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Zend looks great… Good luck with sales ;)

Looks Nice Good Luck :)

Really good, 1 question, how easy is it to change background and navigation color? Done via the admin area, i can select colors, upload background image or it requires other css work?



Sorry for the late reply. Actually this theme is static, which means it doesn’t have any admin or customization area. All things have to be done through code.

But there’s a Wordpress version of theme that has easy customization features like changing background from admin area. It can be found http://themeforest.net/item/zend-responsive-blogmagazine-wordpress-theme/3139105

what does the extended license covers? and are you interested selling total rights to the theme? means i take over as owner.

what would be ur price?

thanks mate :)

Hi Again,

In my previous comment as i said there’s no admin panel in this version of theme. So both these versions have different copyright prices.

Just check both these versions and confirm which version suits your need. I’ll be happy to tell copyright details then.

Thanks Jasdeep

Good job! This template will fit perfect on my next project. I have just one question: when I resize the page it seems there’s no padding-margin between the text-pictures and the browser’s border. Is this a design choise?

Are you talking about homepage???

most pages I saw have no padding when resizing the screen to be smaller.

I’ll check the issue :)

Why is this theme not listed under MAGAZINES? Would increase sales a lot.

Actually there’s no category “Magazine” for HTML themes

Hi there! Thanks for one of the best themes I’ve ever purchased! However, I’m wondering how to completely remove the responsive features. I don’t want the site to resize at all – not on any device. I’ll code that version separately.

I’ve commented out response.css and the @media section of 1140.css – what else do I have to do?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately my theme still resizes (as to the point where the only thing that happens when I resize my window is that the sidebar won’t fit anymore, and drops down below the content). Check out digitalphotographyexpert.com – really hope this can be solved. Thanks!

Yes the responsiveness is disabled. Some changes have to made in style.css too. You need to edit width of certain elements which might be 100%. Change them to fixed widths of certain values

Alright, thanks!

This is a very nice looking template and works quite well for a magazine/news site. However, I do think that it lacks some polish. For example (and this is just from the top of my head):
  • The main stylesheet (style.css) for some strange reason resides on the root folder, while all other stylesheets reside in a separate css foler.
  • While resizing there is a jump (around 1100 pixels wide) where the sidebar temporarily moves to the bottom and then (around 1040 pixels wide) moves back to the side.
  • There are many-many classes and ids which makes even the smallest change tedious. To make matters even worse, there exist variations of the same name (e.g. ‘single-column’ and ‘single_column’) with small usage differences.

Hmmmm, what can i say besides thanks for highlighting

I bought this the wordpress template recently before you took it offline. I need some help with an issue with it or I need to get a refund. This is my second attempt to contact you.


I sent an e-mail previously, but I will restate here. I bought the wordpress version of this and placed it on the website www.revolutionproducts.com . I love the theme, but the menu items in the header are all running together. I only have basic css skills, and I can’t find the correct code area to add some padding for these items. How can I fix this? Thanks!!


Ok so i’ve updated new files for the theme, try re-downloading and installing the theme again

Thanks Jasdeep

Hey there, Deleted the theme from the website. Downloaded from theme forest and installed fresh. Still having same problem. Thanks for working on this.


if I buy this can you help give it a blackjack theme? casino game blackjack… I am willing to pay of course!

Sure, you can contact me through http://jasdeepsaini43.wufoo.com/forms/contact-us/ and we can discuss the details

Hello jdsans,

I’ve just purchased the template, but it looks broken (the sidebar fall over the content section), maybe i’ve just downloaded a previous version?

Thank you in advance, bests.

Can you please share your website url??

Hello jdsans, i was testing it in my localhost (XAMPP), then i’ve decided to upload it to a remote host and then it works perfectly.

This is a caption in my localhost: http://imgur.com/a/lDWbF And here you can check the template working fine on remote host: http://cosmica.cl/v2/

So my guess is that some library need to connect to internet and maybe my network is blocking it.