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Ive managed to edit the php file to add “Price” / Day in the product grid views. Where would I add the / Day for the price in the product views. Im just having a hard time adding it. Would be nice if it stayed red as well.

Nice template btw thank you. if its ok the sites here if you need to see what I mean CreativeCameraRentals.com

You could add /Day in <span class="product-price" />

Hi there,

I wondered if you could help with this issue.

Locally i was working on the theme to get it how i wanted and everything was coming together nicely.

I have reinstalled the theme now on the live site and there seems to be in issue with the zenn blocks on the homepage content that when i add custom HTML it does not save the information after i click save.

i then tested with a piece of normal text and it saved and after i tried the html again i tried before. looking at the site it messes with the footer and still i cannot use the custom html i have for the site.

any ideas?

i am sure i set everything up properly. maybe I need to reinstall the theme, but will this delete all content added to it so far?


This is a screenshot of my local version

It’s working on our testing site. Maybe there are some problem with your server. http://zenntheme.com/test/zenn-zc/

Could you send FTP login and ZC admin to support@zenntheme.com ?

FYI: When adding blocks to a product page, the jcarousel arrows do not work for featured/specials/new blocks. Clicking them takes users to sitehome.com/# instead of scrolling left to right as they should.

Thank you for your comments

You’re welcome

FYI: when using and of the Homepage Full-Width blocks, the bottom left-to-right scroll bar shows up in the browser. I think there is about 15px of space to the right causing that scroll bar to appear. Not sure how to fix, but you should know.

Thank you for your reporting.

You’re welcome.

Hi There,

A small question.


On this page the items are split across 2 pages. But this makes 2 gaps at the end of page one.

Can I got all 12 items to show up on one page as there is space for them.

Thanks for the speedy response. Two more things, how do i add multiple images to the product to display on the product page.

In the footer there are other methods of payment i do not want to have shown. how do i take away the icons?

You could open /src/includes/templates/zenn/common/tpl_footer.php and remove

<li><?= zen_image(DIR_WS_TEMPLATES.'zem/images/payments/western-union.png', 'Western Union', '', 24)?></li>

You could read the documentation to know how to add mutiple images

Are you going to update this theme soon?

Yes, we update it recently.

Thank you, I really hope some bugs are fixed, for example the extra space (right and left side) on the homepage-fullwidth blocks. Thank you for the reply to my comment, I will update the rating of this theme to 5 stars.

Hi, just wondering, is there a way to have a sidebar on listing pages? Thank you :)

If you want to customize template, you could send us a quote.


codings Purchased

Hello, is there an option for making the header not disappear when scrolling? Thank you.

We have a paid customization service so you could send us a request on forum

Does the template have any known issues with payment modules (specifically virtualmerchant and paypal express checkout) or the COWOA module (Checkout Without Account)?

You need to edit COWOA’s template files

I would like to see some live websites using this theme. Thanks.

Do you still provide support through your support system? I posted a question a while ago and haven’t seen any response. I recently purchased this theme and hope it is still supported.

Sorry for your inconvenience. But this is a customization so you couldn’t answer your question correctly.

The Envato support details say that the author is supposed to be available to “Provide some guidance on the way the item is designed”. Asking about how the javascript is implemented in your template files would in my opinion constitute that aforementioned guidance that the Envato marketplace includes as part of a purchase.

Yes, we could answer that question for you. All javascript file was include in js folder and inline script in block template file.

Hi, can I check does this theme support GoDaddy? I bought this and realized I can’t seem to upload it?

Yes, It support any hosting

Is there a quick way to bring back the “next” and “previous” feature in the images lightbox?

Can a Blog be integrated into this theme?

When is this them going to be upgraded to work with zen cart 1.5.5a?

Is this theme compatible with 1.5.5a?