to install the theme. I tried to install with the original zip theme file downloaded and also with the HTML folder (zipped) once unpacked. I received this message from wordpress:

“The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”

Hi there, well the Zemuth template is Abode Muse template, it is not a HTML template nor the Wordpress, it cannot be installed into wordpress because it is not compatible, You have to have installed the Adobe muse software to edit it and then export it as HTML and the upload it in you site, Sorry my friend this is all that can be done with this tempalte. Thank you very much and have a nice day.

Hello, I can´t edit this template. I need to ad 4 1920×1080 background pictures like the live demo but I can´t. Only I can put one picture. Can you help me please?


Well that is what it has to be done, you are doing the right thing, but why it doesnt work I dont know, but you can google it and you can find the solution. Try this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OofTJi-Iv8g

Hope it helps.

Ok, Thanks very much

Hello, in the contact form when you write, the font appear in specific color, but when you release the mouse the font color change an illegible color, how can I change that color?

Hi Guys I bought your template, but it seems like some of the backgrounds where not included or are broken like on the buttons for the main menu (about, services, contact, etc.) and under the social media buttons under each team member. Each of these locations shows up as a box with an X through it instead of the “f”, bird, etc. How can I get these to show up?

Hi Frank, can you give me your email i will send you the file the original and try it with that

I’m also having the same issue as frankfooter. Everything works perfectly until I import it into Muse. Then I get the broken links/weird icons.

Send me the email i will resend the filles again to you.

I have sent you the files via sendspace. Cheers

I was having trouble getting individual images to load into the portfolio section. I can’t seem to make each individual box a different picture under the different sections it will only post 1 picture for all the individual boxes. Also having issue with loading specific images into the 2 main screen sliders they seem to be linked to images in the portfolio. The button also doesn’t light up on each section when scrolling the portfolio. I appreciate any help or guidance you may be able to give. I’ve been trying to work around this for hours now and decided to finally break down and write you.

I’ve got the sliders figured out and working now. I still need help getting the portfolio to display different images. I can’t seem to have more than one picture in it. Also still need help with the button lighting up in the portfolio also.

Figured out the portfolio lightbox, guess I just needed to give myself time to think about it. You have to enable the “show lightbox parts while editing” then change the hero picture. Don’t mind me I’m a newbie.

Hello, I bought your Zemuth Template. But I have some issues. I am not able th hange colors in some areas. E.G. team members: When I move the mouse over a team member a gradient is to be seen and the name of the person. Changing name was no problem but I cand. change the color of the gradient. In Designs menu some styles are to be seen and I can change between styles, generate new ones but I am not able to change them. Please give me a hint. Your layout and colors are great but in this certain case I have to change to a bright orange. Thanks, Thomas

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12 days ago I asked a question but by now I haven`t got any reaction: My question in short again: How can I change color of your overlay when I touch in member section a picture of a team member? I need to Tange your color into a brighst orange which is possible everywhere but not in this area. Thanks Thomas