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When trying to view the demo site, I am seeing “Error establishing a database connection”. We will most likely buy the theme, but I need to see it a few more times. Thanks!

Issue seems to be fixed now.

Nice theme DigitalScience. It has the functionality I’ve been desiring for quite some time. Do you plan to incorporate Woocommerce in near the future?

Thanks! We do not have plans to incorporate WooCommerce into this theme.

Is there a development schedule for when the project/gallery page will be compatible with WPML?

It is currently being implemented into our themes and plugins but there is no strict schedule.

... snip … problem solved …

Just a suggestion, on fresh install, for the WP casualists like myself:

Go to appearance, widgets and get rid of archive, search etc in the Header Widget Area.

Would be helpful to see this in the setup tutorial.

Awesome theme, thank you!

Glad your problem is resolved, we’ll make a note in our support documentation.

How customizable is the site?

I don’t want to us the word projects. Is the homepage a drag and drop where I can put whatever widgets I want?


JoeMC Author Team

The site is pretty customizable, but there isn’t any drag and dop for the homepage. It’s really just a basic page set as the frontpage and uses a combination of shortcodes to display the content that it shows. You can change “Projects” to whatever you’d like on the Projects settings page. If you do purchase and have any questions please feel free to create a support ticket here

I am trying to add a category portfolio on to a page. What is the code to create a portfolio/project slider for a specific project category? I can’t seem to get it to work.


JoeMC Author Team

There isn’t a way to add a “category” slider. The sliders are just for each individual project.

Is ti compatible with wordpress 4.0?


JoeMC Author Team

Yes it is

Pre. purchase question. Love the theme, is there possibility of having the menu sticky to the top when scrolling?


JoeMC Author Team

Sorry, this is not a feature of the theme.


I try to install the demo option and I have some problems.

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and more….

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The url is broken and fail the importation.

How I can fix it?


We have just updated the import file. Please re-download the ZEN package from your downloads page and use the included import file.

Good afternoon Metaphor Creations. I have an issue with comments on this theme. The discussion area is set to allow comments and the individual blog posts are set to allow comments – HOWEVER – the comments feature is not displaying on the blog posts – PLEASE HELP!

There is an additional setting built into the theme to enable/disable comments (in addition to the default WP settings). Go to Appearance > Theme Settings and scroll down to the Post Display settings. Here you will see a few checkboxes that enable/disable certain elements for your posts. Make sure the “show comments” is checked.

Let me know if that does not resolve your issue. Thanks for your purchase!


darakk Purchased

Is it possible to add Woocommerce? thx

Sorry, I don’t have any plans on integrating WooCommerce at this time. Thanks for checking!