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Hi there , id like to change the Favicon , i uploaded my favicon but it doesnt upload ( still the prestashop favicon)

The extension was not right .

Oh ok, glad you fixed it.

Thank you for your Help , Have a good night


inpq Purchased

4 months ago the user jelmerdejong makes you a question about quit left column on CMS page to show a fullwith page.

I do your answer, but i’m still seeing the left column empty and the center column with class col-md-9 and col-md-push-3.

What can i do?

Hello, we have a holiday till may 29th, we will send you reply after this date.


Edit file header.tpl in theme folder, around line too add:

{if $page_name == ‘cms’} {assign var=set_the_flag value=”1” scope=”global”} {/if}

Best, polcoder

I am using Zensation 2.7 I updated prestashop to the Zensation theme crashed. I have 2 word showing on my home page ‘Featured Products’

Is Zensation compatible with Prestashop

Hello, forgive me late reply, we had a short holiday. Yes it is compatible, when you see the “featured products” words only go to your FTP and delete file cache/class_index.php

Thanks, that worked

Hola, me gustaria saber si de este tema se dispone de documentacion en español. Gracias.

Hello, docs are in english only. Best, polcoder

Hi there , i have a bug on the slider section

the insert button doesnt work

Hello, create a ticket on polcoder.ticksy.com and leave there your back office credentials. We will check it right after the weekend. Best, polcoder.

Ok i will create it the monday then , i hope you guys solve the probleme cuz i cant change or add a photo to the home slider

Dear polcoder, I fail to contact you via support system despite purchasing your 6-month support as my purchase code from Envato market is not valid. I purchased your theme in 2014 and since update to Prestashop I experience two problems (the Second Product Hover switched off and on screens less than 768 pix in size there are some huge gaps under product images), but I first need to figure out, whether I have the latest version of your theme. I contacted Envato Market team, they replied that the latest theme is the one that is downloadable in my Envato account. And this is the file of 2014 named “themeforest-6466123-zensation-responsive-prestashop-16-theme-blog”. Is your theme compatible with Prestashop How can I get the updated version? Thank you so much, I am really hoping for your help.


Please send to support@polcoder.com your FTP and back office credentials, I will take a look what happened there becouse theme should work with with no problem.

Best, polcoder


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I bought your theme in 2014 and have just started using it again on my website. The state fiels is missing from the tablet and phone account setup. I am unable to make a ticket as your system says my domain www.fffw.com.au and purchase code are both invalid. Can you help. I do not consider this to be a support request as your theme is not working correctly.


At first make sure if you have the latest theme version – download files from ThemeForest and compare them with the one on your ftp as I am not sure about that – some parts seems to be different than on my demo store.

I’m affraid I can’t help you other way, such are rules made by Envato and we – authors – can’t change them so if you will need our intervention than you will need to extend your support period.

Best, polcoder


I’m unable to post a ticket in your support platform although I have 8 days left from support. The Simple Blog module is not working with PS Please, help.

Hi, I didn’t notice any problems there, send your back office and ftp credentials to support@polcoder.com, I will check what happened.

Best, polcoder


pkurpiel Purchased

I would like to make use of the included blog module, but the installation fails with comments about some old version. Trying to install Simple Blog v1.2.1.0 and comment is ph_simpleblog version is not compatible with your Prestashop version, which is Any suggestions how to proceed?

Hello, indeed I have to send a small upgrade for these modules. For now please create a ticket on polcoder.ticksy.com and send me your FTP credentials, I will change the modules asap.