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Hi there , id like to change the Favicon , i uploaded my favicon but it doesnt upload ( still the prestashop favicon)

The extension was not right .

Oh ok, glad you fixed it.

Thank you for your Help , Have a good night

4 months ago the user jelmerdejong makes you a question about quit left column on CMS page to show a fullwith page.

I do your answer, but i’m still seeing the left column empty and the center column with class col-md-9 and col-md-push-3.

What can i do?

Hello, we have a holiday till may 29th, we will send you reply after this date.


Edit file header.tpl in theme folder, around line too add:

{if $page_name == ‘cms’} {assign var=set_the_flag value=”1” scope=”global”} {/if}

Best, polcoder

I am using Zensation 2.7 I updated prestashop to the Zensation theme crashed. I have 2 word showing on my home page ‘Featured Products’

Is Zensation compatible with Prestashop

Hello, forgive me late reply, we had a short holiday. Yes it is compatible, when you see the “featured products” words only go to your FTP and delete file cache/class_index.php

Thanks, that worked

Hola, me gustaria saber si de este tema se dispone de documentacion en español. Gracias.

Hello, docs are in english only. Best, polcoder

Hi there , i have a bug on the slider section

the insert button doesnt work

Hello, create a ticket on polcoder.ticksy.com and leave there your back office credentials. We will check it right after the weekend. Best, polcoder.

Ok i will create it the monday then , i hope you guys solve the probleme cuz i cant change or add a photo to the home slider

Dear polcoder, I fail to contact you via support system despite purchasing your 6-month support as my purchase code from Envato market is not valid. I purchased your theme in 2014 and since update to Prestashop I experience two problems (the Second Product Hover switched off and on screens less than 768 pix in size there are some huge gaps under product images), but I first need to figure out, whether I have the latest version of your theme. I contacted Envato Market team, they replied that the latest theme is the one that is downloadable in my Envato account. And this is the file of 2014 named “themeforest-6466123-zensation-responsive-prestashop-16-theme-blog”. Is your theme compatible with Prestashop How can I get the updated version? Thank you so much, I am really hoping for your help.


Please send to support@polcoder.com your FTP and back office credentials, I will take a look what happened there becouse theme should work with with no problem.

Best, polcoder

I bought your theme in 2014 and have just started using it again on my website. The state fiels is missing from the tablet and phone account setup. I am unable to make a ticket as your system says my domain www.fffw.com.au and purchase code are both invalid. Can you help. I do not consider this to be a support request as your theme is not working correctly.


At first make sure if you have the latest theme version – download files from ThemeForest and compare them with the one on your ftp as I am not sure about that – some parts seems to be different than on my demo store.

I’m affraid I can’t help you other way, such are rules made by Envato and we – authors – can’t change them so if you will need our intervention than you will need to extend your support period.

Best, polcoder


I’m unable to post a ticket in your support platform although I have 8 days left from support. The Simple Blog module is not working with PS Please, help.

Hi, I didn’t notice any problems there, send your back office and ftp credentials to support@polcoder.com, I will check what happened.

Best, polcoder

I would like to make use of the included blog module, but the installation fails with comments about some old version. Trying to install Simple Blog v1.2.1.0 and comment is ph_simpleblog version is not compatible with your Prestashop version, which is Any suggestions how to proceed?

Hello, indeed I have to send a small upgrade for these modules. For now please create a ticket on polcoder.ticksy.com and send me your FTP credentials, I will change the modules asap.

Hello, I would like to know, if Your theme and all the modules are working properly in multistore mode?

Hello, I’m affraid not, Zensation is not ready for multistore (to be precise theme editor module does not support it). My other themes: Wolf, Infinity – these one are okay.

Hi polcoder, I run zensation version 2.4 and I’d like to upgrade to the latest version, but I’m a little bit confused. changelog.txt says that the latest version is VERSION: 2.6 (27.01.2015), while in the folder called UPGRADES I see a 2.7 version folder…I think this is the latest version, isn’t it? Also, can I upgrade directly from 2.4 to 2.7 or should I do incremental upgrades? (2.4->2.5->2.6->2.7) Thanks!

Hi, Yeah 2.7 is the latest. No need to upgrade by each version, just make sure you upload all files from 2.7

hey, thanks a lot!

Hi polcoder, having issues with ZEN Home Banners (based on minic slider). I upgraded prestashop to, then upgraded to zensation 2.7. All is working except the zen home banners module: trying to access the module I get this alert: Notice line 220 in file /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/lineaflex/modules/minicslider/minicslider.php [8] Undefined property: MinicSlider::$hooks_tpl_path If I try to insert an image, on front end I get a bunch of errors: Notice: Undefined offset: 1 Is there an upgrade for this module? Currently using v4.1.5 Thanks!


Forgive me late reply, write to support@polcoder.com and I will make a new module for you.

If your site is online than you can send me FTP and back office credentials and I will be able to fix the problem by myself.

Best, polcoder

Hello we purchased the theme and Revolution Slider is not working properly. When I want to attach an image to the slide nothing happens. I Click on the image I want and then I click in the “Insert” button but it does not work.

Hello, please use our support system on polcoder.ticksy.com Provide us your back offfice credentials so we can check the problem.

Forget it! I have tried to do it in production environment (in order to send to you the credentials) and this is working there. Sorry to bother you

I see… check the PHP version and set 5.5 or 5.6

Hello, I installed the theme but there are several plugins, such as megamenu that will not let me install

Hello, write me on polcoder.ticksy.com and I will send you updated files, sorry for the trouble.

Hello guys, I am going to develop some sub modules for ph_simpleblog that you already cooperate with. Would you like some cooperation also with me?

After update my prestashop to 1.6.11, mouseover in product list not work. Any help? Thanks!


Send me your FTP credentials to support@polcoder.com

Best, polcoder

Dear Polcoder, We purchased your great theme in 2014, and all works perfecly until now. We update to Prestashop, and all seems to work in the Computer Frontoffice, but we have two big problems: The first is that in the Backoffice, when open to configure Revolution Slider Module, is realy unrecognizable and imposible to create or modify an slider. The second is that the Responsive doesn’t work; in the Mobile Frontoffice doesn’t run important modules like MegaMenu, Revolution slider, etc, although others do work. Please, we need some help from you and to hire your service.

Versions: Prestashop Revolution Slider 4.6.4 Zensation 2.6

We are grateful for your reply. A greeting.

Hi, write me at support@polcoder.com

Hi, It’s planned to be compatible with PrestaShop 1.7.x? When? Regards

Hi, I do not plan 1.7 for this theme.