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I’d love to see an OpenCart version of this theme :)

Thank you ! I hope it’ll release soon.

beautiful theme. should have been purchased already

thank you !

Very nice, love the Zenn name as well :)

Thanks !

hi, fonts included ?

Yes, It’s Open Sans

Great themes! Best of luck :)

Thanks a lot !

i like this theme for its simplicity. im a jewelry designer. i saw the preview. do you not offer social media buttons? can i put like my own shop so people can buy my pieces?

Thank you ! This version don’t have social media buttons. It will be update soon.

When will the update be available? Will the update also have a shop where people can buy my items?

First, I think you should know that this is a Zen Cart template and Zen Cart is an online store management system. If you don’t have knowledge of web development, I think you should find a web developer that could help you solve your problems.

Very nice, but need better responsive :(

Thanks ! It should be responsive.

Nice theme, but too simple…

Thanks !

I really liked this theme, however, more information on how to set it up would have been nice.

Zencart has terrible tech support and the whole program itself is really confusing. I find myself struggling and I am not new to the whole website scene.

Thank you ! Let me know if you have any problems.

Ok found your instructions seem to be making progress, just a bit shell shocked I was using WP for awhile and haven’t worked with code and FTP servers this much in awhile. I do love the theme so far, it looks really slick.

Any chance of you developing this theme for Wordpress or Magento? There would be nothing to stop me from purchasing it, as I think it is the best looking e-commerce template EVER. Just wish it was on one of the platforms I know and responsive.

I have purchased this template but when Installed it.It is Showing Nothing on the Website.Can You help me in Customization of This Template or Send me Instruction How To Enabled the Preview Like yours.

Website where I have applied Url – http://funky.com.my/index.php

Please Help me Its Urgent.

Sorry, I’m not allow to send you images that I used on the preview. Please follow the instructions in document. If you have any problem, please send me an email. Thanks !


First off, great job on this theme!! I’m thinking about purchasing and I just have one question? I noticed that the theme didn’t have an actual “login” or “my account” link in the header. But when you checkout it takes you to that page. When I purchase the theme will I be able to add that page as a link button in the header and the other links that your template Zenstore: http://zenstore.herokuapp.com/ has?



Yes, You can use Tools > EZ-Pages to add link to menu and footer.


Thanks for building such a Great theme. I am having some issues with the customization. Cant seem to be able to turn on the main slider on home page. I have different images. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


You can create new banner and add new banner group. Please see this image. http://info.template-help.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/zen_cart_banner_img3.jpg

Thank you so much for your help.

I will be buying more of your themes and will recommend you to other people shopping for themes.

Great support, awesome design.


I don’t check TF offent so if you need more help please send me an email.

Thank you !

Hi, Before possibly buying this template could anyone tell me if it’s compatible with a zen cart V1.3.9h Thank you


I have updated template. Please let’s me know if you have any problems !

Thanks !

Thank you for that, just to let you know that everything is working great so far for me =) Thank you

Hi, I was wondering if there is anyway to change the ‘buy now’ button that hovers over the product images. I need people to read the product description page but most fail to do this instead just clicking the ‘buy now’ button. Is there anyway I can change the button? I have looked in the zen cart admin yet nothing seems to work. Any help would be most kind, thank you x

Hello – I can’t figure out how to change the title. Also, is there any way to add additional pictures to a product?

How do I change the parameters of the slider? Which file is it located. I want to change the roll over rate and also the size.

Hello. Is this theme compatible with wordpress? If not, are there instructions on how to use it without wordpress?


This is a Zencart template, not a WP theme. You can download Zencart at http://www.zen-cart.com/

Hi. I really like this theme. I’m considering buying it, but does it have support for Paypal, Visa and other common payment options?

Thx, Best Regards,


Thank you for you interests. It support all payment methods.

Thanks !

Hi are you able to do a download product like pictures?